Introduction to Answers The best WordPress Plugin for Creating a Q&A Discussion forum

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The CM Answers plugin is the newest resource from CreativeMinds, the makers of quality WordPress plugins, and is considered to be the best Q&A plugin on the market We provide you with a complete lineup of tools on your WordPress site CM Answers plugin lets you create a question and answer page You Q&A page can include all questions that are posed in the forum section of you site Features can be customized to specific functionality that makes you requirements, including showing only the questions by category or questions by moderated contributors

The CM Answers page includes all answers that have been posted to corresponding, specifically asked questions This also includes user voting and ratings scales, as well as the option to sort answers in a variety of ways Tailor the Q&A section of you site according to the site's needs, with the CM Answers Discussion Forum Plugin Utilize the social media registration feature with Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ authentication People have questions

Make sure you have the answers with the CM Answers Plugin tool To learn more about the plugin, please visit pluginscmindscom Plugin to your creativity

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