How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – EASY!

– In this video, I'm gonna teach you how to start affiliate marketing in order to generate some passive income You don't need any of your own products or services, you can just recommend stuff like headphones that you already use every single day and earn commission off of it, stay tuned

(trendy electronic music) – [Female] ODi productions (engine starting and revving) Hey, what is up guys, ODi Productions and I am back with a new video I got my man, Mark, helping me out who's my new assistant, say hi Mark – [Mark] What's up – Here, you can show 'em, you can show yourself

– What's up, guys? – Alright cool, that's my man He's gonna be helping out with videos He's gonna help me create more content for you guys so it's a win-win I'm gonna be cranking out two videos per week You guys can hold me to it, I'm definitely gonna be more consistent with pumping out content that is meant to educate and entertain you guys all in one

So anyways, today the topic of the video as you saw in the intro is I'm gonna teach you guys how to start earning passive income with affiliate marketing, which is my main business model And for those who don't know me, if you're new to the channel my name is Odi, I'm 25 years old and I was born and raised in San Diego, California Basically, if you saw in the intro that basically gave my story how I dropped out of UCLA I actually got a nice little UCLA sign right here which my cousin did get me, so that's pretty awesome Anyways, I dropped out of UCLA three years ago with a 3

5 GPA my senior year, literally was two quarters away from graduation but I was working on businesses on the side In fact, I actually have my first business right here which is recordingnowcom which is an affiliate marketing website where I reviewed headphones So basically I was working on that on the side and I got it up to a certain level and I actually chose to drop out of school in order to burn the boats so to speak and then pursue entrepreneurship full-time Now three years later I've been able to do a lot of cool stuff

I have other videos on my channel where I talk about making money One of them, which tells my story, I made $45,000 in a single week, one calendar year after getting fired from my 9-5 job So that's a really cool one to check out if you wanna learn more about me But anyways, that's it and the gist so today we're gonna go grab lunch really quick It's not gonna take too long, and then we're gonna jump into the video

I'm gonna share with you guys three methods that you can start, even today, for free to start generating some passive income through affiliate marketing And for anyone who's not familiar with what affiliate marketing is, it's basically just getting money through referrals So like I said in the intro, if you recommend these headphones to someone using Amazon Associates, which is the largest affiliate program in the world, then you will receive a commission of, I think it's about 4% on the price of these headphones and these are about $350 so 4% of that is a pretty nice chunk for making one sale You don't need any products, you don't need any inventory, you don't need to actually have the headphones in stock, you don't need to ship them out The company, for example Amazon takes care of all of that for you so it's less hassle, less headaches, no customer service, and you just get a check at the end of the day

So, pretty awesome Anyways we're about to head down to the garage We're going to be taking the Lamborghini today because I haven't driven it in two weeks, I've been traveling I'll give you guys more updates when we're in the car, so I'm about to pick, okay so if you're new to the channel I also daily drive a 911 Turbo and this is the Lambo, oh– Uh oh, okay so I know what you guys are thinking, that the car is a rental, right? But actually, no, this is from my stay at the Montage in LA a couple weeks ago for business so I had it valeted, had it sitting out front so yeah So internet detectives, zero ODi Productions, one And by the way, I just got these new– I literally just got them in today so I'm really excited

I have a few pairs of sunglasses, I actually just lost a pair but I think these are pretty cool Let me know how I look in the comments below So anyways, we're about to head out I'm ready, are you hungry? I'm ready to go – [Mark] Dude, I'm starving man

Let's go – Alright, let's get it Before we head out guys, I just wanna show you guys the fit of the day I'm rockin' the Nike off-white Air Max collab if you wanna check those out right there Been getting a lot of compliments on these so I'm pretty stoked about them, I always loved them from the first time I saw them pre-released

I got Nike Tech Fleece joggers, these are in a green color that I haven't really seen before but I got them I think off Eastbay or something and I'm just rocking a Topman shirt Topman's like my favorite place, I have like literally a dozen shirts from Topman It's cheap, they look good, they're fashionable And then, got the new shades so yeah, fit of the day Not rocking any watches or anything today, but yeah

