if you want to make money online as a complete beginner affiliate marketing is the way to go now I reached out to one of the best affiliate marketers that I know of called chad bartlett and he's been making thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars per month just promoting one single product now in this video he's going to show you guys how he made over fifty thousand dollars just promoting one single affiliate product and more importantly he's going to show you how step-by-step how you guys can do the same and learn how either so by saying that guys Chad take it away hey guys my name is Chad bartlett thank you for that awesome introduction thank you for having me on your channel it's awesome to be on here and hopefully I'll provide some value to the viewers you guys have so again little background on me I'm a full-time entrepreneur affiliate marketer yeah basically I do this completely full-time and one of the main offers I promote is called Builder all which I'm showing you guys here today basically what it is is it's a software okay it's a digital marketing software that allows you to create funnels do email marketing do all kinds of digital marketing stuff like anything you can think of it has it okay it has lots of cool stuff and basically it's a newer company okay so it's been the US for the past year now how do people don't really know what Billy Hall is anything about it so what it does is it gives us affiliates but people who are affiliates for builder all it gives us a great entry to start promoting it to people who don't want to pay 300 hours a month for click funnels or doesn't want to deal with the Wix and their support team or whatever so bill RL is a great platform that I really like their owners their community they have an awesome Facebook group the owners go live with you like literally every day like it's just a really good community and platform and I also like to promote it because it's a great product that offers a great solution to people who are looking to you know make money online use funnels using email marketing use all that stuff for their online business or their you know it could be there there are local business right so it has all these solutions for people and that's definitely my job is that you know help people solve their problems and get get up and get a solution to their problem so that's a builder all does for my target audience and that's how I promote it through through paid advertising through free traffic Facebook free traffic YouTube content all this difference of okay so I'm what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna dive into the platform now first off I want to show you my earnings so you know show you guys I'm actually doing this now I'm not just you know talking out my ass right so anyways if we go end it right here the Builder all business and we go over to my dashboard let this load up real quick as you see I have around $31,000 paid right here thirty 1311 plus you know 737 available plus all this and I actually have another account which I'll go into right now if I log out and you know the reason I have two counts it's actually a long story but I had I had to make babe it basically make a new account for something I wanted to do for this one and said that I can do with the other one because they had a huge update but that's a whole nother story but anyways I'll show you the other account in just a second here our secure ROM rather account and as you see my name again chat bar the here and we go into my bullet I'll business section again go to the dashboard section same thing we did here as you can see it's a whole new screen and I have you know 6000 paid here 2500 requested so around $10,000 10700 on this account too so I've made almost $50,000 with the platform plus I get residual checks because I have a hundred active users right here so I get their car bonus so basically when you get a hundred sales they send you five hundred dollars a month to pay for your dream car and I just collect the money personally but basically going into that now that I showed you guys proof I want to go into the Builder section kind of show you what builder all is okay and why it sells so good look at this conversion rate you guys will never see this in any other product k a twenty three percent conversion rate guys so if you send a hundred people twenty three people convert that's literally insane and you know that conversion rate differs for other people selling it of course my conversion rates probably higher because I offer lots of bonuses I'll offer lots of training basically when people sign up for builder all under me they get a whole training course with 20-plus videos we get a private Facebook group just for our team I do weekly live streams every single Thursday in our Facebook group giving giving people more content and actually you just signed up for builder all under me and we're actually partnering together okay so if you sign up for builder all under him which I'm sure he'll have a link in the description basically you're gonna get that training course from me you're gonna get those weekly live streams you're gonna get that Facebook group and you're gonna get all kinds of you're getting email swipes all this different stuff a facebook advertising course so all this different stuff if you sign up for builder all under us okay if you join our builder I'll mastermind team you're gonna be able to get free access to all those different bonuses that we offer that's literally valued up thousands of thousands dollars because of how much you can make okay so first off let me show you guys quick little demo of what kind of builder all is I'll kind of show you some stuff so if we just go to that the builder all the builders that's like the funnel builders let's go to a new website here and as you see it has all this different stuff okay all these templates for different niches that people have so they have like sales funnels they have local business sales funnels internet marketing blogs health and wellness so they have said this have all these pre-made templates that you can already you actually use and if we view it let's just feel this one real quick this looks like a barber one and you know you can go around and sell these websites to businesses and not only can you charge them five hundred dollars for a web site but you can also use your affiliate links so they're signed up for builder on you get commissions every single month because builder all is it's a monthly plan so that's why you know with my income over here some of that income I make is just residual income okay so I'm getting 28 bucks every single month from every person okay so that that adds up a lot of money I've like a six thousands of dollars per month residual income from build girl even if I don't work for a whole month I'm still gonna get the money so it's quite awesome so basically yeah this is kind of like a funnel just example of a website that you can use again you can go sell this to all the barbers I'm around you can you can even offer it to them for free and then use your affiliate link and you'll still get the Commission okay so it's a win-win for both people and that's one of the things I teach right so bit but basically yeah you got all these