How to update WordPress Plugins

Hi in this video tutorial, I'm gonna show you how to update your WordPress plugins and to do this we have to either going to click update here or We have to go to the plugins Area if we click here? I Recommend you to do them manually Because if you select all of them sometimes you can have a slow connection of internet and Update is gonna Take a little bit more time so I suggest you to do it manually and to do it manually You have to go to the plugins section go to install plugins And you're going to know him one by one I recommend you to set a time in a day of the week When you are going to make all the updates because when you're doing the updates sometimes it takes like 20 minutes or 25 minutes so this way you can tell your visitors of your website that you have a day an hour where you do the maintenance where you do the updates and Try to choose an hour where you have no visitors at your website This way the because the website is going to be shutting down for a few minutes till the updates Make progress And to do this you simply going to go one by one and then you're going to hit here update now So as you can see the website here this website is gonna be down for maintenance when the Plug-in is updating so please Try to use a time where you have no visitors on your website This way you don't? block the usage of your visitors while they're chopping and stuff like that so You're simply going to click update you have to do it manually this way You have no problems with updating your website for Internet connection and stuff like that So we're gonna do him one by one just bear with me and Very simple to do is one click of a mouse And you're going to have your website updated You can also use a day to say day like Overnight or stuff like that it depends Where you live at and you can choose the 12 am

Or Or 11 or 10 pm It depends you have to check the analytics of your Traffic and they try to choose the best time for you to do the updates Can you go buy one buy one and the last one here You Okay, we're gonna go to good-looking Brides dot-com and you're going to see how this website is going to show under maintenance You're going to click enter and see briefly unavailable scheduled maintenance check back in a minute so we're going to click out and We're waiting for these plug-in to update Website it will look like that the way for a moment because an update is happening so When the update is done your website is gonna be again up in the air So let's wait for these plugins or make the update you You Okay, so let's check again You Okay as you can see the website is running now that the updates have have been clear and You all said to go and this is it for the video Thank you very much

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