Alright, we're up here in the garage If you're new to the channel, this is my daily driver It's a custom Porche 911 Turbo, love this thing, love it to death I drive this– I choose this nine times out of ten I actually haven't driven the Lambo in like two weeks just because, I don't know, it's a bit of an event

So anyways, we're gonna unravel this and then we're gonna take it out for lunch today Should be pretty fun, so let's check it out (piano music) – [Female] ODi Productions (hip hop music) – [Mark] Get it – Check out this cold start, it hasn't been started two weeks let's hear it It's gonna be loud

(engine revving loudly) Alright, what up guys in the Superleggera As you heard in that startup clip it's pretty loud so we have to put the windows up and even then I still think that you can probably hear the engine in the background, I'm trying to keep the RPMs low But anyways, I wanna give you guys a couple updates on where I've been, what I've been up to I know I haven't really been uploading the past couple weeks like here and there, I haven't really made an affiliate marketing video in a while and I just wanted to let you guys know what I've been up to I've been doing a ton of traveling, I went from Chicago to Orlando, back to Chicago to San Diego, up to LA, over to Orange County for some business meetings

Then I went back down to San Diego, flew to New York for a business meeting, some of you guys may have seen that on my Instagram I'm here with Ryan Serhant who is the star of Million Dollar Listing: New York and also the founder of the number one real estate brokerage team in New York City Flew back here to San Diego from New York so it's been pre– Oh, and I just came back from Chicago two days ago, by the way, so I've been going all around honestly I've been doing a lot of business and a lot of stuff behind the scenes which is something I want to talk about because I actually just started a new business venture that I had to keep under wraps for now but honestly, it's gonna be big And so I'm looking forward to sharing that with you guys once it's built

It's already begun, the development for the web development and everything so I'm really excited about that but I'm also excited to basically just get back into the swing of making content for you guys I'm real excited to make more YouTube videos to inspire, to motivate you guys and also give you guys some real, tactical info for how you can make passive income because that's something I've been able to do Wow, this AC is really loud, turn that down a little bit So anyways, that's just to get that out of the way where, what I've been up to but I'm gonna start uploading twice a week, I have a schedule I have Mark helping me out behind the camera

It's gonna help me to create a lot more content more regularly for you guys But anyways, so another thing I wanna talk about is I'm going to be doing a giveaway in this video, and I'm gonna be giving you guys the instructions right here, right now I'm gonna be PayPal-ing $200 to the winner of this giveaway We're upping the ante, I've done giveaways in the past where I've given $100 To get entered into this giveaway today, all you have to do is like the video, hit that thumbs up button, and then subscribe and hit the notification bell to my channel

We're almost at 100k, I'm so excited to hit that It's gonna be a really good milestone And anyways, after you do that comment below why you want to start affiliate marketing So I'm teaching you guys how to start affiliate marketing but I wanna know why you guys want to take up affiliate marketing, online business, entrepreneurship, like what is your reason for pursuing this? Like, why do you want to make passive income? Is it so that you can have the freedom to go do cool stuff, spend more time with family, go travel, go on vacations, not have to work a nine to five job, let me know in the comments below I wanna hear your guys' reasons why because honestly reading stuff like that really motivates me because I used to be in the same shoes that you guys were

I mean, I was a college dropout I dropped out of UCLA, I used to work a 9-5 job, I got fired from that job and I had to make things work, and online businesses honestly were what saved me and basically, has given me all the things I have today so I owe everything to entrepreneurship and I just wanna hear you guys' story as well So anyways that's the details for the giveaway We're gonna go get lunch right now I'm gonna show you guys a little bit about what we eat

We're gonna go back home and then I promise I'm gonna give you guys the three methods for how you can start affiliate marketing even today, for free, and then a couple other methods as well, ,so stay tuned (electronic music) – [Female] ODi Productions – Alright what's up, we just got back to the crib I'm gonna hop into the computer, show you guys the three methods for how you can start affiliate marketing today It's real easy, honestly I promise you it's really not that hard to get started

