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Plus up world wide web is your boy model old Bennett what's going on everybody hey guys today I'm back with another episode of my make money on internet free email marketing crash course to point old guys I am so very excited about this particular series guys because I got in software now as we got what we move into the year 2017 guys you're going to see exactly how my email marketing crash caused ties into my daily perpetual cash strategy and when we talk about content marketing side of where you guys want to ultimately be in terms of branding yourself or with your online marketing business guys in yourselves funnels to include of everything I talked about in my belly perpetual cash strategy are you guys gonna be super pump is super excited about that if you guys remember the onset of my free email marketing crash caused 24 guys I talked about software i had not talked about what I would be covering in that particular series we talked about setting up a sales powerful scratch using using the power lead system actually guys I'm gonna have the new software you guys have been introduced two already we're talking more about that talk about a landing page final complete with videos the actual capture page is going to redirect to that little bit Lenny page and actually follow up our responders email campaign now guys we're moving forward with my daily perpetual cash strategy and we're moving forward with the boss excel supercells loop system Oh branding is going to be our really are very important aspect know how you are entering into and place yourself a position yourself and your online marketing so i told you guys were going to be talking about at this point list building because we've got to start to build our list guys we're going together correspond with that is by way of an autoresponder and when you start creating your own content guys the shooting videos on YouTube particularly that's what i like to do and incorporating follow-up messages into your are responding to cut to correspond your lesson that starts to grow this is going to be a very powerful aspect in the way you're able to create relationships with people are good people to know like and trust you and ultimately build your own build bigger teams and I and grow our your business ok so anyway guys this is where we started with a shell of a funnel and run down real quick and show you guys that that's what that was just a shell my phone we got started in this particular segment of my free email marketing cry schools let me show you what is graduated two guys that she'll be fun ok here we are this is my completed now guys are official are of any perpetual cash strategy website and as you can see guys I took that she'll funnel and now i plug in every single component in the actual website now I will tell you guys as a side note i'm gonna actually get a different domain name for this particular website as opposed to a subdomain already got the domain name i just haven't we directly messed it up my of the benefit to the domain name purchased but anyway you guys can see that the final is complete so exactly i told you guys I was going to build a phone with a shell of a funnel i'm going to plug videos into it and then the next thing i said i was going to do guys I told you I was going to build a capture page that we directed to this particular landing page so let's take a look at that guys here we are this is just one of several capture pages guys that are created for that particular landing page that she'll follow that you see now feel about the videos that i plugged it now what I'm going to do guys is gonna walk you guys through the entire process of how r this particular our funnel is going to work how the importance of it in terms of branding yourself right out the gate where email marketing is concerned and if you guys plug into of my free email marketing crash course this is the type of thing you're going to want to be able to to start doing and also with the online sales programs when I talk about the other side of that are you gonna have all the our suite of tools back that is going to allow you to create up capture pages sales pages things of that nature so as we move forward in my our free email marketing crash course you guys will see how i'm going to be utilizing that suite of tools to start building our phones that are gonna be a lot easier to build in this sense so anyway guys let's move forward and what I enter my name i'm sorry want to enter my email address into this particular capture page guys and I want you to see how this works ok so i got my email address inside guys okay and as I start to drive traffic to this page that's the front door of my funnel so let me guess and access and see what happens okay we will move slowly guys okay my prospect guys want stay enter name and email address into my capture page will be redirected to this particular page and now lost the inner of depth cold guys they actually hit submit and then they will be redirected again SI tip guys okay i'm going to free the video formats ok guys this is where I end up once a person of interest their email addresses you see into my capture page they are redirected to what i like to call a bridge page and this is what you're looking at right now of course I talk a little bit more about my daddy perpetual cash strategy and let's just listen to a little bit more of that guys in this move on the side door para su casa pc

