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what's up world wide web is your boy Marlo open hey guys today I'm back with another video about my free email marketing crash course to point out and it's been awhile since i've been doing before you guys have been following you know that I'm building up about my danica patrick a strategy website around this particular segment of my free email marketing crash course so if you guys have been following you been watching me put up several videos and maybe you didn't completely understand where I was going or what I was doing maybe some of the videos i was putting up didn't think be quite in sequence and the reason why guys because what I build my funnels I build on from the inside out ok I build them i put the videos together which making like a lot to a lot of people are in reverse order ok so anyway guys today I'm here to show you guys exactly where I am are in this particular our video in my female market crash course to point we're going to show you where i am and what I talked about is setting up a phone from scratch right are and I said using the power lead system guys but what's happening now is uh because of this particular software is great and I'll always had but when i finished with these guys the polity system little involved in terms of some of the things you have to do when you're saying that these type of phones in the back office so what I'm doing guys I'm moving to an easier platform an easier suite of tools and soft with the you guys are going to be a jump right here and use and you're going to be to do it in record-breaking time are not the power lead system software i am using this to doing for this demonstration for my videos on youtube i'll be graduating to a new suite of tools guys and when you guys are gonna get this seat is you're gonna be introduced to this new suite of tools is going to allow you to do what I'm doing right now but in half the time if that makes sense right so anyway when I talk about it beginning of my free email marketing crash course to point out was how to set up your phone from scratch right are with a landing page right any page and an actual capture page that redirects to that any page and I told you guys in the end I was going to even show you how to set up our follow-up email autoresponder campaign for that particular well it is a campaign but for that particular sales page or should I say capture page landing page i'm going to show you guys how to bring it all together and then I talk about guys showing you guys how we're going to automate the traffic ok there are traffic sources right that I had that are completely automated I don't do anything as I pay a certain amount of money every month and I this is the way I'm able to automate my traffic as well and so in our your free email marketing crash course guys in this particular episode what you will learn to do when you learn to do this kind of thing is first and foremost it's a great way to brand yourself as email marketing guys it's a great way to bring yourself in another video in my free email marketing car crash course I talked about not doing everything the way everybody else does you got a product or service you want to promote instead of just having capture painted it directly straight to a presentation page or sales page company sales page you guys can step between the product that your marketing and that and actually official video or sales page and you can create what's known as a bridge page to sort of set yourself apart from the way a lot of almost or i should say then probably eighty percent over internet marketers do that and it can make money going guys without make money doing with clickbank jvzoo letters are grown and as I've learned as I'm immersed myself in internet marketing you know you guys like me say I became a student again the market so what I learned to do is to set up these kind of bridge basis you will when you'll see it is completion so i can stand out Scott branding myself right off the block and one of the other reasons why i like doing this kind of thing guys is opted to be talking about becoming products of the products well this is also a great way to do that ok in addition to the things we talked about so this will be added to our my free email marketing crash cause 2 point 0 playlists and you guys can refer to it anytime and by the end of this particular of this particular segment of my free email marketing crap schools you guys will be able to see the actual software I'm using you guys are going to get a fraction of the cost of what i paid for the poly system is a lot cheaper guys so that makes any difference to you guys right now but at the end you guys will see that and I think it'll make you you got me excited so anyway guys let's look at what i've been doing so you know I started with this shell right shell more formal guys because this is a follow that I'm putting together right I started with the shell on the phone if you guys can follow me on you to you guys know that that phone is almost complete the launch of my daily print some cash strategy guys is less than two weeks away so that's where I'm at in terms of the problems that i've made are in terms of putting that together and and every thanks to this video without when I talk about just having Michelle so he just a shell of a fun let's see what I've done today guys going to talk about the capture page and i'm going to show you how it's all times and you get so here I am guys I'm on the actual capture page that i built for that landing page that you guys are going to see in a few seconds and hopefully you guys can see me pretty good up here right I'm kind of maybe I'm better off down here I don't know anybody God you see me now in this particular capture page guys this is the capture page that i'm going to be using to promote when I go and launched my data perpetual cash strategy guys this is just one of the capture pages that i'm going to be used so what I'm going to do guys want to put this particular capture page inside of my automated traffic sometime probably during the first week in january and i'm going to that