How to Write Content for an Affiliate Site (Amazon Affiliate Authority Sites)

how do you write content for an affiliate blog that's what we're gonna talk about today I'm Doug Cunnington and I specialize in Amazon affiliate marketing and I'm also a project manager so I sprinkle in some project management ideas along the way too if you're new to the channel please take a look around consider subscribing if you like what you see today let's get into this content stuff now let me tell you about the first piece of content I wrote back in 2013 I started my first niche site now this was after I found the smart passive income blog and podcast by Pat Flynn it was the podcast I love podcast I don't listen as much now but I got started with a smart passive income podcast I just loved it I got obsessed I listened to every single episode that I could I took maybe like a week or two and I listened to like 50 plus episodes probably more than that but it was a lot I really like the concept of niche sites so I decided hey I'm gonna go to Bluehost get a hosting package I'm gonna learn about WordPress I'm gonna launch my blog and I'm gonna put content on I'm gonna put useful content on the blog and then the trouble started how do you write content for a blog or a niche site and I was at the time trying to create like an Adsense site would show like Adsense banners on the site and I just didn't know what to write about so I had a couple keywords that I knew I wanted to you know put into blog post but I was just like how am I gonna do this I don't know the topic I don't understand the niche I literally know nothing about it the idea is I'm going to tell you about will be useful if you're brand new to niche sites but also if you're experienced so if you're experienced be sure to stick around like it could be very useful for you and the thing is like when you start working with say like a new VA or maybe you're just trying to explain to your friends and family and just other people that don't understand anything about these niche sites these kind of answers can help you explain it in a simple way first of all the key thing you have to understand is you don't want to copy anything verbatim I get a lot of questions can a copy information from other websites can a copy information from Amazon anything that you're trying to copy verbatim is probably not a good idea now where are there exceptions let's say for example you take a small quote couple lines or something from some one site and you quote them specifically you give them credit and you link back that's probably going to be okay particularly if it's a small sort of percentage of the overall piece of content but in general copying things is a bad idea another common question I get is around using sort of like a content spinner where it gathers different like sources from the internet all over the web like Wikipedia or CNN or other niche sites and then it sort of mashes them together and uses it like a thesaurus to substitute words so you end up with something original but usually it doesn't make sense it's very poorly written because it's done by software so no copying and no spinning so that's fairly straightforward I hope a lot of people weren't thinking that anyway but depending on where you were looking and maybe referenced in fact when I first started Pat Flynn on smart passive income you know referenced using article spinners and stuff like that and it was common practice back in the day you know Pat Flynn used to do gray hat sort of activities I've moved over to white hat stuff myself but the point is anywhere where you're trying to take a shortcut where you're trying to do something easier or cheaper or you're trying to do it faster it usually isn't a good idea not always but usually it's not a good idea to try and take a shortcut if the shortcut worked then everyone would take the shortcut and it would just be the normal route so just keep that in mind that applies for content for niche sites it applies for like most things in life as well so shortcuts usually don't work okay let me take you back to what it was like writing that first piece of context I happen to be house-sitting my wife and I were house-sitting for some of our friends I remember sitting down in the office it was a really nice workspace and I had laptop on the desk and I was staring at a blank wordpress post and i was like how am i going to write this so I started you know doing what I assumed was the right thing to do so I tried to look up other resources out there and see what they wrote about the topic unfortunately I did such poor keyword research that there weren't even that many sources and it was sort of an obscure topic so I couldn't find much in the file it took me so long to write the problem is I didn't write much in general sure I wrote emails at work and some documents at work because it's fairly technical business writing so I never had to like sort of put ideas together from different sources and really that's what we're doing when it comes down to it we're gonna do research in different areas and we're gonna try and present information in our own words now I'm gonna tell you a couple ways to do it with very specific methods so you won't have to like recreate the wheel or anything I'll tell you what to do so as I'm sitting there trying to write I was frustrated number one it was a little nervous and scared for number two and three I was taking forever because I kind of have this perfectionist attitude which I am trying to keep it BAE it's useful in some areas but when you're writing content for your niche site or your affiliate site being a perfectionist will really slow you down and here's what would happen I would look up these sources and then read the information and then I'm like okay I kind of understand what's going on let me write some things out I felt like I was almost copying it even though I was putting it into my own words so I felt a little bad about the content but I knew that I was actually putting it into my own words so that was ok so I would write say two sentences and then it would go back to the beginning and I'm like is that does that make sense and then I would write the third sentence and then go back to the second sentence and do the same process again for a 500 word post it probably took me four hours two days in a row so it took me like eight hours total I was writing so slow so frustrating but at the end of the day I got it done and I published it it ended up getting like a lot of traffic over time through decent backlinking and stuff like that even though wasn't highly searched for it ended up getting some traffic so fast-forward like three years where I essentially did the same process it's called the RPM it's the research paper method and it goes back to when we used to do research papers in middle school