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Hey guys Spencer Coffman here today I'm going to show you a plugin called mail it it is a WordPress plugin that you can load up on your website and use to send emails out to your lists or whomever it's like a Mail Chimp but it's non restrictive so you can add in anybody you want you can send out to anybody you want you can configure all the settings etc now this plug-in it works on a basic function but it really doesn't work like it says it should so I'm going to take you through it all you can try it out it works for some people but not others I've used it when it first came out I got it right away and I've used it and it's just not quite what I like but I'll let you decide if it's a plug-in for you or not when you load it up you'll come to the main page and you'll see that we have nothing because I just brand-new install and you want to make sure you have your SMTP settings entered first so we'll go to the settings page and here I have them configured already for ease and quickness the first one is the host now this is usually mail dot yourdomain

com so mail dot sell web domains dot-com the port default is in there at 25 so we'll just leave that and then your SMTP username and password this is the login for your cPanel so make sure you have the username and password for the direct cPanel login and put that in there then you need a from email so an SMTP from email create a separate email address or use your own and put that in here so I have Jade o @ cell web domains com now you can set this up really easily in the cPanel just go to email accounts add new email address type in your username and password create and it's a matter of ten seconds and you've got an email address then you have a sender name so John Doe and that takes care of that then you go down here to bounced email now this is important because anytime you send an email and it doesn't get delivered you want to know about that so bounce email will tell you this system automatically will detect any emails that are undeliverable and it'll send it back to that email and show you which emails are undeliverable so the good thing is you can track them the bad thing is that it sends it to that email so you have to kind of manually match things up now you can have a bounce tolerance and then you don't have to manually do that so if you put a bounce tolerance of let's say three that's the default your subscribers will be automatically unsubscribe from your list on three bounces so that means after three attempts boom it's not going to send them any emails anymore now on a couple occasions where like if someone clicks on your email and marks it as spam they're gonna be removed right away so it won't even do your three bounce tolerances they'll just automatically be removed and the other one is if it gets sent there and it detects that it's a permanent failure they'll be removed right away so not just like an inbox is full or their sites are down or something if it's a permanent failure code they will be removed from your list instantly enter in your bounced email the username which is the same as the email address generally and then the password you've created then you'll put in a physical address for spam compliance and throttling so this is a part where it's a cool feature but in my experience it really doesn't work that well right now it's one email every eight seconds or 450 per hour so when you're new I generally say to dial that down so I did like one every 12 seconds and that was 300 per hour but depending on your email settings of your hosting account that might be way too many so you maybe want to do like sixteen that be 225 that still may be too many because some may only allow you to do 200 per hour some might only allow you to do 200 per day so you need to make sure you check your hosting settings because if you go over that then your emails aren't going to go through anyway this is important right now we're set at 180 emails per hour however in my experience I've tried this and what happens is when you send an email for throttling you'll get a page here and it just has a progress bar and it says your emails are being sent and it goes through and if you close that page it stops if you lose internet connection it stops if anything happens it stops so it doesn't run in the background you have to physically have that page open which to me is a big disadvantage I want things to run I'm not going to keep my website page open all the time but that's the way this has to be but other times like if you have a big list let's say I have 1,800 people that's gonna take ten hours to send that out because we're sending 180 per hour to leave that open for 10 hours chances are some interruption is going to happen and that's always what happened to me it never failed every time I was sending out a list even a 500 and it took like three hours let's say it always failed it never went through all the way and I always put myself as like the last subscriber to get the email and I would never get the email so that's another thing that you may want to play with put a comment down there let me know your experience with this but generally for me this throttling didn't work very well when you have all that setup save the settings now you need to go right down the row you can add lists subscribers messages and auto responders one thing I want to say about auto responders is it's not really what you think it's not like a sequence that you can use to send one email after another which to me is a huge disadvantage because if I want an auto responder I want to put in like ten messages and schedule it okay it's going to send one after another for the next ten weeks or something like that this is specifically cause and effect so it's just adding someone to your list it's one message it's not a sequence of messages which that part I don't like so the first thing after do your settings you're gonna set up a list create new list name we're gonna call this one a test list then you'll need a message here this is why they're subscribing so you've subscribed because a test simple enough to just tell them what your list is about why they signed up in case they click