watch the monument to downtown DC right that's my daughter guys hey listen up guys hey anytime was a great time to learn some things you never knew never knew dragon we talk about making money right online and check out the 17 you guys get ready because I told you it'll actually organize these guys ain't seen nothing yet so today guys just want to give you guys the pre framework we're headed into 2017 guys the things I've already been doing but I put it all together when i call my daily perpetual cash-strapped it's gonna be very exciting guys don't have a lot of fun i'm going to lay it all out and take you guys step by step how you can get started absolutely free and start being income online guys they're not only grows daily residually exponentially but more that you can actually step writing to write down today so that we got maybe about doing my wife with running 20 and enjoy that because ok you guys get the idea so at the end of what I'm saying right guys I actually there's a cultural action right here when my prospect click here to continue let's see where they go boom there we go guys now they are on my officials of the proposed that there on my official daily perpetual cast strategy Bostic sell super-chill cells charge but on my website got I'm so excited I'm sometimes always but anyway this is where that prospect lanes guys and of course on this particular website i go into more detail about every component of my daily potential cash reg okay i go into every everything that that prospect needs to at least make a relatively are pretty good informed decision in terms of whether or not they want to join now guys when an email marketing uh there's a percentage of people will join you are and your biz up or whatever it is you're promoting right off the top that percentage guys is not as high as the percentage of people will join you after they've seen your opportunity more than once i believe it's about five or seven times the average person who won't join you guys until they've seen your offer between five and seven times it's subliminal ok i talk about mcdonalds the golden arches guys how you can be a person driving along the highway all right inner city where you are and not even be hungry but you pass those golden arches long enough guys past two or three times before you know what you run inside and get yourself a big mac and it's the same thing with internet marketing guys if you've got a pretty good offer guys and as you're starting to grow your list and you start to correspond with that this ultimately you will be able to get signed up cells and conversions for anything that is you want to promote when we talk about content marketing guys I love this particular brand of doing it because it's a way to brand yourself right out the block you know I mean people know who you are or you introduce yourself and in terms of who you are right up the block and now guys when you get your autoresponder setup and I told you guys you're gonna get to see my follow-up campaign interns are the one that i wrote i put together and created for this particular this particular our campaign then you guys get to see the follow-up emails so we're inviting you guys to do today I'm gonna leave the link for the actual capture page I want you guys to put your name and email address I'm sorry just be an email address put it inside of the inside of the the page I'm going to leave guys and you'll see the presentation because I just walked you through it which is that you could also get to see guys is the follow-up email sequence that are written and that follows up with my prospects on automation and that's where they are responder comes in guys so if you gather not really sure about how it works and you should be just kind of referred to some videos I've done before or just on my free email marketing crash course playlist the to point out and then of course with this video just enter your name and email address I'm gonna leave a link at the bottom is our video on youtube and you guys will get this received actually follow up emails that I've written in my autoresponder campaign now again guys we move forward i'm going to be inside my online sales Pro showing you guys just how simply easy it is to create these types of funnels guys and why you guys want to be doing this kind of thing in terms of content marketing now if you guys for you guys already join me right boss excel you guys already have the online sales Pro you already have a phone bill for you is going to go out and start promoting you're the boss excel supercells loop system that includes the future and pro and these days space and marketing in including people for you and all those businesses to include online self low on automation but now you guys want depending on your level and as you grow and students begin the market you want to start doing your own thing you want to create start creating your own follows our marketing and promoting anything you want and inside of that training as we move forward in my free email marketing crash course to point out you're going to see exactly how you can do it while still promoting and marketing of the boss excel cells look at the same time that's the beauty of my dad perpetual cast as you guys is returning the power the creativity to you to do whatever you want promote and market whatever you want create multiple exchange of income daily streams of income passive streams of income and streams of income to grow exponentially that's it for this particular episode of my free email marketing crash course to point out guys as we move forward it will be with the online sales Pro software the generating our system and the guy we got it we got it going to really really be getting some really really deep and serious our information and training thanks so much for being too many guys as always this is your boy more open it with you guys wisdom peace prosperity and to living and internet lifestyle without limits I'll see you guys on the next video peace

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