in high school and college and so on where maybe you went to the library or you look stuff up online you gathered a bunch of resources you read that information and then put it together into your own idea potentially like repackaging some other ideas too and then hopefully inserting your own ideas into it now you don't always have to place your new ideas and arrive at like the new conclusion or anything there's value in pulling information together for example look at Wikipedia that's a great example where the sources are listed at the bottom there's references at the bottom that you can go check basically get an idea of how they arrived at the Wikipedia article so that's a great sort of specific example of rpm now if you're interested in seeing like a real rpm process happen I have a couple videos so one is describing the RPM in detail so I'll put a link for that in the description additionally I have a workshop where I like did the RPM method so I'll put that into the description as well so that's number one you can use the RPM method and literally place things into your own words by referencing different sources another great way to get like ideas to write content FAQ method frequently asked questions again I have a demo of this in any greater description I'll put a link in the description below but basically this is great if you don't know anything about the topic now I wish I would have done this for the piece of content I was telling you about essentially you asked questions so as you're you're brainstorming you just write out questions that you have go back you look up the answers to the questions that's your content turns out it's a very natural way to write the content and people enjoy reading that because it walks them through common questions they may personally have anyway so it's a great way to do it again check out the links below if you aren't familiar with the method or if you want to see a demo of me doing that live so this third way is super useful for product reviews a lot of us will be writing product reviews at some point on our affiliate sites that's the primary way to sort of get people engaged get them ready to buy something but one of the best things you can do is go read reviews all over the internet so I think it's obvious to probably go over to Amazon and check out the reviews there if it's a popular product you may find hundreds of reviews thousands and tens of thousands of words of content now you can't copy it exactly but you can get a really good idea of you know what's good about a product what's bad about a product and just what users think of it what real owners think of it and you could pay very close attention to the vocabulary that people use you can use the right terminology and you could kind of get in the mind of an owner which is very powerful when you're trying to write a review especially a well-informed review further right there are other areas that you can do this research so forums you may be able to check out a forum and see again common questions there may be product reviews stuff like that if there's not forums active you can go to maybe like a Facebook group or wherever the people that hangout congregate online so it may be Gora and maybe Facebook groups it could be Pinterest maybe it's Instagram but you can get an idea about different products if you just find where those people are hanging out and believe me they're out there somewhere you just have to find them and lastly the biggest tip I have is really go out and find the sources of information the original sources of information so I mentioned a few already it could be you know the Amazon details page it could be the reviews on Amazon maybe it's forums maybe it's a Facebook group maybe it's the manufacturer site maybe it's the manufacturer of the product you could take a look at the information on their website you can look at the manufacturers user's manuals the user's manuals really highly valuable there's so much detail about specific products and usually there's like a troubleshooting section frequently asked questions section there's like safety warnings and health warnings and stuff like that all that information is something that you can go out there and consume now the magic thing that you do is you get all these resources together and you sort of curate them and put them together and hopefully you'll be putting together stuff that was never sort of curated before so if you can curate it you can place in your own words you end up creating a like superior piece of content and that's fantastic now don't be afraid to link out to the other sites that you used as references in fact if it's not like common knowledge right so if it's not something that everyone knows it's probably your job to link to the sources so people can go read that original information themselves like further advanced tip is if you go find a good resource online if they put references in there you should go follow those original references and then keep digging right keep trying to find the original source of the information because then it's not interpreted you really can put together a better piece of information now I hope you realize we went from the very beginning of not knowing how to write content to researching it pulling resources together and now I'm telling you go deep like find the original source of the information if you can you may end up going to Wikipedia finding references that they list and then following those references and then following the references of the references and again you may end up on like an academic paper where you actually can provide new insights based on all the research you've done so when you put that all together you end up creating something that's useful something that should be interesting and all of a sudden you didn't know how to write this piece of content and now you're able to create something that's really valuable for that specific topic question of the day how do you write context now I know everyone doesn't write their own content maybe you have a writer working for you so let me know number one do you write your own content saying whether you write your own content or if you hire a writer and then in either case let me know how you have that content written so if you hire someone like what info do you give them you give them anything to give them references and if you write it yourself how do you get started do you outline it you just write from scratch let me know and be sure to check out the comments below some of the best ideas are from you I want to learn something too I read all the comments so I definitely want to hear what you think hey if you're still watching you must like the channel so go ahead and subscribe like the video I'd really appreciate it thanks

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