Joint Ventures, Affiliate Programs, Networking and Living in Alignment with Jonathan Herbert

hey everybody welcome back to hustle is for life motivation I am too long and I have a awesome show for you guys today I have somebody who is absolutely incredible joining me today his name is Jonathan Herbert and he's 10 just some really amazing stuff he's been earning millions of dollars in his family business he then moved on and did a lot of work with affiliates and joint ventures and at the moment he's working on multiple different projects which is just incredible and I am literally can't wait to dive into this conversation because he has a lot of value to add to us it talks a lot about finding your purpose he talks about you know living in alignment he talks about how you need to form connections and add value to others and take care of the people around you and come from a place of giving which is everything that I believe in and this show stands for so he is the perfect fit so with that please help me welcome mr Jonathan Herbert Jonathan could yagi hey brother it's a pleasure to have you on brother so we've been talking before we jumped on and actually started recording this thing and it's just incredible the conversation went in lots of different places and you were just generally you know trying to learn more about me just the way I was trying to learn about you and it was really great to see somebody who wanted to add value and connect but I am really curious to know as I am sure the audiences as well what is it got you started down this path and what is your journey been like so far you time originally or within the last few years well let's let's talk about let's talk about the last few years and then if you want to go deeper then obviously we can go all the way back oh yeah yeah no no worries no worries um five years ago I was at a moment in my life where everything I thought was amazing and really cool and special just came crashing down around and it wasn't that it really looked at way on the outs from the people room the outside of me but entirely I was looking at the world around me differently and I had really just forced myself out of the world that I've been living to that point which was connecting and joint ventures and hooking people up and doing really big deals hmm and a couple of deals I did didn't pan out and I literally I think a ego got in the way but be one of the experiences was big enough that I just didn't want to be involved in any of this anymore no joint ventures no connecting no talking to people I literally drew away from my friends there's one friend I really hung out with after that and everyone else I just kind of pulled away from it wasn't their fault nothing they did wrong it was just me really having to losing my losing my spirit my drive to go anywhere I could something I felt like this cave went over my head and I'm in this cave and and there's not even not like a capture it's like screwed on so it's like dark everywhere around me and that had that happened to me and it took about three years until a couple friends of mine invited me to an event named Brian finale and Todd Sloane where they own a company called my lead system Pro and they are in the network marketing side of the world which is not a world that I'm in Dahl I dive in myself but they're still good friends they live here locally in Austin just know givers completely and they invited me to their event called living the dream that they do once a year here in Austin and they specific purpose for inviting me was that they knew where I was before and they'd seen where it's gone and they really truly had his ire for me to go there and if anything if I showed up just to even show up at the last speaker of the last day they gave me a VIP access to everything but just said we just want you to show up to this and show up anything so I did I came to this came to the event and the speaker at the last show at the last day his name was dr

Joe Dispenza and dr Joe Dispenza was actually featured a movie way back in the day called what the bleep do we know hmm and Joe Dispenza what he did is he actually chose you for about an hour using a PowerPoint to show you images of your brain and the neurons and how that all works and how it actually is all impacted by your thoughts in your mind and how that actually creates what the reality is in your brain and you see that which which then ripples into the reality you see around you and then he proceeded to take us through a 45-minute long meditation and in that 45 minute long meditation it was a visual meditation and as I was going through the meditation I started to feel hire and fire my spirit started going out more and more and then by the time was over I felt high as a kite even though I wasn't drinking I wouldn't it just felt like so excited and invigorated and in that moment but I mean it doesn't take a decision to do two things one is the to find his stuff inaudible which I did for like seven dollars and fifty cents for one of his meditational walk throughs this was I am placebo and there's like two versions and I just took the shorter version and then the other thing was I decided that I need to work out once a week not work out with me I need to start working out regularly because at that moment I thought shit if I didn't feel as good from one what if I met minutes with dr Joe Dispenza here in a room full of all these other people what can I do if I started meditating it was everybody do that every day for a hundred days and started working out regularly mmm in order for me to work out rightly cuz I was lazy and I am still lazy inherently when I can be um I hit up a friend of mine who I knew would keep me accountable and who had actually been inviting me to go work out with him for like the last eight years he's a buddy of mine who I've known for about ten years and about eight years ago he started a company called Six Pack Shortcuts and his name is Daniel rose and I hit him up and he