How To Upload & Install WordPress Plugins Manually

Hey guys, Bryan here with WP Cupid and today I'm going to show you how to install WordPress plugins manually As you can see I'm in the WordPress dashboard

We want to go ahead and open up a new tab and go to WordPressorg Alright, so here is WordPressorg in a new tab We want to go ahead and click the plugins link

Once you click the plugins link it's going to show you the featured plugins by default And then you'll see some other links beside of that like popular, favorites you can click on that I want to look for search plugins So you type in the plugin that you are looking for the keywords that you are kind of looking for to find the plugin This is the plugin that I'm looking for Yoast SEO

Go ahead and click on the plugin and your going to see download version 38 That 38 is the latest version of that plugin We want to go ahead and download the plugin and it'll take just a few moments to download to my computer

So I'll be back here in just a minute Alright, so the plugin has downloaded successfully onto my computer As you can see it's the WordPress SEO zip file that I have saved Now what we want to go and do is go to the WordPress dashboard We want to go over to the plugins tab

And up at the top we are going to see plugins and then add new Go ahead and click add new And up at the top we are going to see upload plugin Go ahead and click that And right there you will see if you have a plugin in a

zip format, you may install it by uploading it here So go to choose file, find that zip file, and hit install now Alright, and as you can see that plugin has been installed successfully We are going to see the unpacking the package, installing the plugin, and plugin installed successfully Go ahead and click activate plugin and once that is activated it's going to take you to the plugins tab by default and I'm going to scroll down to the bottom and there is going to be my plugin Yoast SEO

There's all the links for it and that is how you manually install a WordPress plugin Alright guys, thanks for watching I provided a step by step summary of this video in the description below Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel to see more WordPress tutorial videos and be sure to add us on social media as I provided all the social media links in the description Also included in the description are our two latest videos on how to install WordPress plugins via FTP and how to install WordPress plugins in the WordPress dashboard, uploading them manually, and via FTP

That second video has all three ways in just one video Those videos are listed above Just click on whichever video you'd like to watch and thanks for watching

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