The thing is, you guys just really have to take that first step, that's the most important thing So anyways, before we jump in I want to say that if you are interested in affiliate marketing, if you are interested in learning with sort of a road map you can join my free course in the description below Honestly, it cost nothing but your email You can get started, you can learn all of the fundamentals and get started with affiliate marketing today So it's a really good primer for those who are brand new to the world of entrepreneurship and online business, affiliate marketing, so anyways let's begin the tutorial

If you come here on, if you come to my computer right now and I'm gonna show you guys Amazon Associates which is the number one affiliate program in the world and it's obviously by Amazon which is one of the largest companies in the world And basically, Amazon Associates is a program that you can join, you sign up for it you apply for it, and it allows you to take any product that Amazon sells, and I'll show you guys an example in a minute, and you can basically promote it with your links So you put these links on your website, you can put them in the description of your YouTube channel and if you ever watch like a tech review, someone reviews headphones and you see an Amazon link in the description, that I guarantee you is an Amazon Associates link and they are earning commission off of each product Now, how much commission can you earn? It depends on the product category So for example, these are headphones and you earn a 6% commission for selling headphones

And let me just show you guys right now if we hop into my computer and show you guys this is Amazon Associates If you just search Amazon Associates on Google, you should come into this website and you'll see that you can earn up to 10% advertising fees So what is an advertising fee? Basically, an advertising fee is a percentage of the product's total cost So for example, these are $350, pretty pricey I know So these are some really good V-Moda Crossfade 2 wireless headphones

And you can actually see my first affiliate marketing business and website, Recording Now, which I'll show you guys later in this video And if you sell these through Amazon Associates you get 6% So six percent of $350 is $21 and honestly that's pretty good considering that you don't have to buy the product and ship it out and hold inventory Basically, Amazon takes care of everything for you Now obviously, I had to buy these, but the thing is I already owned these before doing these videos and stuff which is my first method I wanna share with you guys

Which is, to review products that you already own and then promote them via Amazon Associates So this is an easy easy way, let me just show you guys a product that I have right here This is a vacuum, it's actually the brand is called VonHaus It's a German brand, so you know we got foreign everything We got the foreign sports car, we got the foreign vacuum

And basically this vacuum right here, if you come to the computer I'm gonna show you guys, so it's available off Amazon, that's where I bought it And let me just show you guys the screen real quick This is the same one and you can see it sells for about $35, you know, same exact one, $35 And so if you join Amazon Associates right here, these are the rates for everything by the way Zoom in, and show you guys the different rates

As you can see, headphones is the 6% I was talking about Now, the vacuum on the other hand I would guess this would be considered home improvement, home? Okay 8%, so you get 8% off $35 so let's do the math real quick So you get $280 for every single vacuum you sell This is what it looks like when you actually sign up for Amazon Associates

Basically, you just go right here to this quick search and I can type in VonHaus vacuum So you can look up any product that Amazon sells You click that, it's gonna search it up, and boom you guys can see that exact same vacuum for $35 right here All you have to do is get the link, just hit that Boom, copy and paste this into your YouTube description or your website and from there, that's when you can start earning commission with Amazon Associates and from affiliate marketing

So you put that link and if somebody clicks the link what happens is they get a cookie attached to their IP that lasts 24 hours Now here's the cool part, with Amazon Associates if they buy anything within that 24 hour period you actually get commission on every single thing that's in their cart So it doesn't even have to be this vacuum For example, if you were to link these headphones right? And they're kinda pricey, so let's say that not everyone buys them However, let's say a customer– They had this vacuum in their cart already and you took them to Amazon and they're like eh, I'll think about the headphones but I'm gonna buy the vacuum, they decide to check out, boom you just made $2

80 from a link on your YouTube channel or a YouTube video or from your website and you didn't have to anything You don't have to ship anything out, you don't have to deal with customer service You basically just get $280 Now, that doesn't sound like a lot of money but get this, when people rely on Google AdSense, the problem is you only get paid roughly $2 for every 1000 views

