Introduction to Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

So, you've got a website With some amazing content

Your visitors love your content Search engines love it Your content brings you lots of traffic, and a whole bunch of revenue Your content is the heart of your business You love your content

but so do others! Thieves looking at your content can say, "Hey, I'd like that on my site" and with the click of a button, your content is now their content Your traffic is their traffic

Your revenue is their revenue It's that easy To make matters worse, search engines can punish you for this duplicate content by lowering your site's ranking, meaning less traffic and less revenue And the real kicker is, you don't even know when your content's been stolen! So what do you do? Copyscape's amazing technology finds copies of your content anywhere on the Web – free of charge Simply type in your page's address, and Copyscape gets to work

Even if the thieves took a bit of your content and mixed it with other content, Copyscape can find it Once the copy's been found, Copyscape tells you how to get it removed With the bad guys gone, you get to keep your hard-earned visitors, and your revenue What if you don't have time to constantly check for plagiarism? The automated Copysentry service can search the web for you every day, and email you when new copies are found, giving you peace of mind Finding copies of your content is great, but what about preventing plagiarism from happening in the first place? You can place free Copyscape banners on your site

These banners will warn thieves against stealing your stuff, and keep your content safe even when you're not around So Copyscape can help protect your content from being stolen But what if the content you're buying turns out to be stolen from somewhere else? Fraudulent writers can cheat you by stealing content from other sites and pretending it's new If you use it on your site, search engines can punish you for duplicate content So what do you do? Copyscape Premium lets you check if content is original before you buy

By scanning each document and detecting the stolen content, Copyscape Premium stops fraudsters dead in their tracks Premium has a whole bunch of features, including an API that lets you automatically check every new article as it comes in So If you love your content If you want to protect your content If want to make sure your content is original Sign up for Copyscape today, Before it's too late

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