Keyword Research Strategy For Building Profitable Affiliate Marketing Websites

what's up YouTube Sebastian here and I hope you guys are having a super awesome day today in today's video I'm gonna be touching upon keyword research for building profitable affiliate marketing websites now keyword research is something that a lot of people skip on and you know honestly a lot of affiliate marketers skip on as well but it's one of the number one things that you should be doing in order to start getting more traffic to your website and ultimately get more sales what a lot of people consider keyword research is that you know they go ahead they type their niche into Google or YouTube they see some basic topics around their niche and then they create content based on those basic topics but in this video I'm gonna tell you guys why that's not the best way to go and what's a better way to get more traffic and get more buyer traffic because we're gonna be also breaking down different buyer personas and you have different stages of the buying process and we're gonna be targeting people who are in the later stages of the buying process you know ideally we move on to rank for keywords they get a lot of searches in traffic per month because you know as you get more traffic ultimately you get more sales but that's not always the case and you know ranking for those generic keywords that do get a lot of traffic like you know once they get 10,000 20,000 search results per month are usually extremely extremely hard to rank for unless you know you've got hundreds or thousands of dollars to throw behind it and you can wait six to twelve months and it's not always guaranteed that you're gonna outrank you know websites that have been that number one or number two spot or videos that have been in the number one or number two spot for a couple months or even a couple of years so instead of targeting the generic keywords and trying to rank for you know big keywords that we are honestly not gonna be able to rank for you want to go after keywords that are called longtail keywords and these are usually keywords that have you know three to four words in them and the keywords that people are searching more towards the end of the buying process so this is basically the buying process boiled down in a nutshell your consumer they find that they have a problem and that they're gonna need a product or something to fix it okay so then they go ahead to go on Google and they go on YouTube and they start seeking some information they start seeing people who have you know had the same problem and how they fixed it you know they start finding products to help them solve that problem and you know once they find the product that can help them solve the problem they're gonna look for more information on the product and this is where you guys need to start coming in and you know they start looking for pricing features benefits pros cons all that good stuff and then after that you know they found one or two good products and then it's time to make a purchase decision and after that you know they pull the credit card out they choose one of the products or if they've had one product that they're really looking at you know they finally make the decision to purchase that product and boom that's basically the buying process in a nutshell okay so let's just say for example that you know you start working a little bit more from home you start sitting in your office chair a little bit more but you start realizing that you need something a little bit better because you're back starting to hurt so you go online you do some research and you start reading that you know if you sit way too long and it's chair that doesn't have enough padding or it's not economic you know you could develop back problems in your 40s and 50s so obviously you don't want to do that so you start researching chairs you start researching best office chairs you know the top five best office chairs under five hundred dollars or stuff like that and you start looking at pricing and features and reviews and pros and cons and how to build your own office chair I don't know just you know those are the longtail keywords that we're gonna want to be ranking for so if you have an affiliate marketing website selling office chairs you're gonna want to rank for best office chair of 2018 or best office chair of 2018 for stay-at-home moms you see how those are longer term keywords they're not just best office chairs that's only three keywords you want to have something that has you know maybe you know for some niches you can get away with three or four but for most niches especially if they're a little bit more competitive you want to go ahead and go for like four or five keywords and try to rank for those now these keywords now let's just say that for example office chair might get 20,000 search results per month but best office chair of 2018 for stay-at-home moms might only get 200 searches per month but if you can rank for that the person who's gonna be searching for that chair is somebody who's most likely going to buy it very very soon so I would rather have 200 people going on my website that are more buyer oriented rather than have 10,000 people visit my website who are just doing research now does that make sense I'd rather have less people visit my site but be more prone to buying something from me than have more people who are not gonna be a buying for me and another important thing you don't really just want to be targeting a couple of these longtail keywords you know you want to start talking like 50 100 200 of these yes it's gonna take a little bit more work to put a little more content out there but you know you're gonna be reaching people who are you know later in the buying process and are more prone to buying and these keywords are a lot easier to rank for especially on YouTube but on Google as well because you know people who are ranking for these they don't you know they're not really spending enough time to rank for them and you can easily easily outrank them with just getting a few more backlinks to your site or a few more links to your video or more views to your video so it's a lot easier to rank for them and once you do get there there's less competition so that means that you'll stay ranked for those keywords a lot longer and you know they'll increase with time and over time you'll start making more sales and you know you'll start making more sales on autopilot so how exactly do you do longtail keyword research well you can use a paid tool called keyword tool that I oh this is gonna cost you anywhere from fifty to a hundred dollars a month and it's one of the best paid versions of a tool that you can use to do keyword research but it's also not really too likely that you're gonna use it especially if you're a beginner and you're just starting out with affiliate marketing so a tool that I like to use is called ubersuggest and you can find it on neil Patel's website so what you basically want to do first is go ahead and take your main keyword or your root keyword in this case let's go ahead and stick with the example of office chairs so you're gonna want to go ahead and type office chairs then click on look up now once you do this you know you just want to keep on scrolling down take a look at the keywords that are on there I like to you know filter it out by volume so I see what's getting the most searches and then I can see what's getting the Li searches and kind of like work my way to the middle and you know just keep on looking for any keywords that have three or four or even five words in them and make note of those keywords because those are the ones that you're going to want to start ranking for and if you want to take this an extra step further take those keywords that have three or four words in them put them in the search box again look those up and try to see if you can find any more longer-term longer tail keywords so yeah it's really easy and I hope that you guys can see the importance of this and then if you start implementing this you should start seeing results once you know your website your blog and your youtube video start ranking for these longer tail keywords as it will definitely be easier to rank for those than it is for more generic and you know keywords that only have one or two words in them anyways guys this is it for today's video I hope you really enjoyed it and if you did please don't forget to smash the like button and leave a comment down below and if you haven't yet please make sure to go ahead and subscribe anyways guys I'll see you in the next video

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