How to Use the Social Media Plugin Monarch from Elegant Themes Tutorials Part 3

This is part 3 of the social media plugin Monarch training from Elegant Themes Part three contains the last tutorials of the Monarch Social Media Plugin

Earlier tutorials can be found in Part 1 and 2, for which you will find links below this video So let's start with the third part of the tutorials which includes How to Use the Follower Network API Settings, API settings if you want, How to Use the Override Settings and How to Use Stats in Monarch This is the shortest video with tutorials In total the three videos combined are over three hours long to give you all possible data about the Monarch Social Media Plugin If you want to skip and move on to the different subject tutorials, click one of the preferred section links below the video to watch that part of the tutorial

All tutorials are courtesy of Nick Roach, who is the owner of Elegant Themes I simply grouped all tutorials into three parts, so it is easier for you and you have all training in just three videos you can bookmark So, enjoy the Social Media Plugin Monarch tutorials! In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to use the Monarch API settings to automatically grab the follower counts from certain social networks that support API integration Now, we are talking about social follow, not social sharing

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