How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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And so you've heard of affiliate marketing Maybe you've heard about the awesome income potential that it can provide, but you just don't know how to get started Well, today, we're talking affiliate marketing for beginners, how to get started So whether you're trying to figure out what programs work best, what programs have the highest profit margins, what affiliate programs are gonna pay the best, what affiliate programs are gonna provide the most sales, what affiliate programs are best for beginners or how to just simply start making some money, we're gonna answer all of that and more, so stick around (upbeat rock music) So you're interested in affiliate marketing

Well, first off, congratulations for taking a look and wanting to get started in this awesome industry, because affiliate marketing rocks It has made us a ton of money There's a ton of potential here So if you're willing to invest in yourself, to learn some skills, and to stick with it, the sky's the limit on what you can attain So number one, congratulations

It's an awesome, awesome opportunity Number two, before we get into the meat and potatoes of it, guys, I want to make sure that you subscribe to our channel We've got all kinds of great trainings and videos coming out for you almost daily now and we focus on teaching people online marketing strategies, online marketing strategies and how to make money online So you wanna make sure to subscribe to our channel And also, our number-one recommended affiliate program is the top link in the description, so you can check that out, as well

Now, we want to make sure that we're all on the same page here, right? So let's clarify what affiliate marketing really is Affiliate marketing, it's simply you providing the customer for someone else's product So you bring the customer and they bring the product, you bring them together, there's a sale made, and you earn a commission, a percentage of that sale And what that percentage is, it's gonna vary based on what the program is and what kind of product it is There's a ton of variables involved, but it's essentially you're selling, if you will, someone else's product, something that you didn't create or come up with, you don't own

You're just bringing the customers, they've got the product already, poof That's affiliate marketing So the first step with affiliate marketing is really to decide what that initial offer is gonna be What are you gonna sell? And there's a ton of factors to consider so that you make the right choice here So how do you choose the right program for you? Well, number one, this is really, really important to understand

You want to find something that gives really high profit margins, and I'm not just saying that in some weird, greedy way, but because of how this is gonna work, guys You're gonna have to spend money to get customers You're gonna have to spend money to get customers through your advertising and what activities you're doing online Now, if you're lucky, you might be able to get $5, $10 per customer, but there's some companies that are paying $30 to $50 per customer or higher So you're going to have to be returning, seeing a better return on your money than you're putting out to get those customers in, so you want to look for a program and offer that's gonna give you a good profit margin so that you can cover your advertising budget and still make an income, right? That's really important

So we really suggest that you're looking at mid- to higher-priced items, to give you room to be able to advertise and to still make an income, right? Also, you want to look for something that, you know, it's not uncommon in marketing online that people break even with the very first purchase What does that mean? That when that customer makes that purchase, you're essentially just covering your advertising costs or whatever your operating costs are So that can happen So you want an opportunity, you want a program that gives you what's called upsells What are upsells? Essentially, it allows a customer, someone who has purchased something, to continue on to purchase something else, and it's usually of higher cost and higher price point

So a customer just bought, they're happy, they're excited, awesome, they get offered some other product, service, whatever that meets their needs, as well, but is at a higher price point So most people, there's actually a lot of what we call funnels, we'll talk about that in a minute, but they're break even where you're just getting on that initial sale, it's just about covering the cost of your advertising because you're gonna count on the upsells and the continual sales that come in afterwards on that customer So you want to look for a program that offers upsells, that has multiple products, services, whatever, that the customer can buy Now, let's talk about the types of programs that are gonna pay the best Let's look at this from the actual product perspective

We're gonna break this into two categories First, physical product A physical product versus a digital product Physical products could be, you know, nutrition pills, shakes, furniture, computers, desks, whatever, anything that actually has a physical presence in the world, right? That's a physical product Now, physical products are gonna give you much lower profit margins as an affiliate marketer

Why? Because there's actually a lot lower profit margins for the owner, for the actual person who owns that product or manufactures that product, because they've gotta cover the cost of all the supplies, they've gotta cover the cost to put it all together, the labor, they've gotta cover shipping, all of that kind of stuff So they're not making a ton of money on each of those products, and so you're gonna make less on it So if you think of something like Amazon, you know, people think about becoming an affiliate, get into affiliate marketing, they think Amazon Awesome, yes, you can definitely be an affiliate on Amazon, however, you know, with all of their products, they've got a very complicated big old chart thing on how they do their affiliate commissions, but you're looking maybe 4% to 8%, single digits in profits So 4% to 8% of the actual cost of the product

