Kehorne – How to update WordPress and Plugins

Hi, it's Paul from Kehorne, I'm just going to take – a very short tutorial on WordPress and how to update it and the plugins First of all go to your url in your website and write it in there type in WP – login this then brings you to the box where you type in your username and your password, press login this will take you to the admin area of your site

Now what I've done on purpose here is not update everything so it's a good example of how to do this right at the top here the most important bit is the actual WordPress itself click update now and here you'll see a little Update button, just press that and you can just let it do its thing It was as quick as that It's now updated WordPress go back they see if there's any more updates Ahh – there we are now another couple we will click on that let's see what we've got scroll down a little bit we have one plug-in and one theme so let's just do it separately update plugins you can literally update them all in one go go back updates, now see there's a theme to update click on update theme and it's as simple as that now we have everything up to date and our site is hugely more secure than it was just a minute ago If anyone has any problems or they need more information please get back to me send me an email and I'll want happy to help you out with anything we can

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