How to Update WordPress Theme

Hi in this video, I'm going to show you how to update your WordPress theme and to do that you are going to see Here you're going to see that It's an update remaining, so you're simply going to click here You can update your team through here by selecting here, and then click update teams, or you can go to your Appearance and team section You And as you can see is asking you for a update, so you're simply going to click update now You can either do it up Here and update or do it down here if you have so many teams Sometimes it's gonna

Ask you to update other teams I recommend you to do not have other teams this way you have more space in your WordPress website, and you don't have to do unnecessary Updates for themes or plugins if you're not going to use a team or a plug-in why have it just delete it, and this way you can save some time and Do not do any unnecessary Updates for other teams that you're not using or plugins Okay, so we have updated now We're going to hit refresh, or we're going to click dashboard You And as you can see the update Comment is not here anymore because the website is completely updated Already so this is it for this video, and thank you very much

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