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Hey guys here's a review for the instant video site plugin basically it's a plugin that you can type in keywords on your website using the plug-in and it will grab YouTube videos and create an individual post for each video on your website the problem is it doesn't quite work like it should so it says that it will grab like all of the spoken text so for instance everything that I'm saying if you typed in the video keyword for Spencer Coffman Instant Video site theoretically it would take this video that you're watching and put it on your website with all of my voice as text which is huge because Google and all of the search engine BOTS love naturally spoken content so that would really boost your results however it doesn't do that it just doesn't work and I'll show you what I mean another thing with this plug-in is when it pulls the video description from YouTube and puts it on your site all the links are stripped out which means that any links that we're in there are no longer there to get started the first thing you would do obviously is go to plugins add new and upload the instant video site plugin after that you will go here to settings and you're going to put in a YouTube Google API key now you can either create one here with this link that will show you exactly how to create an API key and generate it then you'll paste it in up here or if you don't want to do that you can use this one the plug-in creator has given to you you just copy it and paste it up there now this right here is all prefilled in it is the post template you can see it has a title that's centered that has the iframe of your YouTube video right here and then here's the video ID and then allowing full screen you can have a caption down there and then it has a description now you'll notice this up here says caption so you see it there is a spot for the closed captions to go and as you'll see when we make the video this it doesn't populate which means that something in the plugin is wrong now I have contacted the plugin creator no results basically he has no interest in helping fix any problems he just created the plug-in put it out there and says here you go that's it I don't want to support I don't want to do anything we're done in fact I even asked him some other questions with some other plugins that he had and his reply to me was I'm not your coach so that just shows you that he doesn't care about you or anybody else he just creates this plug-in and says well it works halfway and then that's it even says himself it's not a plug-in you'd want to use on your website it's kind of a garbage plugin it's really not that great it doesn't post good content so to me if the plug-in creator isn't proud of his work why is the work out there I think because they're just in it for the money and they want to create the money here you don't want to change this you don't really want to mess with this what you could do if you wanted is right here after the bracket on video ID you can make your video auto play and that you just add in the code it's question mark and the + sign or ampersand and then spell out auto play auto play equals sign so equals one the number one and then that will make your video auto play when you get to when someone lands on that post so put your API key in here hit save then it will say a setting saved now you go over here to create post also the support on here isn't a really existent I mean they have a help tab right here but when you click on this it just says you need help use the contact us link to get in touch with me however on the contact us link on his website it says don't contact me about any plugins please don't post any support tickets here because all of my plugins have help within them well this one doesn't so that's kind of a controversy right there because like I said you know you think you'd be proud of it and stand behind it so basically to use this plug-in you just type in your keywords so we'll do an example here we're just going to type in Spencer Kaufman now you can do max count one ten hundred as examples here you can also do multiple keywords so if you wanted like a specific video maybe you want Spencer often and you want plugins or plugin reviews then you hit search and now here you have a post category I haven't made any categories here so it's default on categorized if you already have the post in your database so like let's say you did did this search already and you may have selected a lot of these videos you can either skip it you can update it or you can repost it as a new post here is where you'll say caption or description caption only so right now we're just going to do caption or description and by the way all of my videos have closed captions on them you can verify that by going to YouTube and watching them there or you can go to my website where you will see I have the captions on my video pages posted underneath the video description so they all of these we know for certain have captions so what we'll do right now is just do caption or description then after this I'll do a search with caption only and you'll see what I mean now you can do here search and replace let's say you're doing affiliate marketing and you want to put in here affiliate marketing then you can put a link in here and then that will link all of those words in the video description to your URL you can also have a pop-up be generated on the post with an image so let's say you have an image that says click here to join our Facebook group or something like that they click on the image and then it goes there so we'll just show you how that works I'll do a quick image from our media library just we'll do a Facebook one [Applause] okay so my Facebook group and well then you can delay it anywhere from 10 to 180 seconds we'll just do 10 let's grab this post affiliate product comparison you can also view the video ID if you needed to once you have everything set the way you want it you hit create video posts and now you'll see here is our video ID the title the video and here's our post ID so let's go ahead and open this up here's the post just a default template so here's the title here's the video and then iframe in and now this is the video description here's our pop-up watch this K right click on it it doesn't open in the new tab and it does bring us here so the the pop-up works the only thing is it doesn't open in a new tab so that's kind of a handy feature if you want to have a pop-up come up that people can click on because that that's a cool thing now you'll notice here we have the joint our Facebook group there's no link get affiliate product comparison no link so that stripped out all of the links in this description you'll notice here it left the descriptions though so like the ultimate guide to creating a product comparison table in my original description there's a link right here and then there's this meta text here so like I said it just strips out all the links here are all of my profiles and then there was supposed to be a link underneath all of these again it stripped it out YouTube channel subscribe strips it all out now you'll notice here we're at the end of the post so what happened to our closed captions well it could be because we set it to be one or the other right so let's do a new search and this time we'll set it to be on closed captions on so let's just say caption only alright we're going to forget the pop-up because we don't need it we're not going to search or replace anything we're just going to grab a different post well actually we'll do the same one so you can see all right so we'll grab the same one and we will do four old posts will just say repost because otherwise if you cut if you click the same one and you have it on skip then it won't make a new post so you can either update which would update the old one or repost will do repost that way we're going to have two posts of the same video so now we have create and load you'll see this is number eight because number seven is our previous one with the caption or description and this one's supposed to be the captions there's nothing here alright let's click on this video and go to YouTube and we'll see right here there's a CC it says subtitles and closed captions click on it and here they are you can see there's plenty of captions right here now let's take a look at my description just so I can show you there are indeed links in there that it's stripped out so basically the Instant Video cite plugin is plug-in that is halfway created it's a plugin that if you want videos on your website you can do it there's no method of scheduling videos so it you can't be a set and forget website you can't just schedule videos to come in and drip feed there's no way to get the video captions because all my videos have captions but they weren't showing up it wasn't grabbing it so something is wrong with that it strips out all your links a good feature is it has that pop-up now that's take it or leave it another cool thing is that you can take any text that you want from the video description you can type in a keyword or phrase for instance you could type in Spencer Coffman and it would automatically create a link on each of those word phrases in the video description so that's kind of neat if you know what the description is but basically this plug-in it's not worth it it doesn't work properly doesn't do enough to make it worth it yeah sure you can create some video posts on your website but as you'll find out there are a number of other plugins that you can use to do the same thing and they work a lot better and I'll be showing you those in future videos until next time

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