That's not a lot That's not a lot I mean, if it's what, $100 product, you'd be making $4 to $8 That's gonna be really rough to try to figure out how to put advertising behind that and still make money Very challenging

So physical products are not something that I would suggest for beginners at all, okay? Digital products, there's a lot of magic that can happen in the digital product world So what is a digital product, just in case you aren't familiar? A digital product is anything that, it's essentially like a file, right? This could be an app on your phone This could be a workout program, this could be a diet plan, this could be some training program I actually just saw a really cool sales funneling thing for a fashion thing, learn how to dress your best, right? It was a whole program and training program someone had taught who had created who was a, she's actually a personal shopper and people that gets people dressed, they pick out their clothes for them and stuff And so she had that experience, she put it together, created a digital product, now she can sell over and over and over again

Now, what's cool about digital products is that so for this lady that put together this how to dress program, yeah, she had to invest her time and energy into creating this content, this training course initially, but ongoing, she can just sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, and it's kind of like you're getting 100% profit on that, cause you're not having to create anything new It's all set up, it's just a digital product So digital products allow for much higher profit margins because the people who actually created it, they're actually making some good money, right? They can make some really good money for it, so they can give you a better cut of the commissions So with digital products, you're looking anywhere from 30% to 50% of that sales price So if that's a $100 sale, you're making $50 or $30

Now, that's something you can play with That's something you can put some advertising behind and make a profit So I highly suggest for beginners, that you're looking at digital products, okay? Now, you want to make sure that whatever program you choose, it's pretty simple and clear to understand how much money you're gonna make, right? 50%, 30%, 20%, whatever You want to make sure it's crystal clear because you want to be able to set up your business and your advertising knowing what those profit margins are and how much money you can spend, alright? Now, what programs are gonna give you the most sales? Well, it comes down to having great marketing, marketing that really speaks to the customer and solves their problem They've got an offer

Their digital product, their training, their whatever they have, it solves someone's problems, and they can really effectively communicate this to a potential customer, that it's gonna help them, it's gonna benefit them in all of these ways, it's gonna prevent these fears or these worries from happening, however They've got great copyright, great copyrighting in everything that they do It really speaks to the customer and gets them really excited about buying They also have funnels Now, funnels, sales funnels, this is essentially a process

It's usually a setup of videos and pages and things, all kind of series together where you're getting people exposed to the offer, telling them how awesome it is, how it can help them, how it can benefit them, and bringing them closer and closer to a sale So it's like a funnel I think of a funnel, you know, a lot of people start off at the beginning and then it funnels them down to the people who are gonna actually be customers and helps them, you know, gets them the offer to actually purchase Sales funnels are great when they are good, when they've got great marketing worked into them, sales funnels are awesome, okay? So you want to look for that in whatever program you're working with, that it's got upsells, right? Not just one product and you're done, but you can get people in with one product and then you can continue doing upsells, provide more and more to happy customers that want to buy, you're able to give them more information, more products, more services, whatever your offer is Downsells, this is kind of like an upsell, but it's of a lower price point

So say they don't take that upsell, which was maybe a higher price point, two, three times the initial purchase price Then, they'll have an option of, you know, maybe a bit on the lower cost sale end But it's just another way to monetize that customer, keep them happy, give them more of what they want, and help get you into profits, which is great Also, great sales videos They're professional looking

It doesn't look like somebody shot them on their phone in their backyard It looks legit It's going to really speak to the customers and get people comfortable and happy to purchase, okay? That's all great marketing You want to make sure that all of that marketing is set up for cold traffic, cold leads Now, if you're brand new, you don't know what that means, and that's okay

I didn't at the beginning, as well But cold leads, cold traffic, you're talking about people that don't necessarily feel like they know you, right? They maybe are responding to an ad or something that you've got going on Facebook or somewhere and they're being introduced to you and they're seeing something at the same time That is cold, right? People who are not warmed up to you yet Compare that to network marketing, where you focus on friends and family and people that you know in your sphere of influence That would be your warm market or your hot market, right? So you want to make sure all of this is set up to cold traffic, otherwise, it's really gonna hinder what you do if it's not, if it's somehow supposed to just be people who already know you, it's really gonna slow down the entire process