on anything and want to know why they're getting emailed by you then you'll go over here to subscribers now this is kind of neat you can either add one subscriber by clicking this and enter in the settings so you'll select the list enter the email address add subscriber or you can upload a list of subscribers and it's txt file so that's simple one per line so I have a file that we can use here with a few emails and I'm going to add in an email that's just nothing we'll put it at Yahoo then we're gonna do another one at something goofy and then let's do another one @ and we're gonna put Yahoo dot space com so you see that one will be an invalid email this is going to test out the filtering because there is some filtering capabilities where it's supposed to sift through your emails and determine whether or not they're valid and remove them instantly so we'll see we know these three are not valid the good chances are that these are invalid as well or are at least gonna fail this one will be good because that is mine so I'll save this let's go back upload subscribers test list that's where we want them browse for the file go to our downloads email tests open add the subscribers okay so now they should show up in our subscribers we have to select a list show and here they are so we've got all these and you can see it removed and fixed actually here's our error one right there that goofy characters at Yahoo dot space okay here it is right here yahoocom so it fixed that email so that works if you enter it in emails and you have spaces and by accident it washes it together and fixes it for you however it didn't filter these out not yet but when you send an email and they bounced then they will be filtered out eventually so now let's go to the messages new message test lists test message and now here you have a complete editor so you can do HTML you've got all the bold you've got everything you need fonts styles you could even paste from word if you need to it's really a slick editor hyperlinking I'm gonna do a simple one and we got bad grammar and whatever we'll fix it maybe okay John Doe very good save the message so there it is it says it's not sent this is another thing that isn't really that cool is when it gets sent it says whether it's sent or not but then you can't really resend it there's no way to resend an old message if you want to resend it you need to create another new message of the same one and I'll show you that later so let's send it however before you send this message before you do anything else you need to test your settings so we'll put in an email there hit send now and it says email sent settings seemed fine so let's hit OK and let's check that email to make sure we got it so right here it says there are no messages let's refresh there it is mail it test to view this message please use an HTML compatible viewer no big deal the point is it worked so our mail it test worked our settings are configured properly now we are ready to send the message let's click this little button send this message send it now ok ok right here this is what I was talking about before so we have 10 emails total Descent if that was a hundred this would take a longer time if was 1800 it would take 10 hours because we're sending at 180 per hour so this is gonna take a while we're gonna let it go do not close your browser or page until sending is 100% complete so to me this is a huge inconvenience that I have to leave this page open another thing I have tried before is just leaving this open and if I needed to do some other work on my site I could open up like plugins or dashboard or something in a new tab however it seemed that that interrupted because it was sending signals on your site so basically when this is running if you do any other editor stuff on your website you could interrupt the signal and like I said to me that's a big inconvenience because I would rather just hit Send and let this run in the background rather than have to sit here and wait and be down for that time you're not really down your site is still live but I am unable to do anything on the site while this is running so again if this is a ten-hour process I gotta like let it run overnight and then when I wake up in the morning I find out that the thing didn't isn't working anyway because it stopped or something happens so basically if you're going to use mail it use it for small lists use it for lists of 500 people or less and it should be fine because it won't take very long one other thing that's very important is when you're first starting out emailing don't email all 500 people at once set it really really low send out maybe instead of 180 per hour set it to like 50 per hour so it's really slow peak and then gradually build it up because all the bots out there and your servers if you start emailing mass amounts of people you're gonna get flagged as spam right away whereas if you start sending out to like 50 people an hour or a day and just kind of build it up and then gradually over a month now you're sending to entire 500 people then it will look like your list has been building naturally so that is very important make sure that you make it even if you have 10,000 emails right now and you want to start sending out – it's worth it to build it gradually and by Bill that I mean gradually add them to different lists gradually send it out so that's gonna be a lot more work but it's gonna keep you sending emails rather than getting flagged as spam and if you get flagged as spam that's your entire hosting account your SMTP is flagged which means all your emails any domain you have on there it's just you're gonna be in a world of hurt so take the time gradually scale it up even if you already have a lot of subscribers this is why it could be helpful to use a couple different emailing services while you're migrating over to one unless your email account has already been sending out a lot of emails like you use Mail Chimp and you're sending out a whole bunch of them using your hosting SMTP then and you convert to this no big deal because you already have that history that tolerance of sending those emails but until you build up that within your hosting don't send out a ton at once