How to Use the Social Media Plugin Monarch from Elegant Themes Tutorials Part 1

This is part 1 of the social media plugin Monarch training from Elegant Themes Part one contains the installation procedure for the installing of any WordPress plugin of Elegant Themes and a complete overview of the Monarch social media plugin

In Part 2 you will see most of the other tutorials combined of the special functions of Monarch You can find Part 2 if you click the link in the annotation that will show up here, or you can click the link below the video Part 3 has the last tutorials and if you want to watch those, click the link for that video below this video So let's start with the first short part, the installation of the Monarch plugin If you want to skip and move on to the complete overview, click the annotation that will show up now or click the specific link for that part below the video

All videos are courtesy of Nick Roach, who is the owner of Elegant Themes I just grouped all tutorials into three parts, so it is easier for you and you have all training in just three videos you can bookmark So, enjoy the Social Media Plugin Monarch tutorials! In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to install a plugin from Elegant Themes The first thing you are going to want to do is download the plugin from the members area So click the login button here to log into your account

Once you are logged in, simply scroll down to get a list of all the different plugins that we have available You see a download link a preview link and a readme link The first thing you gonna wanna do is download the plugin itself Click download And then click the plugin package link to download the plugin

The plugin will download into a zip file In this case it's been downloaded to handheld dot zip, 'cause I downloaded the handheld plugin Depending on what operating system you are using, it's – and what browser you are using, will determine the download settings but that file will be downloaded to your computer within the download folder and you gonna want to look at that file and upload it to your WordPress website So, go over to your WordPress website and go into the dashboard and then you gonna wanna click the plugins, "add new" link right here Now, since we are not gonna be using the WordPress Dot Org Repository, we are going to upload our own plugin from our own computer, so I am going to click the "upload plugin" button up here

And then click the use file link to find that file So since I am using OSX and I am using Chrome, this file automatically gets put into my download folder Again, this may be in a different location, depending on your computer, so you gonna want to find that handheld dot zip or the zip file of whatever plugin you happen to download from the website and then upload it So here select the handheld dot zip file and you click open and then you click install now There you go

The plugin is now uploaded and you can activate it right here Click activate plugin and check your plugin has been uploaded, installed and activated And the next thing you gonna want to do is learn how to use the plugin, learn how to configure it and that can be done using the readme files So go back to your – the members area and right next to that download link is a readme link and you can click that to learn about your new plugin and how to install it and set it up and all that good stuff And that's how you install a plugin from Elegant Themes

In this tutorial I am going to introduce you to the Monarch plugin This tutorial will be both basic and holistic, which is to say that I am going over everything, but I am not going over everything in detail For those various parts that you like to learn more about, we have a bunch of different tutorials that goes into every different part of Monarch in great detail But for this tutorial I am just gonna give you a basic overview of how everything works and what the Monarch plugin is used for So, Monarch is a social sharing and social following plugin and its purpose is to get you more shares and more followers on your basic online social profiles

So Monarch is broken into two parts: that is social sharing and social following Social sharing is when someone shares an individual post or page on their own feed on Facebook for example to all their friends or a social following is when someone clicks through to your social profile in Facebook if you have a, you know, business page on Facebook where they can actually follow you and then listen [read] to all the post that you post on your own feed So how do we do this? How do we get you more shares and more followers? Well, we do it with social sharing and social following buttons that are placed throughout your website in different locations and based on different triggers So for example let me show you two examples of social sharing and social following Over here on the left we have a social sharing sidebar and it follows you on the page and if someone is reading this post and they want to share it to Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, they would click one of these buttons and they would get prompted to share and they can do so

It also displays, you know, how many times the post has been shared and in this case I am working on a test installation and there have been no shares So that's why it says zero there But those numbers will represent the share count of your page Over here we have an example of social following This is a social follow widget that will link out to your various online profiles and display how many followers you have for each of those profiles

And if you were to click on one of these, it will send you to the actual profile page So that's the difference between social sharing and social following Now, for each of these two different types we have a bunch of different locations where you can kind of place buttons on your page So let's take a look at social sharing first, which has the most locations and the most options So once you have installed the Monarch plugin, and if you don't know how to install a plugin, we have a tutorial that will teach you how to do that, so just go back to the documentation page

Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a tutorial there that goes over how to install a plugin Once it's been installed and activated you can access the Monarch Settings under the Tools tab where it says Monarch Settings So Tools, Monarch Settings and click that and that will bring you into the Monarch Settings page Now, you'll see there's a couple of different basic tabs here By default it is going to place you in the social sharing location, but we also have social follow and some general settings

And each of these has some trial settings within them, so let's go over social sharing first So this is the first page you're going to be greeted with when you install Monarch Now, social sharing as I said is either basically buttons and you can place some in different locations and you can see all the different locations here, so what I just showed you a second ago, that hovering sidebar on the left, right here, that's what we call the sidebar, so that's the social sidebar But there's also a bunch of other different locations, that is Inline, Popup, Flyin and also Media Sharing Okay, so you've seen the floating sidebar location

Let's try out some of these other locations to see exactly what they do You can hover over any of the locations here and simply click to enable it You get the green checkmark there So I just enabled the Inline location and you can hover over those that are enabled and see the red liner sign and click that to disable it So I have disabled our sidebar and enabled the Inline location

And save that And refresh our page and we see our sidebar has gone away and these buttons inline with their post content have been added This is going to be placed automatically above or below your content of your pages or your posts The next location is the Popup And enable that