Make sure it's all set up for cold traffic, cold leads Now, one key thing to kind of wrap your head around with all of this is that each customer, it's gonna cost you money to attain a customer, right? The hard part is getting that customer It's way easier to keep a customer than get a new customer So you want to continue to have new stuff you can get out in front of them, so you want a program that has lots of things, right? Lots of little things that you can offer them, you know, maybe they made the first purchase, they didn't take the upsell, but they took the downsell Well, you can continue to market to them in their email and you can offer them something else later, maybe something just for a few bucks or, you know, mix in the offers here or there because you've got a lot of stuff to choose from

So being able to monetize those customers, keep them happy, giving them what they want, is great It's way easier to keep a customer than to get a new customer, so keep that in mind So let's talk about programs specifically for beginners What are the best programs for beginners? The best programs for beginners are programs that teach you how to be an affiliate marketer There's a bunch of stuff out there that you can be an affiliate for, but they don't actually tell you how to do it

They just give you a link and say, "Okay, go, make sales" I've seen, I run into way too many people online that were trying to do that Just say Amazon, right? They go, "Oh, I'm gonna be an Amazon affiliate," they set up this website, they pour so much time and money into it, and they're not making a dime years later because they're trying to figure it out on their own Compare that to someone that gets involved in a program that gives you something to sell, but also teaches you how to be an excellent marketer in the process They can get into profits and to big money much, much quicker because they're being trained on how to be a great marketer

If you want to make good money, you're gonna have to get skills You're gonna have to get very skilled at what you do Plugging in with a program that teaches you this is really important, also a part of why we really recommend that our number-one recommendation in the links below for beginners, because it does just that It teaches you how to be a great marketer Another thing that you'll find in some programs, like the one that we recommend, is that it does a lot of the work for you

Now, let's break this down So, when you're trying to make a sale in an affiliate situation, you have to first generate some traffic You take that traffic, so essentially people and audience, and generate traffic, okay? Then you gotta convert them into leads, where they're actually opting in, they're sort of opting into your email list or whatever to see more information They've gotta go through a sales funnel, get information about your actual offer, be funneled down They're gonna have a follow-up series through email

They're gonna be closed into making the sale There's a lot of different pieces to actually make money, to go from no money to making money You gotta learn how to do all of those different things, and that's a lot for a new beginner, right? That's a lot of skills to master before you can make any money So when you find a great program, they're gonna take a lot of that off of your plate So what we recommend, our program that we recommend, it focuses you on traffic and leads, which you're gonna have to learn anyway, no matter what you're doing, but if you learn how to generate traffic and leads, they handle the sales funnels, they handle the follow-up, they handle the closing, all of that stuff for you

Doesn't that sound nice? You can focus on learning one set of skills, and once you've learned those skills and as you're learning those skills, you start making money, versus having to learn, you know, five, six different skills before you start making money So looking for a more done-for-you program is a very, very good idea for a beginner to get you into profit much quicker Now, how do you start making money in affiliate marketing? Now, you found the program, you choose your program, whatever it is that you want to market, that you want to introduce to an audience, and then you get it in front of an audience, and there's a bajillion ways to do that, right? With Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, there's all kinds of ways that you can do that, but essentially, you're getting their product in front of your audience It's really that simple Now, you definitely want, the fastest way to make money is to get one of those more done-for-you programs, right? Where you only have to generate the leads with the traffic and they handle all the rest of it

That's the fastest way to make money, okay? So find something that really fits for you, fits for a beginner, what's gonna get you into profits quickly, because honestly, what we've seen in this industry is that if people don't start making money quickly, their inspiration quickly dies out and they move on to something else and they give up Well, guys, affiliate marketing can change your life You can make hand over fist kind of money here way easier than you did on your backbreaking nine-to-five So I want to encourage you to put in the time, learn the skills that you need to be successful One thing that's gonna help you stick around is when you start seeing the sales start coming in, when you're still new

So I highly suggest our number-one recommended affiliate program, top of the description, guys, click on that, check it out, because it is a done-for-you You generate the traffic and the leads, you will have to learn that skill, you will have to do that, but then they're gonna take care of the rest of it so you can just continue driving in the traffic, driving in the leads, and you'll start making money, and then you can keep working on your skillset and growing and learning So I hope that you got some awesome value from this video, that there were some important things that you really need to look at on how you get started, on what kind of programs you want to work with and what's gonna get you into profit fast and what's gonna sustain a profit, sustain an advertising budget, all really important things that you need to consider and look at as you get started in affiliate marketing Again, click the link, our number-one recommended program for beginners especially at the top of this description of the video Like it if you got some value, share it to your favorite social media platform, and comment and let us know what you got out of it

Ask any questions that you have And again, if you haven't subscribed yet, make sure that you do (upbeat rock music)

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