Love Hate Plugin: Social Media Viral Plugin For WordPress

This is John John has a website But he is not happy with his website

John followed free and paid advice about SEO and Social Media But until now he didn't get any outstanding results 🙁 John is doing SEO the traditional way But he is not getting the same results than last year 🙁 He added social media buttons all around his website But still not too many people LIKEd the content of his site 🙁 John was getting desperate! He added content lockers and popup boxes to 'force' people to LIKE his site It didn't work John is not alone

John is one in millions of website owners that are struggling to get traffic to their sites every day! Do you want to know why? Because nowadays Google is giving more importance to social media signals rather than traditional SEO But ONLY the 'RIGHT' social media signals The right social media signals will: – Increase the traffic to your site – Improve the SEO of your site – Get you more conversions, leads, sales! How can you get the right social media signals? Before telling you HOW, let me give you a few facts: People are getting 'Social Media Button's Tiredness' That means that they are seeing those LIKE or PIN buttons all around the web and they don't care anymore They are not clicking on those buttons and bars as often as before! They are tired of those floating bars following them to click on them! They are tired of those content lockers! They want to express themselves! They want to give their opinion QUICK and SHARE IT with the World! Here is how Introducing: Love Hate Plugin: The Emotional Viral Plugin For WordPress We've created the most powerful social media plugin in the planet! Let us give you a preview of what you can get from it: – Your visitors will develop and EMOTIONAL connection with your site! – Your visitors will be asked to share their EMOTIONS , only, after consuming your content, FAST and EFFECTIVELY – Your visitors will not be annoyed by content blocking, pop ups or annoying sharing bars – Your visitors will thank you for allowing them to SHARE their EMOTIIONS with the rest of the world! – Your visitirs will feel part of your site! How that will benefit you? – You will get a VIRAL Explosion almost instantly! – As soon as one of your visitors shares their EMOTIONAL opinion about your content, more visitors will come! – Google will pick up on those Social Media Signals and it will increase the rankings of your site almost immediately! – Your SEO will get better! – You will get huge amounts of TRAFFIC! What about John? Now, John can relax, enjoy the viral traffic and use his time in other activities Like going to the beach all day long? 🙂 Maybe not But now he can focus his time and energy in new and exciting projects! Get the NEW: Love Hate Plugin: The Emotional Viral Plugin For WordPress Now! Limited Availability Get yours now!

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