Making Money On The Internet-2017 Free Email Marketing CRASH Course-2.0

what's up what's up what's up well while a mission board model on been gods and i'm back tonight as promised guys with another installment of your free email marketing crash course to point okay okay that's making money on the internet 2017 crash course to point o what's going on guys and I got a little stubble hey guys you can see the bags on the minds because of my grass this because I've got miles and miles to go before I sleep guys because i'm determined to have everything that I talked about doing setup guys within the next week okay yesterday in the first video in the new free email marketing class cause part two guys talk about us building a funnel from scratch right and I told you things that i will be covering guys I told you we were going to set up a complete cells from from scratch and i think i will be using the power lead system software to do it i said we would also set up a landing page right the actual capture page is going to redirect to the landing page even the follow-up email sequence guys you're going to get the watch me doing real-time well not real time but i'm going to do these videos and you guys have seen him as i'm doing so listen guys are yesterday you took a look at the phone that i started i took a shell of the following guys and I said there's nothing here right absolutely nothing this is just a blank fun ok now what I've done the same time as i said i'm going to keep this video short is I already gone over guys and encrypted the first three videos right first three videos actually I put up plug all the videos and guys now let me say this is a whole this just holding this is just something holding his space that's why plug the videos in because i'm going to replace them with our videos this hospital phone so this is a placeholder here but videos two and three are actual video presentations going them using to set up my purple daily perpetual cash strategy ok follow I'm saying that revolves around video presentations so I'm already encrypted video 2 and 3 into this particular as I build the shelter is fun this landing page out I've already put the videos inside now what's going to happen here guys is going to you and you'll get to see this as i do it I'll oh I'm already created well I put in a video together for the very first video is going to be in this particular series as I built this funnel out and of course videos number two and three welcome it will include the presentations that direct to my perpetual my daily perpetual cash trash now this is what I want to say guys in the beauty of using the software that I use which is the poly system software i can go on side of his page guys want to do that I'm gonna do something I'm gonna show you guys the type of creativity you have when you're doing this kind of thing and if you remember yesterday I talked about one of them one of the importance and power being able to do this is because we talk about branding aspect right off you know right out the gate so you guys ready to do this kind of thing when you see this in its entirety you're gonna realize that again instead of sending our potential prospects straight to a sales page for your particular product or service you can build bridges and bridge pages for landing pages right actual phone is set yourself apart from countless thousands of other internet marketers are doing it that way ok now we talk about creativity guys I can do anything I want to his page i can click any video I what I can say what I want I can put links inside the video and you guys are gonna get to see me do all of this but just for this video guys I'm going to go i think i got it i'm gonna go here guys I'm going back over my power lead system and what I'm going to do is if you remember if you look at this guy's you see is white alright and I like white background that they weren't just fun just let me show you again we talked about creativity let me show you what you can do here guys we will be doing this type of thing I'm gonna go to my daily professional cash strategy landing page because that's what it is I'm gonna go to bed right there on that page guys when i do that it's going to give me the ability to edit the background of my particular page you can see right now guys these are the different backgrounds that I can actually use 0 for my follow my bridge pages myself faces as I'm building them out and that's what I do I come here sometimes guys in just 10 seconds video cuz i'm not sure which one I want to use yet so i'm just going to show you guys this illustrates illustrative purposes so you can see just how creative you can get so anyway guys I like this right here reminds me of the movie ET humming see your fingers there i'm going to double-click the guys and then what my software does it prompts me to go in and save the changes I made to the background ok now guys gonna give me the opportunity to view i go back of your web pages web pages i go there so I can check it and I go back to my of daily perpetual cash strategy landing page and test the link similar looks like wow pretty cool guys pretty cool stuff i just changed the background to myself pages all-white let me free to do so they don't start going and now guys are you know you've got to see how oh I you know oftentimes I i I'm like this mad scientist and and put them in the back office and I'm on my policy system software because I can do anything so now I've changed the background guys and I may just keep this background let me tell you guys now you know I told you I want to keep this video short so everything that I'm doing guys I'm telling you once you get in here you stop playing