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Hey it's Josh – I want to briefly go over our website maintenance and security plan and i want to address the reason why you need to have a protection plan for your website So let's start by answering the question – Why would I need a security plan for my website? Well, honestly website hacks are happening left and right these days and it doesn't matter what kind of website you have

If you're a large corporation, a business you're taking credit cards or if you're a non-profit or a church or doing something that's good for the community – it does not matter Website hacks are happening to all kinds of sites and there's different types of website hacks Some are basically you think about like a web spider that's crawling over pages and injecting, trying to find ways in and injecting malicious code or malicious malware – basically affecting your site and servers that can really do some harm to your website Other hacks are basically where somebody hacks into your website or breaks into your website and just takes your website down or distribute malware throughout your server so it can be very devastating Worst-case scenarios i've seen sites go down and they can actually get blacklisted from google which means that google will display a little warning on your site says this "site may be hacked

" That's a great way to lose traffic and ultimately to lose business and to lose money when people are afraid to visit your website and sometimes that can take months to get remedied and clean because we need to talk to google, there's quite an extensive process there So it's more important than ever to have your website protected So I've created a custom plan and I've basically boiled it down to four parts – So #1in our plan is maintenance this includes us updating wordpress, updating the theme, making sure all plugins and all the tools in the website are up-to-date This is the best way to avoid a hack because as soon as a tool gets out of date it's vulnerable for somebody to find a loophole or a way in So #1 is to keep everything up to date

We also will clean the site out daily on this as well so we'll clean out spam comments, we'll make sure everything's optimized, we'll clean the database and some other technical, geeky stuff that will help your site perform better #2 is a firewall Think of this as a security net around your website so it's basically a net that is protecting your site from bots and spammers and hackers and things like this so it's basically something to catch that will only let good real computers in good traffic coming through So that's kind of the security end of our plan #3 is backing up the website this is wildly important because no matter how cautious we are, we want to make sure we have a backup a fresh backup ready to restore a moment's notice God forbid something should happen

So we take weekly or monthly backups of your website depending on how frequently you use it and we can restore at a minutes notice So God forbid something happens we can restore wipe out the bad hack or the bad code and you're good to go And then finally # 4 is we offer a monthly report to all of our clients on the plan where you'll not only see what we did to update and maintain your website but we give you a Google Analytics report of your site traffic so you can see site page views, you can see search terms that people use to get to your site and then if you'd like, I'll show you how to look at your google analytics and more detail to where you can see what people are doing when they hit your website You can see what search terms that you use to get to certain parts on the website You can see demographics, locations – it's pretty wild

So I'd be more than willing to set you up with that you can really see your site information we can utilize that to better make changes to your site moving forward So those are the four main parts to our website maintenance and security plan I highly recommend it – it's very important when you have a site that's live on the internet that you have protected, secured and maintained A website hack can be devastating to your business like we talked about earlier I don't want to go into too much technical detail but I'll just say that it's amazing that I have any hair left after dealing with some of the website hacks that I've had helped clients through because it can get messy and it can really hurt your business, so I highly recommend having a protection plan for your website and its not protected already

If you have any questions just let me know

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