How to Use Retro Style Effect Free Photoshop Action

Hi guys, in this tip I will quickly explain to you how to use Retro Style Effect Photoshop action which you can download from my blog DesignEasy The first step is to load action in the Actions panel then select type, shape or any pixel based layer in the Layers panel

Click on Retro Style Effect action and click Play selection button You will see message with some instructions Click Continue When second message appear click again Continue In Layer Style dialog you can set Stroke size and color which will be used for stroke around your shape or type and for depth

If you don't get it right from the first time do not worry you will be able to change everything later Click OK and wait a couple of seconds When Photoshop finish its job you will see retro depth layer group in the Layers panel You can expand this group and to reduce depth size Start hiding layers from bottom to top

As you can see the depth is reduced If you do not get stroke right, it will be visible on the opposite side of depth, you can change stroke for any layer in the retro depth group Reduce (or increase size) and even change color Click OK, copy layer style then select all layers in retro depth layer group At least all visible layers then paste layer style

The last note that your original layer will be still available in the Layers panel It will be hidden temporary what you can change by clicking on the eyeball on the left side So, thanks for watching and cheers! If you like my videos please subscribe to my channel and share my videos with your friends If you need download link please look in description section on YouTube where you will see link to my blog DesignEasy from where you can download free Retro Style Photoshop action

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