different temp so this is like the drag-and-drop pixel-perfect they have also a responsibility they have a mobile-first drag-and-drop builder they have an app creator so you can create apps they also have an email marketing software case so you could ditch your Aweber your get response to whatever you're using and you can you literally use their mailing boss and everything's all integrated with each other and it works really cool okay so that's the next thing is the mailing boss they also have a design studio I don't really use this too much but I heard it's pretty cool if you want to make little presentations a little photo studio they also have animated videos you can make floating video stuff like that I don't use that stuff too much what I use a lot is the the apps in here so they have like browser notifications so if you have a website and you and you want to get people on notification list you can do that they also have SEO on page report tool click Mac chat review facebook inbox answer so this one's really cool so basically if you have a Facebook page in any one comments on any of your posts basically you can make it so basically like you can make it so basically like you know some comment something on your post your Facebook page will automatically message them private message them whatever you set out okay so this this works really well for ads and stuff I use that one a lot they also have like an e-learning course you can make a membership site on builder all they also have a script generator okay this is really cool I don't know if you guys have ever heard like funnel scripts with the russell brunson and click funnels but this is basically the same idea but again it's all integrated with builder all there's no upsells there's no you know a bunch of payments you have to pay it's literally just $29 a month or $49 a month ok so $29 a month get you access to all of these tools get every tool it has listed on here you get access to all of that for $29 a month ok however if you want to have all the tools you know use all the tools make money with the tools doing different stuff is selling different products stuff like that plus promote the Builder all case so that's builder all business as you see right here builder all business ok if you want to promote builder on being an affiliate for builder all its $49 a month ok so you get all the tools and ability to promote builder all its only $49 and guys that's so so cheap okay and so it's absolutely crazy but basically this script generator you can you can basically generate scripts and other in different niches so if you're in the personal development niche they have like different final scripts webinar scripts advertising scripts headline scripts so it just gives you lots of ideas I use this tool all the time it's really helpful if you're you know kind of brain farted and the next thing they have a social proof and then just all kinds of Vic's they actually also have a webinar platform so if you want to host webinars you can create your own webinar in here and then they have builder all business okay so I'm gonna show you what the affiliate program looks like and how is able to make almost fifteen thousand fifty thousand dollars in under a year with builder hauls affiliate program okay so let me show you real quick so if we go over here we see the builder all business calculator okay and if I click this right here what's gonna do is I'm gonna make myself smaller real quick but basically what you can do is see how much you're gonna make okay so basically let's say it says how many licenses can you sell them one year okay so basically how many sales can get in one year okay maybe you get one a week okay so what is that 52 a whole in a whole year okay so that's very very reasonable one sale in a whole week okay anyone could do that honestly guys anyone could do that I averaged around three sales a day okay so um if we go here how many licenses convert to business Pro okay so I mainly promote the business to build our business opportunity so my conversion rate is really high okay so mine is actually around ninety percent but we're gonna lowball this okay I'm gonna put seventy percent okay so whoops 70 percent all right so that's again that's very conservative and most people promoting the builder all business plan that's very easy again I show everyone how to do all this so if you sign up for builder all business there's gonna be a link below and it's gonna show everything you get when you join our team and you're gonna be under you so he's gonna be able to help you out one-on-one and mentor you and also get access to all these bonuses and tools that I offer for my team – and you're gonna mail promote the platform okay so again how many like this is this each business pro someone shear so basically it's asking like okay so let's say we got 50 tail 52 sales in that year period okay so it's asking how many sales can these 52 people get in on one year in a one year time span okay all right so let's just say each one of these people get 10 sales in a whole year okay again guys that's very low boy 10 sales in a whole year even if they are not even trying to promote it they can at least do that just by word of mouth and just recommending it to a friend or whatever so 10 sales in here that's so doable guys it's ridiculous all right so again let's just say that one converts a 70% again if you look right here okay it shows right here 5,400 a month is your monthly income okay that's mine is a little bit higher than this but guys look at that you only got 52 sales gay 70% they're converted to the Builder all business plan which is the $49 per month plan okay and all those 52 people got 10 sales in a whole year okay so that's it's literally so easy okay so again guys you can scale this up okay maybe you make a hundred sales in here okay and these people each got let's say 20 sales can you just double it boom your are twenty thousand per month income okay guys so as you see it's a two-tier affiliate program okay so you got Tier one is your direct sales and tier two is people who got sales under you okay so your sales got sales and you're making missions off of that to your to structure okay so that's why this affiliate program is so powerful because they pay on two tiers okay so you can really stack up that residual income and some people might be asking might be wondering like okay they're offering all these tools plus a really good affiliate program that's paying like ridiculous money you know you get a hundred percent commission on month one and 30 percent residual income um for every month they're signed on so if they're paying $49 a month you're gonna get $15 a month every single month for your tier 1 and tier twos so let's say you made a sale and the person you made a self from they may of sale to you'll get 30 percent monthly residual income from their sale okay so that's like the real power of okay so basically like people might be wanna keep their off they're able to offer all these tools they're able to offer this really cool affiliate program that has two tiers a hundred percent commission on month one how the heck are they able to do this right how the how are they able to afford this alright so basically builder all is pretty smart because for