was like whatever do you wanna work out and so it took me about three weeks of having him and finds like Brian man we'll do this and we'll do it on Tuesday night it was like cool so I drove up to his offices he has his own private gym there and we started working out and two years later I'm still working out with them every week the benefits of that is the consistency of the workout which means that if I do not continue to work out throughout the rest of the week that the next time I see Dad I'm gonna go through such hell in that workout three days barely be able to walk and my wife's gonna be making fun of me so it's better and making funny mainly because she knows that I should have made better choices Ralph last week um so it's about 100 days after meditating I suddenly had this Epiphany I came out of visual meditation remembered I was sitting in my gym parking lot actually and suddenly it hit me I was like I know what my purpose is at this very moment and one is that I okay for the first time my life worked for anybody else number two I want to thrive not just survive have a family have a three old daughter at that times my daughter was like a year old I you know I went through I'm not just survived and then the other one was that I want to work on something bigger than myself where the money wasn't the objective it may be the objective in that specific project but the overall goal was in a much more of a higher level and three days later a good friend of mine reached out to me and named Fred lamb and he said hey dude I have an econ company that's actually a software driven educational company based on my years doing econ and so I have all these affiliates on board I want to know if you don't want to come on board and just imagine for me when go from there and I was like it was almost like a sign it was like so in sync because until three days before I wasn't having people hitting me up left and right because I'd pulled away so long that when he did I was like oh my god it was just such a it was it was like a confirmation you know anytime you anything happens where it's like you know I've seen serendipitous eyes like it was a confirmation that you're on the right track you know I mean because it's like it's like where the stars are aligning and that's supposed to be and so I started working for Fred and did a Philly management for him for about a year and a year and a half or here in two months or in three months and then he went on to do branding play and I went on to find new offers out there that actually fit a specific rule which is a whatever it is it's got a benefit the end users be it's got to have a lot of future potential and where else can build out and how it can grow see it's I've got to actually convert you know you can't just put an offer out there and not convert if you're ever having Aubree gonna put out there it doesn't convert you're just going your reputation in the matter that may not be the best for you so I would highly suggest you ask the person to do a test for you first and even offer them to pay that ask them a ask them hey what would it be what would it be what's your what are you happy with when you promote a product but what kind of click EPC once you find that out say okay can you send a portion of your lists and if you don't hit that EBC I'll make up the difference to you in cash but if it does beat that EPC then just promise me you're gonna hit the rest of the list so now you've taken the risk away plus you're offering them something to reward them for working with you and plus you're testing out your offer with a smaller list so so what I'm showing for is so so opera's gotta convert and then it's for me personally I like offers they convert in every niche or one offer that converts cross niche not just one specific miss because the pool and playing field in one niche is so small compared to as a connector and as a person who talks to people and really you know once that you know grow the world around in connection it's much simpler for me to talk to people in all different sectors now the other thing I started doing this year too was is that I meet with really cool unique talented people about once a week whether it's for coffee or whether it's on the phone and I and when I talk to my mic hey look I want to meet with you but I also want to set this up as a weekly thing and here's why because I fight and if some of these people have nothing to do with what I do they're successful another way they could have huge viewership on YouTube where they could have you know a Matt they can be a master tribe builder you know the or they could be an amazing connector like or they they have a freaking event planning company that has a software that's created such an understanding of their all their leads that they can find anomalies behind who's who and where where they are connected with big fortune 500 companies and that's what they work with on a regular basis of consultation but I mean with these people and we talked for about an hour or so it's more purchases than the share with me what's going on with them and and either me sharing my insights or me sharing with them what's going out with me and then they're sharing their insights what it does more than anything it helps me create more it restructures my critical thinking in my brain which opens up a lot more opportunity in this world for everything I'm working on currently because have you ever learned that if you're have you ever learned or figured out that you probably have your best ideas in the shower not why you're working on what you're working on well this is just a way to do that same process I'm not sharing with still a great way to tap into that bigger consciousness that we're all part of in my opinion and when you tap in that bigger consciousness that's outside the regular thinking that you rather run on suddenly you're open up yourself up to a much more altered state of reality that that you're more shaping around you based on