Is This The Next Big Email Marketing Tool? – DMW #57

Is Facebook Building The Next Big Email Marketing Tool 150,000 Videos Deleted After Big Brands Stop Advertising On YouTube And 5 Ways Your SEO Strategy Needs To Adapt To The Voice Search Revolution Stay tuned for Issue 57 of Digital Marketing Weekly Each week DMW reveals the biggest and most important news that impacts your business in the fast moving worlds of video marketing, SEO, and social media So let's get started Is Facebook Building The Next Big Email Marketing Tool In social media news this week, Facebook has confirmed they’re internally testing a new tool called “Messenger Broadcast” The tool looks to be an extension for their popular Messenger app, which is Facebook’s instant messaging chat service

While Facebook remains tight-lipped about the new Messenger Broadcast tool, they have released a screenshot that shows some of the functionality… Messenger Broadcast allows businesses to design a welcome message, message title and subtitle, and a call to action It’s not yet clear how exactly the messages will broadcast to users, but Facebook has confirmed that users will still need to have initiated a Messenger chat thread with the business before they can receive messages via Messenger Broadcast The interface indicates that a certain number of people will see the message for free, and we think it’s safe to assume that Facebook will allow businesses to pay to reach a broader audience If Facebook is indeed working on an automated broadcast feature for businesses, this feature could revolutionise traditional communication channels such as Email Marketing! We’ll keep an eye on this story as it develops, so make sure you check back in with DMW each week to get the latest updates on Messenger Broadcast 150,000 Videos Deleted After Big Brands Stop Advertising On YouTube In the past week, big brands such as Amazon, eBay, Mars, and Adidas stopped advertising on YouTube due to concerns over their ads showing on offensive videos targeting kids

A couple of weeks ago we reported that YouTube was updating its policy to shield young children from inappropriate and offensive videos The new policy uses algorithmic filters and human reviews to flag videos as Age Restricted Content, which the YouTube kids app filters out In response to big brands pulling their advertising, YouTube has moved swiftly to restore confidence in their advertising platform by rolling out the new offensive video policy this week The policy rollout has resulted in 150,000 potentially offensive videos being removed from YouTube altogether In addition to this, YouTube has also removed ads from over 2 million videos, and switched off comments on 625,000 videos

If your videos get caught in the new algorithmic filters, they will be ineligible to earn ad revenue, or worse yet, they can be deleted from YouTube entirely In light of the policy rollout this week, it’s important you do everything you can to ensure your videos don’t get flagged as offensive content Help out fellow DMW subscribers by leaving a comment if you've noticed anything else as a result of the new policy 5 Ways Your SEO Strategy Needs To Adapt To The Voice Search Revolution Voice Search is quickly gaining traction as more and more people use virtual assistant devices in their homes and offices Google Home, Amazon’s Echo, and Apple’s Siri are just a few of the virtual assistant devices that allow you to search the web using your voice

In fact, over 20% of all searches are now done using voice, so you can no longer afford to ignore it Here’s a list of 5 ways to ensure your SEO strategy supports voice searches #1 Produce content that targets long tail and conversational phrases #2 Create detailed answers to questions relating to your products and services #3 Use Schema to mark-up your content with specific HTML tags that improve the way your page is represented in SERPs #4 Make sure your site is mobile-friendly #5 Become a trusted source by serving all content securely via https For more information on how to get your website ready for voice search, head to dmw

to/voicesearch That was a quick summary of the most important news from hundreds of items that we sifted through this week! Don't forget to like this video and click the subscribe button so you’re one of the first people to watch next week’s issue of DMW!

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