Improve Your Membership Site by Adding Pictures in WordPress

Adding pictures to your membership site can give it a more professional and visually appealing look Fortunately WordPress makes it easy to do

The add media button allows you to add pictures and sound clips to your WordPress website Start by putting your cursor where you would like the picture to go Then click add media From here you can choose to add a new picture or select one from your media library We're going to had a new picture

If you're using Chrome Firefox or Internet Explorer 10 you can drag a picture file from your desktop and drop it into the library Otherwise you can click on upload file and then choose the file you want to add You can drag and drop multiple pictures to upload them to the library The check mark tells WordPress which pictures you want to insert onto the page Click on any you don't want to insert

On the right side you can see the picture details Here's Bizzy Bot with an SEO tip Put a description op the picture in alt text This tells search engines like Google what the picture is Thanks for the tip

We'll be sure to do that The display settings allow you to center, right or left justify the picture Link tells word press what you want to happen when someone clicks on the image You can choose media file which is the full size picture, custom URL which would be a link you add in or none which means nothing happens Custom URL can be great if you are putting up a sponsor logo and wanted to link to their website

In this case I'm going to select none This size gives you three choices automatically set up by WordPress The thumbnail, medium and full-size You don't want to insert a full-size image that you took from a digital camera because the large size will cause your page to load more slowly and will consume the entire screen Typically you want to avoid using pictures that are over 1,000 pixels wide or if you're going to include text as well, 3-500 pixels wide

Since I have got a lot of information on this page I'm going to choose the medium size Click Insert into page and you can see it on your editing screen If you hover over the left corner of the picture it will give you the option to delete it or edit it Clicking on edit image lets you change the alignment or resize it If you choose left Center or right alignment the text will wrap around the picture

If you don't want to text to wrap around the picture choose none Be careful about using the resize feature too much as it will have a negative effect on your page speed I typically do not use the advanced settings I've added two other pictures using the add media function and now I'm going to preview It Since I like the way it looks I can go back and update my page and the pictures are there

You can add pictures to blog posts the same way you added pictures to the page Not sure how to add a blog post? Check out our next video

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