who you surround yourself with I used to think that some of who you surround yourself with that bullshit but now I realize it's not it's not really the sum of who you surround yourself with it's what kind of quality time you're spending with those you're surrounding yourself with just like it's not about who you know it's about who knows you and how do they know you and what do they say about you behind your back yeah yeah absolutely agree with everything you said there Jonathan and I think you touch upon so many amazing things and I want to go down you know some of those nah burn holes with you cuz I think you've got some really amazing insights to share on those things the first one was obviously losing your purpose I mean you were walking in your family business really successful stuff went south and you cannot lost that purpose that passion and then you went to a journey essentially to rediscover that and for a lot of people are there I think they can relate because either there's somebody who have also lost their purpose or they're just searching for it in the first place and I'm learning if you have any advice for people for those people on what they can do what what is it that will help them either we discover their passion and purpose or maybe just find it in the first place if they never found it before you know based on your own personal experience of course simple get the hell out of your comfort zone mmm when I got really comfortable walling in my crap it was mainly my biggest issue was I was not doing anything different that day that I did the debut before once I started doing like meditation was not easy for me by the way I have a TDI my brains all over the place now you're asking look I'm making myself commit to 40 minutes every day of my you know meditation it was not an easy process – it was a challenge and that's the point is that well I also during that five years when I was away from breeding that three years before I made it a pivotal changed my life that allowed me to receive purpose I wasn't um I wasn't doing anything like literally I wasn't doing anything different so like I said like the meditation was one thing and the other thing was working out for me that was what worked for me but each person is different – it's more about maybe imagining okay what things could I do what if I were to just test it out for 30 days or for a month or two what specific things could I do that I wouldn't be comfortable doing but I know they before my betterment hmm okay when I go back is that three years I'd do anything I literally forgot how to connect with people seriously once I started making a point that I talked to like okay I meet people regularly everything play and make it a point talked about four to five people a day because that rehab with me shape and relearn stuff I let go of because you will forget if you don't do stuff repetitively well at the same time you will never get out of where you are unless something clicks up up here or your environment crazily shifts rightly shifts and so that's let's say beautiful yeah beautiful and ladies and gentlemen seriously what Jonathan has said there was just pillow gold and I want to drive that home because seriously he talked about breaking your normal frames of reference and exposing yourself to new experiences and new environments which allows to essentially get out of your comfort zone and either rediscover what is it that you are supposed to be living your life booking your life for and also maybe find in the first place if you'd never find your passion before and he also talked about connecting with people right and learning from them because guess what when you are in the company of other amazing people it changes the filter through which you see the world and that's something obviously Jonathan shared as well and I just want to drive that home it's just so powerful Jonathan let's go down that rabbit hole with you know connect with people forming relationship and networking obviously you are a very very successful you know networker you have built relationships with very amazing people if you talked about the fact that it allowed you to get out of your normal frame of reference and you know almost get a different state of mind where you could see the world differently how powerful has that been for you and do you have any advice for people who are not sure how they can start connecting with other people they are just hanging around with the same you know a few family members the same old friends what can they do to start connecting with new people well there's something called meetup calm calm is just a place to go to to find out every kind of group get together a gathering based on your specific interests because here's the thing is everyone and I think what's great about meetup calm is that it's a great place to find other people who share a passion no matter what your from your background if it's more of your you're in the online world you're trying to make money or whatever else look for people that share that passion and usually it's finding groups that have a meet-up on a monthly basis because going to those allows you to then get to know people you've never known before but also you know what I make it the point to do specifically if I've never been to a place is introduce myself mark of the people which is the most fun couple will see the world for most people to do yeah anybody know who it is you can't just judge a person on their appearance just walk up to him say who you are and say hey you know I can not here because I really wanted to get to know more people who are on this line because of this is this be open and genuine most people are afraid to be open and genuine to put their sorry they put their best foot forward but they don't put their real foot forward unless you are when you speak to somebody the more likely you are to create a less of a connection that you could have and in this work we're gonna have time to waste on having a whole