How to Update Your WordPress Plugins [2018] [1:40] | Lori Ballen

hey this is Sabrina lead trainer for Ballen Brands and today I'm going to show you how to check for plug-in updates on your WordPress website and how to update those plugins so first thing you're going to do is you're going to go to the back end of your WordPress website and you're gonna go ahead and head over to your plug-in list now it's important to update your plugins because if you don't it makes it's acceptable for hackers to come in you also may find that those plugins don't work properly so you always want to go in and update those plugins now you'll know if you have a plug-in update because you'll see this little number one or it could be another number next to the actual plug-in title now that number represents how many plugins need an update at the moment so you can do this a couple different ways you can scroll down find the plug-in that needs an update you'll be able to tell by this orange e bar here and it'll have an update now button or if there's multiple plugins that need an update you can actually click the little checkboxes on here and you can update them you can mass update them from here just by hitting that apply button now I only have one that needs an update so I'm gonna go ahead and scroll down and hit that update now button usually doesn't take very long for a plug-in to update once it's done you'll get that little green hey this has been updated checkmark and you are good to go if you have any questions you can reach us at team@ballenbrandscom if you liked this video feel free to go ahead and subscribe to our Channel and if you want to learn more about online marketing go ahead and head over to rank like a boss calm and check out our online training course thanks for watching

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