Now the thing is, getting thousands of views isn't exactly easy so to make $280 off selling a vacuum cleaner right here is actually a much much better deal if you do the math Cause, you know, if you were to get 1000 views on a video, okay you get two bucks and that's the end of it Now if you were to get 1000 views on a review of this product and you happen to sell 10 of them right off the bat you make over 20 bucks and to get that with Google Adsense you have to get over 10,000 views So now if you were to take things further and let's say you did get 10,000 views and then you sold 10 of these for every 1000 views you got or so that's when things start to rack up and that's when affiliate marketing starts to get really exciting

So my first method, really easy, something that any of us can do today Look around your house, look for stuff that is sold on Amazon which is basically everything here other than this Lamborghini and the Porche These sunglasses, you can probably find them off Amazon These were pretty expensive so these would get a really nice commission These headphones, again, $350

You get $21 for every time you sell one of these bad boys so you don't really need to sell too much to make hundreds of dollars Again, even something like a vacuum It doesn't have to be high ticket Now I recommend that you promote high ticket items because obviously the bigger the cost of something then the more commission you get, but that doesn't mean you should neglect items like this which can easily sell They're a much easier sell, I mean $35 you know it's not really too hard of a decision for someone to buy this and it's a great vacuum

This is the second one I bought, I had the same one in my Chicago place So just look around your house, find something and review it And when you review it, one thing that you should do is review it using a camera or using your phone Honestly, phone's are so good these days, I don't know if you guys have seen portrait mode on the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, but they take better pictures than my big DSLRs sometimes And so if you guys want to, you can also just get a tripod, get your iPhone, and start reviewing something and it's that simple

And again, it doesn't have to be some crazy tech stuff that costs thousands of dollars, it could literally be a vacuum So that's how you get started for free and that's how to get started today just as quick as possible Now the other methods I'm gonna share with you guys are going to be a little more intensive They're gonna require a little more planning and a little more leg work but if you do these correctly this is how you start to make the big big money with affiliate marketing And the third method is how I've been able to generate over $1000 profit per day from affiliate marketing specifically

So let's jump into method number two Alright alright, so method number two let's move on to the next one So in the first one, you know, I said just look around your house and start to review products that you already own So right off the bat, I mean this vacuum, these sunglasses, this camera, the camera he's holding, this webcam, these headphones, this mouse is specifically only sold on Amazon, this USB hub thing also sold on Amazon, and everything that's attached to it pretty much stuff that I bought off Amazon So now let's go on to number two

So how do we take things a step further? So number two is another free method This one is taking things a little bit further, doing a little more work by creating an actual brand And brands are important, and the best kind of brand is a personal brand So we're creating a personal brand using YouTube which is a free platform, it doesn't cost you anything to make videos, to upload them, it's all free But you can create something very powerful if you build that personal brand

For example, my YouTube I actually transitioned from just a company which was RecordingNowcom reviewing headphones I actually transitioned into ODi Productions as, you know, the entrepreneur I started to share my story, I went on camera and I basically would share my journey of entrepreneurship from when I was a student at UCLA to dropping out to working the 9-5 gig, fired from 9-5 and then finally after years, seeing success Honestly, I think we all have a story and a personality that we can share with the world

And if you do this, the plus side is that you get to build trust and a connection, a personal connection that is not really achievable by not being an actual personal brand If you were to just do the first method and you review these things, you may bet lucky and you get a video that gets tens of thousands of views which can very well happen if you're reviewing something very popular like for example this Logitech webcam right here But where the real money starts to come in is when you become an authority figure When people trust you, because when people trust you you have influence, people listen to what you have to say So if I were to become an authority and I said that these are the best headphones of 2018 that I have tested then you guys are more likely to buy this, right? And boom, that's $21 right there from every single sale I get of these headphones

Now the thing is, building a personal brand is not as hard as it seems Now I know if you're a beginner, you're looking at this, you're looking at me, you're like hey man, I'd love to do that but I don't have a following I don't have expertise, I'm not an expert in anything That doesn't matter, trust me guys You guys can get started today, you don't have to be an expert

You just have to be passionate And you just have to share your personal thoughts on a product So if you were to review this camera, you don't really have to be the world's expert or like the best videographer or photographer on the planet You just have to be a person who's willing to give some valuable information to the next guy and say hey, I'm a beginner, I just started making YouTube videos, this is the best vlogging camera that I've found on the market Boom, right there, that's enough to sell this camera