bunch of friends who just think they know if there's something you know and so with the with meetupcom would be the way that I would say is probably the fastest way you start connect with the other places you know I I don't do a lot of social media myself I'm really guilty I go on a Facebook like once a week I find that you interaction on Facebook isn't my greatest play so I mainly go to events or I go meet with people so when I go to events like so for example you go to a meet-up you meet somebody cool say hey I start a new habit and it is to meet with a person that's outside of my route what they're doing but just someone that age I would like a job I would you and I just like the movie once a week for coffee or something like that and we just can't talk either sharing what's going on your work and vice versa and start with one eventually if you meet with them enough they may be like hey I know somebody else like you can always say hey you know other people that would be good for me to talk with so it's so you're doing that same thing with them but the first thing I'd say before anything else is even as your game you know them make it a point to find out if there's anything that you hear from them or any cheer they give you that there's a way you can help them because here's the thing there's nothing worse than my finish a conversation with somebody and they're like oh just tell me anytime that you can tell me anything I can do for you and have a great day that's like so on genuine because look if you can't think in your own head about how you can help me and see where your vision is aligned with mine and basically say okay this is what I see I can help you and here's how then you're not really genuinely worried about who that person is or what they're about you're just trying to get across and spit out where it is you want to say in my opinion hmm I'm pretty direct so if you if you've known me you know me they'd be that way but yeah so make it a point together and make it a point about making it about them and you'll know if they're about themselves or if they're also giving two very quick it's easy to filter through and figure out who's just takers and who's also go givers and it may take a meeting or two or three or four to know that but eventually you're going to know what type of person that is and if they become if they're a giver as well holy crap now you expanded your reality by two as far as what can be done or reached in this world even and for me the other reason I do these weekly means with people is that now I'm finding these amazing people are doing these great things if I don't hold myself accountable to make sure I freaking and stellar that whole week and what I'm doing no matter what task is that I know what that at the end of the day I'm going to talk to them again and my mind not be right where there's is and it's it's there's just something psychologically inspiring and exciting about riding on that train with other like-minded people hmm by doing that I strove to do better not to just stay and what I thought was a comfortable space I've just shifted and they made this thing that wasn't comfortable before my new comfortable space because it's working for me yeah yeah absolutely absolutely and this this channel is all about creating holistic success in all areas of your life and what you shared there is obviously really really powerful and essentially it's the strategy that people can start implementing today to go and start connecting with new people and spawn relationships and you know just the way you know when we jumped on civility you know we were asking questions very similar question future that I in terms of what are you talk you know what are you working on right now what's your main challenges for you excited about what are you main goals for 2018 and those are all amazing questions that you know the audience can go and use with the people they connect with for the first time to just break the ice and start a conversation and also it gives you a chance by asking those questions to learn what they are working on and find a way to help them and you know see if you can you can she'd go ahead and take this relationship father so really really powerful stuff I think you also learned what kind of a person their character that person is mmm like when you talk when I asked you what you did and how you do it as you were explained to me the way you connect with people and the things you do with people I felt like you're talking exactly the way that I do it so I just felt that like direct alignment very quickly and that's the thing is you won't run across people all the time they're that way but you're gonna run across the certain level of like like energy or something like that you know yeah yeah awesome awesome and Jonathan the other thing too mentioned there was meditation and what a profound effect its had in your life and I absolutely believed in having you know daily rituals daily habits and you talked about two of them one is obviously working out and the other one is meditation now the crazy thing is that you know pretty much 90% of the guests that have come on may be even more that I've interviewed on the channel they always talk about those things I mean they talk about other things as well that they have in terms of their habits and daily rituals but definitely those two things like they do they have you know a workout routine and they meditate pretty much every single day so it's really really amazing and I'm just wondering what's your experience been like with meditation I know you said it's not been easy for you to you know start meditation and lots of people find that but how do you think it affected you and how do they help you to perform at high level what well I meditate I'm suddenly taking myself away from the world around me where there's the TV the camera the phone all our distractions right the lights even and I'm pushing that all away to a go to a private space of just nothingness