How To Start Affiliate Marketing – For Beginners

Hi guys welcome to this special trend in this special presentation the how to start affiliate marketing the reason why what to do this is because You know, I I'm quite well experienced now I need an affiliate marketing, but I do get Quite a lot of people asking me how to get started in affiliate marketing What's the the skills the need? Where did the girl where did they get experience and how they gotta make sales? You know, this is what we're in this for so I thought that how to start affiliate marketing I'd get how to start affiliate marketing together with a friend of mine who? produces a lot of great courses and I asked him if I could sort of put this together and And do a bit of a review about this product and just give some value really this will help you know, that's why we're in this and So let's get on with this and so how to start affiliate marketing well how to start affiliate marketing What you really need to do to start click marketing is to get the rankings in place to start learning and If you can if you can make money while you learn it Then you're never gonna give in you're going to keep going and keep growing and more and more often or not You want to be having fun with this? This is like really good fun when you see You know traffic coming in You know attention and attention how to start affiliate marketing to your deal and money coming in and then you put another one together and eat just flowers and it builds and That's what you really want so how to start affiliate marketing let's get how to start affiliate marketing started with the presentation with the slides I've put together and I'm gonna talk about products and I'm gonna show you the back off the members area and I'm gonna offer you a very special bonus at the end of this which is actually free bonus if you take the Actual product

So how to start affiliate marketing Okay, so what you need to start to start with is to get yourself three accounts set up Somewhere called jvzoo then we got warrior plus and then we got Clickbank now the chances are you've heard of Clickbank? Clickbank is a huge marketplace and I'm going to show you quickly behind You know what these three websites are Therefore so very quickly consigned for free if you actually look if you're watching this on youtube or in a YouTube style box You can look under this video and you will see a link to join jvzoo You'll see a link to join warrior plus and You'll see a link to join Clickbank So you can just click on Nursery get joined up for free go to your email box and just click on – Just to prove it and you're in all good All right, so let me Just show you Jovie So okay so jb zoom This is it I'm running some traffic tests at the moment

So I'm getting quite a lot of clicks and stuff coming through So if just to show you very quickly Marketplace how to start affiliate marketing So let if you if you're not really sure What marketplace you want You need to really look deep down with Indian think I'm do I want to sell products anything to do with gardening golf cars I don't know Llamas, you know petrol powered llamas furniture televisions electronics Information products make money at home these anything like that you need to decide which one to start with that you want to go to and then You can basically find let's go to let's get rid of that It's going to worry applause This is warrior plus again, it's connects to a marketplace and What it does is it gives you how to start affiliate marketing The top 10 that selling today the top 10 yesterday and blah blah blah this is basically mainly for That make money at home Lee so anything that's to do with affiliate marketing network marketing Direct sales anything to do with you know actually selling courses or anything to do with learning how to make money online and I like worrying plus it's said that the products are really good The reason follow the reason quite easy to sell as well actually Whereas JB's intends to be the higher end stuff and it's a lot of software in there as well But again, you can get some great stuff on jvzoo as I will show you towards the end of this video Now that the granddaddy of them all Clickbank Clickbank has been around for a long time and it's still I think the highest-grossing market place of digital online products And you can see here the different Niches niches they're here So you've got all of these to choose from so you can actually come over here and have a look What's what's available here you? how to start affiliate marketing Can do the same on jvzoo and Moorea plus to an extent if you're in to make money at home some of them the how to start affiliate marketing Niche Simon then you're better off with a warrior plus And especially jvzoo Okay

So these are the kind of niches that there are So you could just have a look at those Yes, so Let's go back here Okay, so next understanding your niche or market so this took some this you need to understand which area kind of floats your boat I mean, you know which which area is it that you want to get stuck into and then once you know that You kind of understand your market You understand that if you're a left-hand garden there are oh You know, you're into the gardening tools Mitch Are you want to make help people make money at home on the laptops other devices You've kind of already got you understand what your market is and I I like to kind of work with people that are like me you Know that's my age So sort of between, you know save 1355 I've got kids That are married of being married that You know, you've you've had a job decent job What's a decent job any job? These days is a decent job With the same interest as me, you know, I like golf like football like rugby I like any sport really goals and that sort of thing The sort of music that I like, you know, I tend to find that if I could find my ideal customer then It's a much easy to sell to because you kind of taught you you talk to yourself You talking to someone with the same interests and stuff

It's just easier rather than throwing it out every day hoping to God you pull one fish in and there's nothing worse than how to start affiliate marketing Then really struggling in that way so you need to understand definite what your niche is what your market is and then of course You come to choosing a product now before I get into this a little bit here, I'm just going to Let me just show you something So if you like mean we're in the make money on it You'll be kind of what into sort of you know white speaker products really and understanding You know, what? What something like, is there any good? Is it selling well as it sold anything? You know, are there many refunds coming in for it So I'm going to show you very quickly what it looks like on jvzoo page week You know it quick look at that So Commission machine And we're going to be getting onto this soon It's sold Through its sales funnel in total 17,000 of these Hmm And this is what's known as an evergreen product So it's always out there It's not just being lodged, you know from monster than being pulled It's converting very well If you paid the traffic, it doesn't seem to need much in the terms of how much per sale it costs And let's see I get a hundred percent Commission's for this and Let's see