You don't really have to do some crazy cinematics or anything like that You just have to be personable, you have to develop that connection, develop trust, and then that's when people will buy from you So, yeah, building that YouTube once you get to a certain point I see some YouTubers who start to implement affiliate marketing by including affiliate links from Amazon Associates of their camera gear Now, there's pros and cons to this The pro is you want to have some sort of affiliate links in your description no matter what company it is, Amazon's a good one, because everyone shops on Amazon

Well, everyone that I personally know, and if someone buys something from Amazon then you get commission, it doesn't actually have to be the camera It doesn't have to be what you actually linked, it can be anything else So I've seen some people implement that and that's like step one but if you want to take things even further you need to create consumer focused content So what does this mean? Basically, if I wanted to sell these headphones I wouldn't just have them on the desk and be like, oh here's a link to my headphones I would actually be like, hey guys, check it out

So I've owned 12 pairs of headphones within the last two years and these are by far my favorite Bluetooth headphones They have perfect usability, the sound quality is amazing Really tight sub bass and the Bluetooth and the battery life is excellent You know what I mean? I would actually create a review, because a review gets people when they're in that phase of okay, I'm gonna go purchase a pair of headphones rather than if you're just watching a vlog of mine and I'm just like oh yeah, those are my headphones You're not really likely to buy a $350 pair of headphones, right? So you wanna create consumer focused content that really dials in when consumers are at that purchase decision when they're researching different products, they're comparing them, they're looking at reviews, that's where you want to capture your customer for the best chance of a sale

So that's number two, basically Implement affiliate marketing into your personal brand, into an actual YouTube channel, focus on these products You know, really create a brand and become an authority in your niche in your market I wanna give one more example for the personal brand and in this entrepreneurship space obviously online courses is a really big thing Online courses is actually a really good niche to become an affiliate for because the commissions are so high

Most of the commissions for most of the online courses that I'm aware of, they range from $100, $150, up to literally thousands of dollars for some of the really high end courses that cost $4000 and up Basically, these commissions are crazy so if you want to be able to sell that course, the thing is– The good news is you don't have to be the expert because if you're someone who is a student then you can give just as much of a valid opinion as the next person because you're a paying customer, you bought the course, and you can give your actual valid opinion on it And based on how you come across and what you say in that video you can sell $1000 course and make a $400 commission, it's happened before I've seen it time and time again, so many people are doing it, boom Basically, that's an easy way to make hundreds of dollars

If you're part of any courses right now, if you can promote the course, boom Honestly, just do a review on it Doesn't even have to be all rainbows and butterflies You can just be completely honest, throw it out there, who knows you might get a sale or two or three and boom, before you know it that's like $1000 right there That's method number two, let's move on to number three

We're gonna take things one step further, I'm gonna hop into the computer and show you guys how you can actually create an affiliate marketing business that can earn $1000 a day or more I'm gonna show you my actual real method, alright Alright guys, we have hopped into my computer and as you see here, this is my baby This is my first affiliate marketing website, RecordingNowcom, your #1 source for home recording where I focus on doing reviews

So headphones really was the bread and butter that took this website and business to the next level and as you guys can see here I have actual blog posts and articles of all of the headphone reviews that I did So as you guys can see, I reviewd some Beats, I reviewed Sony, Sennheiser, Bose, Audio-Technica, Beats, et cetera, and some of these videos which are also on my YouTube channel So what I would do is I would create a video on YouTube and I would also do an article right here on my website So this requires a second step which is to create a website in addition to your YouTube channel because what we're trying to do with method number three is actually create a brand Now this brand right here, RecordingNow, this became the authority when it came to home recording and when it came to specifically headphones

And because I reviewed and I tested so many different headphones people really trusted my expertise And to be honest, I had been producing music for years so I really knew the solid characteristics and I knew how to describe things when it came to the world of audio Now again, you don't have to really be an expert you just have to know enough to provide value to people So for example, Beats, you don't have to be an audio expert to be able to recommend them to people who love hip hop People who love bass, and who like that in your face sound quality, you know what I mean? So really what we're trying to do right here is we're really trying to create that long term brand and it's important that we do this because once you become an authority in a market then you are basically who people turn to to get their opinion on when they are ready to make a purchase decision

