Here we are guys, this time, in this episode, we talk about Affiliate Marketing and our guest will be Valerio Pezzanoooooo !! You must know that here in Amsterdam there are some of the biggest companies in the world tech and digital in the world but especially in the Affiliate world that is that hidden world of which now we will speak to you! We are still missing a little bit of our appointment this evening and then we have decided to spend time with what you do in Amsterdam not what you think are fries! Happy guys! Question number 1: What was Affiliate Marketing? It is not network marketing it's not a strange stuff It is simply a model of work, a marketing model in which there are affiliates of affiliates who take bids from companies and promote them on the web It's a stuff like the old representative who took products, went knocking on doors and he was going to sell it Only what is the difference is that today we do with advertising on the internet, so instead of going door to door, and then in a day how many pinned you can do? 10? 20? 5? 3? On the internet you can do even a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, at the same time because you're not going but it's your advertising! So how does a company work, we put Uber paying you for $ 10 for every installation you make of your app, ok? So if you are an affiliate what do you do? You have this offer, you need to download the Uber app let it install! This is what we did a little while ago you get paid $ 10 for each app you do install! What do you have to do, then? Make advertising so that you people install the app! Example if you advertising costs 5 euros to do install an app, how much do you earn? Earn 5 euros, so if you have them installed 10 a day earn 50 euros, if you do install 100 a day earn 500 euros, 1,000 a day? 5,000! Etcetera etcetera etc That's why there are guys who make crazy numbers with the Affiliate! Because they sometimes get the right idea, they take on the right product, they hit the right traffic channel and manage to do what it is called in the scalar jargon, that is to increase the publicity and increase the profit! So guys we are entering our appointment, I can not take you with us because the whole question is quite delicate, but I'll see you soon after! Hello! Here we are in the meantime going to make another important appointment to Paris this time! Just in another flight I had made this video in which I was talking about this guy who was then earning about 10, 20 thousand euros in one – two weeks and then, as always happens above all with the average Italian begins to offend, begins to say: "it's a scam"! What a scam! We are not talking about anything! Do you want to add something Vale? We are going to leave! But how beautiful is Paris? Now tell me how beautiful Paris is! If I had fixed myself in New York what a real kind New York makes you fly in the world of possibilities and business Here instead you see precisely, boh the beauty

You need to get inspired for a great idea, for a great book, for For what is it worth? I do not know guys tell him to Gianluigi that you should not be surprised every time I see a city, even seeing the hundredth time, please! Oh my God I love this thing! I always get excited I'm very happy! Delighted! Let's talk about the problems of Affiliate Marketing One of the main problems we have said is in fighting against traffic sources so the war against Facebook is one of the biggest problems, because make a campaign if, even if you're at ROI, if Facebook blocks you it becomes a big problem! Let's tell about this war with Facebook because we are talking about the lights and shadows of the Affiliate So it always seems all gold, in reality it's not all gold that glitters! And one of the things I was telling, it's the talk of wars with Facebook, for example! What is the problem of Facebook? It's love and they hate this relationship with Facebook! Ten years ago, Facebook started as a platform, a social, and then started to put the advertising in it! Starting to put the advertising inside, it started with few revisions, he accepted anything, he went more and more to get worse, because just so many people have tried to ride what was Facebook advertising, because it allowed you to spend very little and Targeting people in detail: males, females, interests, engaged, married, anything, so people have seen heaven in this! In other words, you could practically do almost any kind of advertising So the war of Facebook, in practice is the war, today, of to be able to advertise on Facebook! So we would like to give our money to Facebook! But Facebook many times does not take them! So you start one campaign and then you get stuck, or you banna, takes away the campaign, you disable it! Facebook has also started to create billing issues so when I see suspicion in your cards, in your movement, in yours connect maybe from different computers and at different times, from connecting in different countries, from sharing your advertising account with other people Working from London, having an office in Budapest, one in North America, they see people in the same account from most parts of the world, it looks like a suspicious stuff and them they block everything! You block the cards, in a real case study that happened to us: We had accounts that were spreading an average of 6000 euros a day, the moment we wanted to integrate the North American team, linking it to our accounts, we have blocked all accounts for two weeks, because they gave suspicious activity to those who had the advertising account When in reality we are clear on billing and on all the crash! There was nothing shady behind but Facebook to protect itself always prefers to close! A very interesting thing that I wanted to talk about, of all that that you can not see, what's behind it, the optimization of the campaigns, campaigns that do not work, and maybe they show you the campaign that went well and then they do not show you everything that went wrong, or all the past nights like after midnight, to optimize Facebook campaigns! Exact! For example, we had a period that we could only work from midnight at 4 because we had advertising accounts that were on the Italian time zone, and they allowed us to optimize only at those times, and we spent maybe 4 hours of the night on those times to optimize because we had to fight Facebook, and if you did them optimizations before, or we spent all our budget, we were throwing money, anyway a lot of problems, without going into detail, so sacrifice at the time, sacrifice at work, because today you seem to be in heaven tomorrow everything collapses! Or maybe because, week, do a campaign that goes to profit, then start to bring good money, then the next month instead of throw away many others because you can not find new ones that go to profit like the previous ones! So there are a lot of ups and downs! However then we saw the shadows but there are also lights in the Affiliate world, no? If I had to say, what was positive about the Affiliate world? What is in your opinion? Fast liquidity! In a little while you can take and cash in a very short time and make a profit important in no time! Affiliate is an area in which it is true that it is a lot tiring, it is true that in any case it is difficult, it is not easy because otherwise they would all be billionaires, but on the other side they have a very powerful thing: that working with so many levers, that is the concept of leverage is very important, because it is what allows you with little to raise a lot, but in the Affiliate you what can you do? You can take company offers, so take the offer of a company, go on Executive, on the network, take the offer of a company that maybe, instead has very high limits you, then, your job is simply one, it is not doing all the things of the company but it is make only one, or sell that product through the advertising! This is the essence of the Affiliate! So if you climb the countryside and the limits are really high, maybe not like your company that you can sell only 10 thousand euros of products a day! With some companies you can also sell 100,000 euros of products a day, 200 euros products a day and then make gods incredible profits!

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