LUXURYSTORE: Handbag Boutique WordPress Theme

Hey Folks Take your handbag boutique business out to the fashion world with LUXURYSTORE WordPress theme

With the theme, you can create a stunning website for your Handbags Store, Bag Shop, Fashion Store, Bag Boutique, Style Booth, Handbags Corner, etc You can display a collection of handbags, women handbags by using this template Theme have inbuilt cart page template which allows for adding a product to the cart The theme also includes register page template in which users can register into your online store and get ready to buy handbags from a website Add your glamorous business logo here, clear and accessible navigation menus, like a home page, shopping menu: look at this! easy and full of options

Here you can display your various products in the most simplest and ready to use manner After selecting and clicking on the same your customer is just a click away from buying a product Here you can described a particular, can put reviews, related products, quantity and a add to cart option In this latest arrival section you can showcase new product availability that hit your store and is trending quite heavily My account options for your customers so that they can placed their online order by making their account and selecting products that will directly goes to their cart and by checkout option they can placed their order easily with a PayPal

For making your customer's transaction safe & secure the payment mode of the theme is PayPal A contact us panel for any kind of help related to product information, replacements, quality assurance and others Now with every landing page you can find this widget area This is fully customizable Right now we have a search bar, recent blog posts, an embedded region for putting up a video, categories and a very attractive gallery panel

Because of theme's product layout, you can also categories different varieties of handbags like leather, velvet, designer, denim bags, fabric, woolen, italian leather and other handbags on the homepage This template helps to give a unique look to your online handbag store Business taglines! In this area you can exhibit key features of your products like material used for making a stunning handbag, different types of bags like printed bags,bags having fonts, writings, pockets etc Blog Posts Blog posts having writing material such as new trends, putting together a designer bags, how to maintain leather bags etc

This widgetized footer have sections like about your company,collection you possess, a gallery panel, payment option, social icons and a copyright LuxuryStore WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin that helps to sell boutique product and handbag items very securely We have it because you want it So InkThemes recommend this And speaking of the recommendation do share and subscribe our channel

You can also checkout LUXURYSTORE theme by using the link given below Thank You for watching

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