It's very low in terms of refunds Very very low indeed so This is table Fitness here Yeah, right So yet so you couldn't you know, you've got when it was launched how many it's sold? If you if you're not really sure about what these are then don't worry about it the average price the Commission you can expect and the refund rate So that's just a really good thing to have a look at Okay then so Again, didn't help to start early marketing So you also need to decide on building a webpage or a landing page Now this can be a page that you put together in order to collect Email addresses so you send some traffic to your web page or your landing page? Someone will find it how to start affiliate marketing they'll put your email address in because they're interested in what you're saying on the page into the product that you're selling and Then they're sent through to the actual product and they'll decide whether to buy there are then So quite often as you get an hour experience, you will need to start learning how to put these web pages together Now we've touched on the evergreen are the new launches So when you're looking for a product to promote You need to think well, do I want something that's coming out? That's brung you something that's fresh Maybe a new method that's kind of developed on from old methods Are you happy to take something that's established? That's got a name that's got some things solid behind it and that people have probably looked at before but maybe now they've found it through your From your promotion that they're going to buy through you So I hope that makes sense So we also need to need to make this consideration as well You know, are we going to be looking at free traffic? Are we going to be looking at peer traffic? So free traffic is when you use websites like Facebook Twitter Linkedin Google+ Pinterest Instagram YouTube This is where you can get free attention from your videos Are you content with a link to your promotion? Now this can be very hit and miss but if you consistent and you workout at it Then you can get a very good flow of traffic To wherever you want as long as you know what you do it And it doesn't honestly take that long to get used to that and I can help you with that a little bit later in this video Alternatively you can go to a solo ad vendor or you can set Facebook ads or whatever it is and actually pay for paper pay for advertisements to send people to Your promotion so you could have Facebook Ads you could have solo ads You could Google ads Your Bing ads you've got Twitter ads LinkedIn ads they're everywhere Instagram ads and send traffic Spread to your funnel to your landing page and get get those emails and get that Get it working for you campaign now again, if you look under this video Where the links are for jvzoo? Warrior plus and clickbank, you'll find a link for a solo ad vendor that can probably help you with that Okay, that's if you want to I'm not endorsing anyone at all I'm saying if you want to go down to pear traffic route, that's maybe a good Avenue for you You may want to take on an email autoresponder If you're going to be making your own landing pages and collecting emails You need somewhere to store those emails and then send out emails to those Email addresses on the daily basis you need to be emailing every single day be current, you know, make sure that you always in their attention span and An autoresponder like aweber or get response will do that for you Oh You could use a system that covers all of these things for you, so if you're starting out in affiliate marketing you like Oh my god up time from this Got a got work

Go to look after the kids gonna pick them up from school gonna make dinner gonna clean a house gonna set the car for each service you're not life is when he's starting out how to start affiliate marketing To be honest with you I wish I'd have gone down this route and not wasted months and months of struggling and To be honest with you Not a lot of sleep so having a system that covers all this for you can literally have the The affiliate the the products chosen for him The niche is already done The landing pages are done The sales pages are done for you You don't have to worry about Too much worry about email at this moment

Although you may need one soon but there are systems that when you When you drive traffic to them and people thought their emails in the system What it will do is it will email them for you So if they don't buy straightaway The system will send out emails on your behalf with your affiliate links in to your email Subscribers, so I'm going to come on to that at the end of this again But you can join someone like Aweber and get a free month anywhere Alright, so Let's go into This here so You can send some traffic to affiliate campaigns already designed to products already found for you convert and sell With no need to build web pages Now welcome I will copy now – the Commission machine now I'm going to show you through the The backend of the members area of this Just before I do let me just get to this day here Okay now before we just have a look at that product What I'm going to do is I've put a special bonus training together for free traffic to get you started now I've got literally I Think between hundred and fifty and two hundred clicks coming through every day on my free traffic method And I use a combination of things because you need a combination of things with with free traffic I Use a little bit of Facebook Twitter I use Google+ I use LinkedIn I use Pinterest I Use all sorts of stuff, but you need to bring it all together for it to work properly and I have a special method That does that I have YouTube money use press releases and the whole bubble of it Brings together lots and lots of traffic coming in every single day You just need to be consistent And keep working at it that's special bonus training Which is worth nine hundred and ninety seven dollars will be yours to keep for free If you take the Commission machine Ok Now I'm going to show you quickly the back The members area of the Commission machine