this capture page go out and start creating the email addresses of potential prospects might be interested in learning how to make money from home let's read the caption that i created the guys i say free video how to create daily passive multiple streams of residual income with our website without any special skills or experience without a products are a service of your own and starting on a shoestring budget and write down the guys you can see I have a yellow you can be completely set up ready to rock and roll within the next five minutes once i start to send traffic to his capture page guys a person a prospect will enter their name and email address right here in this box i'm going to enter all my sons email address he hates when I do it I'm gonna do it anyways for the sake of the video it actually populates because it's already recognizes it as been in the system also person posting email address inside guy they go inside and didn't xx for its colder but I put in so I could be redirected which is Q r21 the ok I'm sorry I got so long to do that because right now what the President does that and click guys let's see what they redirected to boom this is what i redirected to guy is dead but that's a capture page the rubberized so you guys im gonna set this all up I just really ready to a capture page with me and my wife talking about or kind of given up reframing what we're going to be talking about my data compression income cash strategy and as you can see guys i've already set up another caption here how to create a daily stream of multiple passive income says basically the same thing the other said in the further brand myself guys I left a link here where people can click the visit me on youtube right out the block guys I leave my name and telephone number of here guys email address where people could contact me now listen to this guy's and it will move city cameras there night swats yes super simple everything this way anyway guys you get the point you see what I what I've done I've taken a capture page redirected to what I call it branch page something that me and my wife or if you want to do this kind of thing set yourself between you and where you're going to ultimately redirect this person so you can get out right in front and start branding yourself when I further instruct people to do guys when they get down here is to click to continue to take them onto the information they requested and get more information online daily perfection cast as you or anything else you want so let's click here entertaining and see what happens boom now the prospect is on my official website guys my daily perpetual cash strategy website pause that right there because you guys don't need to do you got probably heard that already but this is where I send people you can see guys I got more of these fields most of these well it was a shell follow now guys I have it almost completely completely built out okay now so you guys have seen this recap let's see hopefully I can find it now now you guys are saying from start to finish you guys have seen the actual capture page you have seen the actual bridge page that took took us to me in my life what we were talking and then we actually there was a call to action for the people to continue and when they did guys they ended up on my daily perpetual cast strategy website that's the way email marketing and it is that's email walking at its finest guys okay and that's what you ultimately want to be doing you want to be branding yourself this way you want to be setting up your funds this way and this way guys you're going to stand out you're going to brand yourself right at the gate and I promise you is going to make a big difference when it in terms of you creating those relationships and ultimately are getting more cells signup secret vs and building bigger change in your business because again guys people do business with people and when you can start doing this kind of thing is going to give you a lot more power and creativity guys so I'm not quite finished with my our website Jesse guys show me i just did a video on that long ago today and I talked about the fact that i'm right there just in terms of an offense but I again when I want you guys to get excited about is you can access to free email marketing crash course at any time right it's absolutely free by the time my dad pressure cash strategy of this website is for officially launched guys you'll be able you will know the software i'm actually using and for you guys and opted joint you don't actually have this software is gonna make this particular process as easy as 123 guys okay it really is i learned a lot of coding HTML code and things like that when the polity system but with the new software guys I continued you don't you don't have to know our that kind of thing it won't be as involved you will actually go inside and be able to set up these type of follows guys really in a record-breaking time when I say probably 15-20 minutes depending on the extent of how homophone want to be with your phone hey who knows i can tell you that it will be a lot simpler than it is with this particular software so you guys should be excited about that because two things are happening at one time you guys gonna be introduced to this software I'm using two are the new software i'm going to be using to build my phones out and you also are going to see on a daily perpetual kashi website built out in its entirety and you guys can just jump right in and join me along as well it's not gonna cost you anything additional ok so anyway that's it for this particular video guys in this episode of your free email marketing crash course hope you guys enjoyed it will be back in the next segment for your email marketing class cause guys and we'll wrap this particular segment we're moving to some some new while some new areas and new topics in terms of email marketing ok anyway that's my time guys this is your boy 10 been with you guys wisdom peace prosperity into living in internet lifestyle without limits keep banging out and i'll see you on the next video

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