Is Your Website Still Important? Here are 5 Reasons

5 Reasons Why Your Website is Still Important With the emergence of social media sites and mobile devices, the way people access the web to socialize, shop and find information has changed drastically over the last few years It has also influenced the way businesses of all shapes and sizes have had to adapt their web presence to ensure they stay in front of their consumers

And with so much business to consumer interaction taking place on social media websites, some of you may be wondering why you even need to maintain a conventional website at all The following 5 reasons outline why your website is still the most important component in building a successful online presence for your business 1 Maintaining Ownership It is critical to protect your company's brand identity by owning your business web address and website This will avoid surrendering control of your brand to the mercy of a third party website and their ads

2 Your Content, Your Way Content is still king, so being in control of how your content is presented online is key to effectively getting your message across Maintaining control of the user experience will enable you to manage content relevancy and your conversion process 3 Create a Content Hub Your website's blog should be the focal point for all your content marketing activities

Use your social media presence as a means to engage your audience and ultimately bring visitors to your website 4 Attracting Search Traffic A well optimized website plays a pivotal role in attracting valuable search engine traffic Consumers, after all, are still trying to find information by conducting keyword searches in Google and other search engines 5

Monitor, Tweak, Improve Being able to analyze website statistics to measure conversion rates and assess visitor engagement is essential to improving all of your online marketing activities and ultimately achieving a return on your investment In conclusion, if you want to take digital marketing seriously, don't neglect your most valuable online resource, your business website If you would like help improving your online presence or, planning an effective digital marketing strategy, get in touch with your local WSI digital marketing consultant

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