I'm going to quickly show you this and then I'm going to wrap this up and show you how much it's gonna cost and What qualifies you for your free nine hundred ninety seven? dollar worth of free traffic training so we've got the Commission machine and You have your core training and I'm gonna show in a minute the guy who designed this Michael Chaney causes the rapid Method okay, so you've got research angle you provide incentives and then you you have Any kind of that builds your commission machine this is a way of putting together A promotion that that basically sells very well for you how to start affiliate marketing Okay, and this has been a solid program now for about three years and it's selling very well, but the magic is back here So this tub here, which is done for you So Every month you will be sent Done few promotions and I'm going to show you on the next page what that means you will also have webinars made available to you showing you how these were put together and I've got a discount on that for you as well I'm probably not supposed to show you this but I'm going to show you that in the moment Service of card trading done for you Let's go for dumb few promos Here's how to use these dollars So Now these are all recent high selling high converting Products in the Make money at home niche and there's loads of them you get to keep these forever and The really really good ones actually Now every month these are added to they're added to every month and again You get to keep these and you could promote them However, you want wherever you want And you can download them you get your approval 100% approval rates and It's just this is what makes these new commission machines right here Ok, and then for the next one time of it, you've got another seven Commission's their commission machines they're again all done for you with email swipes and All of the copy that you'll need there's graphics This is just everything in there You can just start to drive traffic to these Commission machines excuse me, and It's just a great old done few business and you don't have to worry about all those elements I've been borrowing you about I Mean this will teach you that stuff and that's useful to have you can learn this stuff while you send traffic to these Older all done for you

Ok and this mob done there for you as well Alright now then Let's just go back Just want to go back to here So let's go through What this is gonna cost for you So your front end, which is your core training and this is $1995 in the UK, that's about 13 pounds so that type of training for that paltry amount of money is absolutely superb and That's going to give you the entire core training and the first set of videos Now then there's a first upsell that I showed you which is the first set of done-for-you Promotions the further, you know the campaign's and the products are being picked out for you now then This is called the golden ticket and this will cost either $27 a month or $197 lifetime now, there's a Qi killer or discount of this and it's called the down sell so if you when you go to that that page when you buy this you were then taken to this page and You'll be offered this upsell If you say no thanks, you'll be taken to the next page on this first upsell and you'll be offered it for 17 dollars a month or 120 for lifetime so if you take now the difference being there's a monthly webinar a Monthly webinar which talks through as you can see here You just get the cursor back there which watch as much as Michel correctly an entire Philly promotion live on their screen and That monthly webinar every machine that's built is then given to golden-ticket members to use as their own the down selled Gives them recordings of the webinar So that means basically you still get the webinar

You just weren't there life And all produce Commission machines Just not live access to the webinar So if you're not bothered about the live webinars and you just want the recordings and the dumb few campaigns anyway then you may as well take the 17 dollars a month or The hundred and twenty-five dollars lifetime, okay Excuse me Your second upsell This is it then your last one It's a done-for-you service which gives buyers seven dumb few commissioned machines ready to deploy So that's the extra seven and you get all messages emails bonus items and the full strategy and you can copy and paste this into your blog or your Facebook page or your autoresponder to make Commission's So if you decide that You want to take the golden ticket which is a no-brainer because you're gonna get that first set of a done-for-you campaigns if you take the lifetime access at 197 or 125 dollars one-off no more to pay You'll get my nine hundred ninety seven dollar free traffic Course which is absolutely gonna explode your traffic Then that's the deal so either take the 197 golden ticket or the one to four dollar golden ticket and I'll send you that course Freight in fact as soon as you buy It will be sent straight to you It goes without saying of course if you buy the second upsell as well then obviously You do get that bonus So I'm offering it from on the first upsell and Not the whole thing, which is I can't really do any better than that the reason why I'm not giving it away with The front end offer is that you you've not really got anything to send traffic to and I'm talking about a training That's worth nearly a thousand dollars and in the right hands probably worth tens of thousands So that is just a good deal for both of us Okay, so To get your very own commission machines up and running simply go on to this website address and you can get this again in the text box underneath this if you watching on YouTube So it's airdrome wit with official dot-com forward slash Commission's now I'm gonna leave this open

I don't do time-sensitive Silly things Get the front end at nineteen ninety five you Get your golden ticket either 197 lifetime or want to for lifetime and you get the free traffic training Take the second upsell at further $97 and obviously you get that That free trade as well It's just if if you buy the front end at nineteen ninety five and by the monthly recurring golden ticket you don't get the free traffic course because I've had people that have Bought the course got the bonuses and then they've refunded and cancelled after one month I'd never kept the bonus So to to stop people doing that then you come in you come in as a lifetime member you get the free training and then you run with it and you you Do your very best Okay So here we go

It's a dream with official comm forward slash Commission's So guys, I hope that that that was good for you This is how to get started in affiliate marketing guys It's it's a great gig you just need to have you products and send traffic and be consistent So As I showed you before if you want to connect with me on Facebook facebookcom engine dot whitworth linkedin calm /in forward slash Adrienne – Whitworth, I've really enjoyed doing this for you guys I really hope that you decide to start your affiliate marketing career and I will speak to you in another

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