where the training is almost like it's like it's almost like I'm defragmenting my brain yeah it's like hitting a reboot like you know buddy reboot your computer it's like that I might irregularly as well so I know exactly where you're coming from yes and so doing that in the morning then makes it that all those things were going off my mind the night before because we always internal chatter I'm sure some more than others but this just kicks that chatter out of there so that like and I I don't meditate every day anymore I meditate more once every like three or four days and it's more based on what I've got coming up because I found that navigation something and I know it's a good daily routine I'm not perfect at that daily routine yet after the first hundred days it's every day in the road doing it what I am great at now is realizing when to do it yeah it's working for me and I find any time I got it big going on a ton got me with somebody anytime I've got something going on that is gonna require a little a lot of mental focus the best favor I can do for myself as a meditate beforehand because then when I face that thing I don't have any of the other stuff that's probably been piling up in my head and suddenly everything feels easy to just move forward and push on that specific task because I don't feel like I have all this other stuff trying to crush against me that I have to do as well yeah yeah so but there is a habit I did do every night with my wife and that is at 6:30 at night actually my wife and I rotate every night who makes dinner so it's 3:00 at night we used to the table with our daughter to have dinner our three-year-old daughter have dinner every night of the week no matter what's going on awesome awesome I love top I love that every day I take about three hours between my daughter getting home from school on time the seals down dedicate this with her because that that's time you're never gonna get back it's also a great chance to learn how to be patient the great dad when you're not you know feel a lot of things your parents felt before that you didn't know and figure out a kid yeah yeah yeah I've never loved anything more in my life and I never thought I could and I I can't watch movies that have anything bad having the kids Oh sad I can't go into that process yeah anyway yeah so so that's probably my that's like the top daily habit and I'm working out but even then working out I find is a form of meditation mmm yeah yeah because you're essentially zoning out right like you're going into it you're disowning out and that's that's human focus just work you're focusing on you walk out and everything else just you know goes into the background and essentially that's what meditation does for you for people who've never tried it I'll highly encourage you to go ahead and do it because it really helps you essentially just hit the reboot button right so you come back to Ground Zero and then that's a chance for you to then build up and go ahead and talk a lot of things but definitely that internal chatter and you know that stress that you were having all the tension that been built up it all comes down to zero and then you you can assembly start afresh if you ever have a lot of stuff in your head that you've got to work out take a walk for an hour you literally come out of it with a lot of solutions and realizations that you never would had have you been seeing there with all the distractions around dad he walks five miles an hour and takes an hour and fifty minutes of walk nine miles each day and he's 71 I can't but his mental clarity is insane hmm I can't walk to an hour to happen two hours myself every day but an hour I do I do have a puppy so I take about three mile walk almost every night mmm that's another form of getting it out of your brain and doing something that allows you to really let go the world around you and just really become senator Phil awesome awesome I love it right Jonathan just very briefly um kind of conscious of your time you obviously do a lot of work with joint ventures and affiliates and you help entrepreneurs you know build their businesses and things like that I'm wondering if you can share some of the insights from your experiences with working with entrepreneurs in so many different sort of situations with and you know affiliate programs in terms of what are some of the best practices that people really need to be employing in order to make sure that their JV ventures and their actual affiliate programs are successful mine is all said one promoting that you get you find out their best form of communication email from somebody look at how big the email is or shorter is and then try to mimic when you reply to keep it in that same space a lot of people they put way too much information then do it and by doing that they're not just keeping the key data spots that you need to know about and so of course we comes over when we're gonna read the whole thing hmm but yeah just communication is key making sure that you have a system set up every set of the way ahead of time for any affiliate you deal with so you can actually follow that system in checklist as you get along those imports whether it's somebody to promote your product and you are you the next step is a make sure that they are signed up as an affiliate program there then from there getting their coffee getting what they need being their picker bio depending if it's a webinar it's more about doing more up front as much as you can up front to prepare for that day that deal happens so that a you're giving a great sense of professionalism and be you know in the end if there that everything works out that's how they're gonna remember you hmm remember your actions as doing joint ventures or connect or whatnot or in all your remembered on your actions not in your words yeah yeah sure so yeah just peterward and and be on par with people and I have a good friend of mine there's a doer she's just so amazing what she does and she's just