one there's a software company so there's not too much there's they have a pretty high profit margin business model okay it's the sulfur come once its bill its bill of course they have to have to vote person you know updating it and making sure it's all good and all but that doesn't take too much money okay so that's that first thing number two is built are all basically they don't have a huge advertising budget like clickfunnels like Wix like Weebly all that different stuff those people have millions and millions of dollars to spend every month on marketing and advertising gate so builder all dates just started here in America you know one year ago they don't have the ability to spend millions of dollars unless they're you know they take out a bunch of debt what they don't want to do so what they do instead they made a killer affiliate program they figured out all their profit margins how much they have to make you know to run the business and basically this made a killer affiliate program so instead of spending millions and millions of dollars on TV ads on you know YouTube ads on Facebook guys on Instagram ads all the different stuff there what they're doing with all that money they're just paying all that money to their affiliates okay so right now they're averaging they're paying a hundred thousand dollars a month in commissions to their affiliates okay you know and I'm one of those people that make money every single month from builder okay so that's why they're able to pay so highs because they're not spending any other time energy or money on YouTube ads or Facebook guys okay what they're doing is they're bringing it back to the people okay they're like okay if we have this builder of we have the software why don't we get the people who are actually using the software to sell it for us okay and what we're gonna do is we're gonna make them like kind of like they own part of the company and they're gonna make 30 percent residual income on all the people that bring in to me that sounds like a great business model and it makes way more sense and that's why I promote it because for one it works really well okay I make a lot of you know you can make a lot of money promoting the Builder off platform because it's a good product that sells a game it's in high demand it's in a really good niche it's an ever lasting minute okay there's all there's always going to be digital marketing and all marketing stuff okay guys so that's basically why I promote builder Hall and why it's such a good platform to actually actually promote alright so real quick before my hand the video back if you guys want to join build are all under me and under we're gonna be able to give you guys lots of value we're gonna be a we're gonna give you a free affiliate marketing course access to the leak mastermind group unlimited one-on-one mentoring with me or or whatever so that only a doubt link will be the first link below so you go ahead and click that link it's gonna take you to this page and basically it's gonna explain you know why'd we give this much value for free well you know it's simple it's a builder all two-tier system so the more money you make the more money we make okay so because we make small commissions off your Commission's and you get the same thing okay so you can offer our training to your to your sales twos that way they can make Commission's so it's just a good system we got going on here okay so you're going access to 20 plus video training courses I just see some results here back in April $30,000 and yeah so basically you're gonna get all this everything we offer right here so you can basically beginning a private training course I'm promoting bill your all to get to 2,000 per month in three months next thing is weekly private mastermind live streams with me another six-figure earners again that's our inter Facebook group live streams every single Thursday you also get a facebook advertising course for master entrepreneurs worth 497 pre-made funnels so you don't have the doing thing you have to change your links and the funnels we already did everything for you Miki access to our 7-day email swipe but that covers the 30% our private Facebook group free traffic methods all the tools that builder provides and unfoldment recep's trained support from me so again it just shows kind of everything some of our team members results bar be doing like was this $2,000 and a little bit under three months or so this guy $120 and 20 minutes not bad this guy's making like 150 bucks a day as you see my name is an Oldham Kay guys so the training actually works it's legit so if you guys do want to sign up again this link will be the first link in the description below and you can talk to Andy more about this if you want to private messages him but then again this is our this is the bill are also fairly program 100% Commission on month one 30% month commissioned lifetime 30% monthly Commission on tier 2 and then your free car hundred users which I currently get but I don't get the car I just keep the money to stack that cash guys so again guys you can click that link down below and if you want access to billy-oh there's also a free trial so you can also go through that link and take the free trial if you want to so anyways I'm gonna hand this video back to thank you for having me on the channel today really appreciate hopefully I was built to provide you guys some value I also have a YouTube channel if you guys want to check it out my name is just Chad Bartlett and yeah be sure to message me on Facebook just Chad Bartlett or Instagram thought Chad barley if you guys have any any questions I could help you guys you know with the Philly marketing online marketing or anything like that so anyways back to you hey thank you for having me on the channel I'll see you guys soon and hope you guys take action on Builder all offer and hopefully you guys can join our elite mastermind group and get in the training all that stuff I look forward to seeing you guys and hearing from you guys soon again message me with any questions you have and I'll see you guys later so that was Chad and is awesome builder all training and how you guys can join our team and start learning and making money wood builder oh so all I asked for of you guys is click the link in the description the first link is going to take you to this page right here it's going to show you all you're going to get all the features of builder all and all the training and bonuses you're going to get if you join our team so just go down the bottom of the page click the button right there it's going to take you to builder I'll just click the first just go sign-up click that button where it says 7-day free trial fill out all the information and once you do that and become a member of builder out I'm going to send you all the bonuses and trainings you're going to get so make sure to go sign up so you guys can start earning and learning how to promote builder all and get all the training that chad has and join our team so by saying that guys thank you for watching I'm also going to leave Chad's YouTube channel down in the description go check him out he's an awesome guy so I'm by saying that guys I'll see you in the next video

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