How To Think About SEO Content Silos – Advanced SEO Marketing Website Strategy

Highly organized content and intentional internal linking and lay the foundation for getting your website ranked for a desired keyword, terms or phrases Since content silos are so important for your online marketing strategy, it is crucial that you get the organization correct the first time to do this

Consider how a farmer processes and stores various grants throughout the year Farmers organize their harvest of wheat, barley, oats, and other grants each year, and farmers do not mix different grants together But have each grain organized into specific silos based on that type of grain, you should consider your content themes in organizations in different types of siloing A website means grouping related pages together to establish themes based on keywords similar to how farmers use separate silos to store different types of grain SEO Marketers can silo a website to distinguish its various content themes and make clear to search engines what the site is about

Begin organizing your content into distinct content silos to see a big impact on how your content is right today

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