So when someone's in the market for headphones they're gonna be coming to me first asking me hey, what's your opinion on the new Sony headphones? And based on my advice, they're either going to purchase that product or not purchase that product So as you guys can see here, I really built out a website and it really isn't that hard to create a website like this I use WordPress, which is actually a free platform Now, you do need web-hosting and I do have videos on my channel showing you how to create a WordPress website from scratch I also had a video with a student who I taught her how to build her first affiliate marketing website and it's basically less than an hour long and we go from start to finish and we show the screen capture of us building her website out from scratch

So you guys should check that out if you are interested, that video just broke over a million views People seem to love it, so check that out if you're interested in building your first affiliate marketing website But again, method number three is really taking things a step further and investing in things like a website, a logo, actually aiming to become that authority figure in a market or niche And if you do that, I promise you that you can create a very profitable website from something that you're passionate about Like, for me, headphones, see I chose these not because I looked at the market and did research and was like hey, you know what, headphones make a lot of money

No, all I did was I looked around I was like hey, I'm into music, why don't I just share my gift with the world? I started out with just one pair of headphones and I move on to the next one, and the thing is people are like hey, how do you buy all those headphones? Once I got to a certain level, companies started to send me headphones for free Completely free, in order to test out, in order to review and give my take on it And because I created this brand and I made it bigger than myself and bigger than just making one video, I actually would do tens of these review videos, and once I got to a certain point the companies started emailing me, telling me and asking me if I could review their newest line of headphones or their newest products And it wasn't just headphones, I had companies coming to me asking me to review microphones and Bluetooth devices and just all sorts of random stuff as well

So that's the other plus side of affiliate marketing and creating a brand is that when you build an asset like this companies come to you and they start giving you free stuff So it's honestly a win-win, you start to earn passive income and you get freebies, I mean what's not to love? Basically, that's method number three, we're gonna hop out the computer, we're gonna finish up this video I hope you guys got value from that, alright let's move on to the next clip Alright, what is up guys? I hope you enjoyed that little tutorial right there and those three methods Honestly, that's all you need to get started today and if you wanna take things a step further, honestly creating that niche authority website, that brand really takes things to the next level

I really want you guys to think long-term Really, if you want to succeed in this business you have to be thinking about the future You can't just be chasing the quick cash, you can't be looking for get rich quick because it doesn't exist here What we're trying to do is build actual sustainable business that will earn us passive income for months, if not years to come as I've been able to do So if you are interested in getting into the fast lane, honestly you can join my free course in the description below, completely free

There's no strings attached if you want to learn the fundamentals and the basics of affiliate marketing, especially the way that I teach it, join that today You get instant access for just putting your email in and now for the people who are interested in my program I do have to speak on that First off, I want to apologize to people because the last couple weeks I've actually closed up my program for the most part and I didn't announce it or anything I didn't tell people that hey, I'm going to be shutting the program down but because of the new business venture that I have to keep under wraps but I have begun development on it, because of that new business venture and because I want to focus on the students that I have right now and I want to actually create a second version of my program and just revise things and make things even better We have to shut things down temporarily, it might be for a few months, it could be longer, who knows

But I do want to give you guys a fair warning, which I didn't give you guys before So I apologize to anyone who was trying to join the program and it was closed, they visited the website and they saw that they couldn't join I just wanted to give you guys an actual announcement letting you guys know that the program will be closing soon and it will be closed for a few months while I focus on other business ventures and also bettering the actual program and the students that are in it So if you are interested in that, check out the description below There'll be a link there where you can learn more about it and if it's available, if there are spots open, you can join it but I'm just giving you guys a fair warning that it might be closed so I hope you guys enjoyed it

Again, please hit that thumbs up button and leave a comment below if you enjoyed this video It will allow me to create more videos just like this in the future If you have any questions, you have any feedback, leave it in the comments below I read every single comment and I try to respond to every single one I hope you guys have a blessed day

Take it easy, peace

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