around in your back office with Polly system all this stuff is gonna come like second nature i could do it my almost with my eyes closed I can build these phones out really because i have the templates i can literally build them out in a couple of days and that's what's happening right now as we speak I'm building out this particular fun for my daily perpetual cash strategy which is are going to be very exciting guys read very powerful you guys are going to love it so okay guys jump back over here for a second let's talk a little bit more about about our of the make money on the internet in 2017 email marketing crash course because as I told you guys in the first video that i was going to be going to build this wonderful scratch you guys see where i am now I'm gonna have several more videos to put in my page you know i'll be swapping out videos and i'll be adding some different videos to that particular page so what's going to happen on the next video guys I'm gonna go in and you're gonna get to see me put the rest of this pieces of this puzzle together until everything is done to my specifications you know me and so I have this particular bridge page is what i'm calling his guys and I'm going to change some things out because this is an old template but I wanted you guys to see just the kind of thing you're able to do you know I'm saying but when i when i finish building it all out we'll have all the videos inside i will have all the calls to action inside i hope all the pertinent information everything that ever took a particular potential prospects and needs to make it a full decision in terms of whether or not they want to get involved with not just this on opportunity guys any opportunity that you if you choose to do this type of thing or I choose to promote and market remember we're talking about being master marketers okay so on the internet when you have this kind of creativity guys and you don't have to be conventional about it because I we talked about that before just be who you r do whatever you want to you know me this is your business and you can build it out you can do anything you want to build from any website guys get up wow I really really really need to stop but I can't help it because i love it so very very much ok so again you guys see that already encrypted videos and this is going to be altered as we continue in our of three email marketing crash caused two point O God we go we're going to continue to work on that website and build it out but again remember guys when we really started we just had a shell ok just a shell just the template and now guys thanks to technology in this kind of software guys don't in again you know you guys just leave it to your imagination to be as creative as you want you can go and you can build out anything that you want two guys and and and that's what what what what makes it so hard for me to sleep sometime at night guys because when i'm doing this kind of thing I feel like I'm at my most creative when I'm sharing this kind of information with other aspiring internet markers i feel like i'm really really oh the beings are not only a product of the product but I'm helping other people alone at the same time if that makes sense and i know it does ok anyway guys that's my town for the night i just wanted to do that I've been wanting to do this video all day what I did when I was doing the actual videos that kind of knock some coding because there's a little coating that you have to do and when you get back you're inside the party system in this kind of software or any type of software coding the things that you have to do a relatively simple once you learn how to do so all the videos that i put it just takes a little bit of cold from youtube video plug it into a specified area and before you know it I mean no actually I'm actually i can actually write HTML cold believe in learn all these things guys will come just immersing myself in internet marketing and are learning some things and being willing to learn some things I never knew I never knew you has no cause I'm a baby boomer myself I can do is absolutely anybody can do it not to mention the fact the guys that when we do finally get our daily perpetual cash strategy launched right which I'm going to schedule right around the beginning of the year but it will be complete by the second December when we do that guys you guys going to step right into this perpetual daily perpetual castrato g start using it start following it step by step with everything that I have laid out for you guys and you can walk right into a daily passive and residual income that you can actually grow exponentially and it will all be totally and entirely up to you and how you want to do it ok anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this particular video the second video in a series of your free email marketing crash course to point out and i hope you guys will stay plugged in and watch for my next video in the cities as we continue to build out the daily perpetual cash strategy and you guys get to see how we put a phone together from scratch at the same time that it's just too cool so beautiful even on the East Coast guys my wife is actually downstairs making me some peace and very very hungry so I'm going to step out of here guys I'm going to say before I go guys and I hope again help you stay plugged into final report very first time subscribe to channel and as always guys you know holiday in my videos by saying this is your boy more than old Bennett with you guys wisdom peace prosperity and to live in internet lifestyle without limbs keep banging guys I'll see you on the next video

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