you know a big crate great in the network you know and partner with people that you know and partner people the only way she got all those opportunities is because she did joint ventures in a manner that she was like always on top I mean it would call her leg in the middle night as she danced right I know that's drastic but bigger affiliates in their handheld they can't be a trade like you you got to treat everyone just like you would want to be treated and things will work out really well yeah that's all I have I mean mmm but definitely it's it's it's very powerful and you obviously talked about you know before that you worked with uh you know a company who really looked after their affiliates and that was something that was it you know a tick box for you to work with anybody hmm three things one is if they're opera converts to that the product has social but that product actually works for its customers who apply it and use it and then see that they take care of their affiliates so that you know if an affiliate promotes I like to work with affiliates and help them promote their products that pay within three or four days instead of waiting third left standard 30 days or where if they owe to pay for their they have to hold back so much percent I like people who have their shit together there's a business yeah also fine if you're a product owner out there he's looking for affiliates that's a great way incentive eyes somebody to promote now rather than wait and promote some other offer but it also states that you have a real business where you're not depending on that money to come in so you can pay your bills and hopefully have enough left over to take care of those that you're terribly yeah you just puts off a whole different sign so yeah if if anything you choose to do in this world make sure that whatever it is it benefits the end user telling you if it doesn't your your soul and your heart will be crushed mmm I'm just just saying twists of course of course yeah no you're absolutely awesome well guys this has been a phenomenal conversation I'm aware of Johnson times because obviously we booked this call for an hour and so I apologize for that but Jonathan where can people go to find out more about you and how can they help you um well if you want to find out more about me I don't really have a space for you to go to other than telling you that if you want to talk sometime or if you feel alignment just send me an email my email is connect we connect with the letter U and then 0 0 1 @ gmailcom ok you know and because I like to connect with cool people who are doing really cool stuff but also you know plug in the people I imagine a lot of people are watching this just have a very wide mmm yeah yeah and Whoopie he's connect and see where I can help you I don't really know how I can help someone specifically as much as I know that if we talk we have a good alignment in our conversation then it's a lot easier for me to help me see their their their need or that what they're doing from from the perspective of looking at my network to their eyes which makes a lot simpler to uh figure that out so yeah also people can help me with right now uh anybody who's anybody who's ok anybody who is looking for proven ographers the promotes I have an offer that really what does well that's all I'm saying and it converts cross that unity niche you have have something or you have a big list you want to get paid very quickly and those kind of turns of three days after promo and you want to know that it benefits the end user and it has more than enough social proof then hit me up I've been more than happy to plug you into this because you know the biggest problem a lot of people have is either they wouldn't ever want to promote their offer or they don't know what to promote because there's just so much crap out there and you don't have a you don't know how to sift through the noise so yeah cool awesome well there you have it guys are amazing conversations with Jonathan Hubbard he came on he added so much value and he had some amazing insights and this conversation was just really truly inspirational seriously like there was so much stuff that I picked on in terms of you know creating holistic success that Johnson talked about in terms exposing yourself to different environments you know breaking your normal points of reference making sure that you connect with new people people who are not even in your niche people who are working on different things are successful in those things people who are go givers and forming relations have been getting know them and the power of meditation and daily habits you know working out making sure you take care of your body and your mind and making sure that you constantly grow and you reach out and get out of your comfort zone right like like we're all lazy including me right so it's important that we push ourselves challenge ourselves to go out of our comfort zone and guess what this is now the second quarter of 2018 what have you done to get out of your comfort zone that's what question for you comment below and tell us what have you done so far in 2018 to get out of your comfort zone now with that make sure you also subscribe to the channel because that's how you can say up-to-date with all the other awesome interviews that are we are going to have in the future and I will also encourage you guys to share this video with other people who you think need to hear these messages who need to be a part of these conversations and lastly I will highly encourage you to reach out to Jonathan because he is absolutely awesome he's very giving very open and guess what he just added a ton of value to us and I'm sure that if you start a conversation with Jonathan you will only get more value so with that Jonathan thank you so much for being here it was awesome to have you on thank you cool all right guys take care hustle hard and I will be catching you in the next one

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