So the popup is a light box window that pops up with the social sharing buttons This is probably the most effective location but also the most aggressive It really grabs your visitor's attention and will really promote more shares on your site And you can also control how this popup is displayed based on various triggers, which we will go over later Next stop is the Flyin box

Going to refresh our page and the Flyin is very similar to the popup, accept that it's a little bit less aggressive It's a smaller box and it animates in here at the bottom corner of your page Just like the popup you can control how that Flyin is triggered Finally the on Media location This is going to automatically detect the images within your post and add social sharing buttons on hover, as you see here, which is great for photocentric networks such as Pinterest and Tumblr

So if I am browsing this post I see this beautiful image that makes you want to share the post You can hover over and click any of these sharing buttons Allright, so those are the five different locations and these can be used in any kind of combinations If you wanna have on Media and Inline and the Flyin then that's totally fine So I am just going down here

We have our basic buttons here We have on Media hover and when you get to the bottom of the post the Flyin comes in too So you can kind of play with different combinations You can even combine the Popup and the Flyin as well and have them triggered based on different triggers to kind of get the best – the most shares out of your page Okay, so if you – you might have enabled Monarch and turned on these locations and noticed that you may get a warning you have no locations enabled or no networks enabled or you might not be seeing any buttons show up

That's because before any buttons will show up, you first have to tell Monarch which networks you like to display for social sharing So you can choose different networks for social sharing and for social following They work a little bit differently, but if you see the Networks tab here, this is where you can pick which buttons display in all these different locations So these are – these are the social sharing locations and this is where you can manage those networks So if you are new to Monarch, you just installed it, you are probably not going to see any location, any networks here

You gonna get a page like this and to add new networks, you just wanna click the add Networks button and here you can get a list of all the Networks that Monarch supports and pick and choose which ones you want to use for all your different social sharing locations I mean, you probably wanna use some of these popular ones, like Facebook and Twitter, Google+, but there's all kinds of different ones you can use, depending on, you know, the subject matter of your website and the type of visitors you are having You know, your visitors might be using different networks, you know So pick the ones that you like and save So I'm gonna apply these four Networks, the same ones as I had before

Now, once they are applied, you can also change their order So you might also order them by popularity: Facebook and Twitter, Google+, probably some of those popular ones And you make those prominent key ones at the top You might want to arrange them any way that the colours look nice, it really depends It is up to you, but you can drag and drop and rearrange those as you see fit

Next to each button here you get the Network name By Default it is going to have the default Network name, but you can change that if you like for whatever reason you want to change You want to change Google+ to just Google You want to spell it all out to Google Plus, whatever you want to do, it is up to you Now you are going to notice that Twitter has a unique option here which is the user name option

This is not something that any other – that any of the other Networks support And what this will do, is when you add in your user name here – ours happens to be elegantthemes, that's our Twitter handle, when someone shares your page, it's automatically – it's automatically going to append @elegentthemes on the retreat, which will prompt your social profile as well, so you can add your user name there So once that you added the Networks, simply save and then they will show up It's like this So let me add a few more just to show you what it might look like with more Networks enabled

So I've gone in to my Network selection, added four more, save, refresh Here we go, four more have been added You can add as many as you like, it's really up to you Okay, so now we've learned how to enable and disable different locations, what those locations do and how to add Networks to those locations Next step we're going to dig into the individual options of each location and show you how these can be configured

Okay, first step I am going back to our Locations tab and make sure we have the locations that we want to work with enabled and the ones we don't want disabled So for now I am just going to enable only the sidebar and we can play with those settings So, I have enabled the sidebar location Now the sidebar is enabled, I can go over here to the sidebar tab to configure all the settings for that location

So go over to the sidebar Now, there's a bunch of different settings You can choose your icons style, the shape and a bunch of display settings, custom color settings, as well as post type settings, which allow you to change or to configure where the sidebar shows up on your website based on the different post types that your or [unaudible] is using So I kind of said before, we have individual tutorials for all these different locations that really dig deep into all the different settings I am just going to do a brief overview and change a few things to show you how it works

So, you have the icon style which is the hover animations and you can hover over them right here in the dashboard and see which one you like the best And once you found one, so I like this kind of slide animation I think this looks cool and then I select that one Just click it And you can use your shape too

We have squares or we have rectangle, rounded rectangle and circles You can choose between those three different shapes I have the rounded rectangle enabled but I can change that to a hard edge if I like Next up is the different display settings So the intro animation

That is going to effect the animation as used when you load the page and these buttons fade in or slide in Right now I have it set to slide in from the right, but I can choose to have it fade in or I can just disable the animation alltogether Next up we can choose amount of shares that – the amount of times your post or page has been shared on each of the Networks that you have enabled So if you go over to our page now, you'll see that there is no counts here Just has the icons and they link out to the sharing features and each location

But if we enable share accounts, we are going to get a count below each icon which shows how many times a post has been shared And since I am working on a fresh new post on a local server – this page has never been shared so all these counts are zero And that might be the case for your website too You might have a new blog, a fresh blog that you are just starting at – you are not getting that much traffic yet and so your posts don't have that many shares That is not to say that you are not creating great content and that your post is not shareworthy, but you happen to have no traffic so there's a bunch of zeros over there

That's where this minimum count display comes in, so you can enable share counts originally and this new option popped up called mimimum count display This is a threshold that much be reached for each Network before a number is displayed So right now my page has never been shared, I have a bunch of zeros But I put up a threshold of 30, that means no number will be displayed for each network until the share count reaches at least 30

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