you need to make sure you build it now it says sending complete hit okay and because we only had 10 total to send it looked like it worked now if we go back to messages you'll see here test message it says status is sent our options here we can view some statistics that'll be open rates clicks bounces etc we've got copy this message so if we want to send it again we can copy it and it will create a new message that we can send again or we can delete this let's click on some statistics you can see total sent and all just kind of went through select subscribers we can choose whether they opened it clicked it unsubscribe and it'll show you send to a list of subscribers that did not open then we can check out our auto responders now if you want to create an auto responder this is important auto responders are emails that automatically get sent when someone signs up for your list so you need to somehow integrate this auto responder with an opt-in form they are not triggered by imports which means if you import a list of 500 people into an auto responder and connect it it's not going to automatically get sent out they have to do some other action in order for this to happen this is a disadvantage with the mail it plug-in other places that import to be a trigger for sending so keep that in mind when you check out my other videos on this some of them allow that for import to trigger the auto responder then it says you should only create one auto responder per list if you create more than one only last one will be sent out this means if you have a list right here we have our test list as there are ten people in the test list so we would create one auto responder for this list that means they get one message let's create one select the list test list email subject auto test email body this is okay there we go save the auto responder now you can have some edit or delete it sent opened clicked so basically any time someone opts in to this list they will be sent this one message that's it that's the auto responder that's the extent of it there is no sequence they don't continue it's one auto responder that's what they get so to create an opt-in form you need to do it directly within the list you see here they give you some links right here get opt-in URL or create signup form so when you click that you can create an entire opt-in form that will display wherever you want and when you generate this code you can paste this code wherever you want it to show up so if you want to paste it into some kind of pop-up plugin or in the bottom of your post you can paste this there and this will show up this is our preview it says email and submit so that's the preview we can change this if we want enter C there you can have it say whatever you want you can have this say whatever you want if you wanted to see email address if you want to add anything like that so that is the opt-in form generate the code here we go paste that in wherever you want if someone enters their email address they will be sent this auto responder right here because it's connected with that list the test list so they'll get that one message and then you have to manually send out any other messages that you want them to receive so again that's kind of a disadvantage in my opinion let's go to the email and see if we received the email that we sent a few minutes ago so we'll refresh this inbox and here it is test message so we got it that's a good thing it worked again this plug-in works it has limited functionality it's up to you if you want it for you you can do auto responders but they only get the initial message then everything else after that is manual you can manually send out emails you can manually add lists the lists filtering is basic it just kind of helps you out it has a bouncing email filter so if your emails start bouncing or people mark you as spam or if they're undeliverable it will be removed if at any time you want to check that status you can go to your bounced email and log in and see what emails you have received and filter them out manually remove them from your lists you can also clean up any emails that have bounced so you can see here we have ten subscribers zero people unsubscribe zero bounced to zero have marks spam again if they mark it as spam it's removed immediately if it bounces we have it set up so if it bounces three times they'll be removed if that happens and you have numbers here you can click this remove dead emails and it will remove them from your list delete them permanently they'll be gone from your database here on mail it it's important that if you want to check anything out to see why they bounced because sometimes they might be what's called a soft bounce which means it's just temporarily unavailable if you remove the dead email now it's gone if it's a hard it's removed automatically so it's a good idea before you remove any dead emails that you check your bounced email address and see why certain email addresses were removed because if there are soft bounce you don't want to delete them you want to try it again to see if maybe it'll go through the next time it's kind of a confusing thing but you can educate yourself with some online articles and see exactly what all that means and use it to your advantage this plug-in works basic if you have a large list I don't recommend it simply because you have to leave this open you can't really do anything while it's sending again the auto responder it's one message I would rather have a sequence of messages like I can set up ten or twenty of them and just let it run send out one every week autopilot I love that kind of set and forget stuff but that's me personally if mail it is for you you can pick up a copy of this plug-in in the description below I would also love to hear your comments on this plug-in on any other mail plugins or software's that you use your feedback anything like that if you liked this video this review click that like button also subscribe to this channel and click that little Bell icon to be notified of new videos anytime I post them make use of those social media sharing icons and share this with your friends as well until next time

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