How To SNAP Social Network Auto Poster Plugin Review Word Press – Spencer Coffman

This is a review of the next scripts social network auto poster plug-in or snap I’ve had this plugin for several months now at first there were a lot of problems it was pretty buggy but ice contacted support in the that kind of replied a little bit and then then it started working for me so I didn't have any problems and then it was like all of a sudden things just kept going around one after another I sent in I have sent in over a hundred different support tickets on many different issues number one it doesn't post properly it will just give you a little summary here and then I'm going to go through some of these problems so that doesn't post properly set up all your accounts as you can see here I've got all these accounts now I have the pro edition which means I can have multiple accounts so I could have to bloggers accounts or to Facebook accounts and not only can I have to but I could have two different Facebook account so I have this one right here its publishing to a guide to deception I also could have it published to any other Facebook account with a different name and a different login and I can have as many as I want and I started out with that I had two of each with different accounts you see down here with stumble upon I have a words to publish and Michael Williams I had different accounts on all these but the problem was that the social network auto poster wasn't differentiating between those different accounts and it posted all my posts to all the accounts which then every single time I had a post schedule I had to go through and delete the post that weren't supposed to be on each account I tried different things like in the settings here you can go and say you know published on different different times or even so within each 1 I have done this if I hit show settings and then that comes up and go to advance I have this things here that says filter auto posting by categories and then only select categories will be awesome auto posted to this account Michael Williams 67 however the snap plug-in doesn't follow these parameters because I had set this and it was still posting to all my accounts I tried contacting support they never replied if they did reply they just asked for a copy of my error log and then it never went any further so I resolved to ok well I will just manually go in every time and go to my post and scroll down and and after the post is published I'll just repost it manually like this by kidding post to Google+ Pinterest post read it and I lived with that I live with that for a couple months well then all of a sudden all of my accounts stop being posted so it was like a contact and say hey what's the deal that the airlock it says it's an unchecked account when in fact my accounts I selected the checkmark next to each account and they said all it just means that you forgot to check it well that doesn't work so that I sent my error log again I said see you you guys can see this right here this is the error log so it's log history right here this is not only the airlock it's every single thing that happens with your snap account so we have 5 5 2016 and $YEAR 10 23 44 seconds in the morning ok here it says skipped all these different accounts every account unchecked account unchecked account uncheck to come ok so now this post is this post right here will even go up and show you so this is number 18 publish I'm a fifth at 1007 and our log history is at 1023 that is because in the settings which I'll show you here I have it set to post randomized posting times with a cron schedule which means it's posted variably within an hour plus or minus up after that post is being published so we'll go down the post here are the social net next script social networks auto post to post settings ok right here what is this same this is a checkmark that's Facebook published to a guide to deception ok now we go here and find Facebook a guide to deception highlight it right here what does it say skipped unchecked account now why would it be skipped and it's an unchecked account when in fact you see right here there is a checkmark now it says right here that's posted that's because I just went and click this post to Facebook manually to see what would happen and now on top of the problem of an unchecked account when in fact it is checked and it's not posting and manually having to post it and it's not following the settings in the Facebook because look at you can see I have this one also set up to post on a category within the advanced detecting deception which this post right here has a tag detecting deception so that's not working either however I went through and manually post to Facebook now when we go to the Facebook page we see right here posted look at these posts aren't being posted properly and I’m going to do a live one for you so you can see that in fact it doesn't work so we'll go back to the Edit post will go ahead and post to Facebook and then we'll have to wait a couple minutes because it sends an update the Facebook and then it will pop up and tell me that my post has been submitted to Facebook will go there and refresh the page and you'll see that the post here we are the post has been successfully sent to Facebook case we close this will go to Facebook will refresh the page and you're going to see that it doesn't pull the image and it pulls the wrong link ok here is a guide to deception published by a guide to deception calm I love that feature its you create your own app so it looks very professional then it says you're supposed to have the post title here and the website just now is published so we'll go back to the social networks auto poster settings ok this is my account info this is how Facebook is supposed to post to the warehouse that supposed to be shared ok text post with an attack slink share link okay see here we have this won't stay open so you're just going to have to follow along with the mouse so its share link to your blog post shared link text bigger image more texts and ability to boost post that's what we have linked attachment share a link ok then down here what should fill attachment do info so we have Facebook is automatically pulling in the info which means Facebook automatically takes the the stuff from the link so if you were to copy and paste the link to the post in the Facebook it does the same thing ok if post has video do nothing we don't have a video so forget it ok so you'll see the settings are the same within the post itself see here where in the post here is the post image so the post itself Facebook is checked again and it still isn't posted here is text post with attached BlogSpot there's a bigger dialogue for you share a link we're going to do that first one that's over sharing ok so we hit post to Facebook here is published 1 minute ago now first of all the title isn't even write a guide to deception has been published on a guide to deception author Spencer confidence that means it's the wrong link a guy deception spencer Coffman ok so when we click on this we would imagine it will take us to this post right here will view the post so you can see what it is supposed to take us to a guide to deception deception tip 18 okay here it is there's the image ok now let's click on this and see where it goes telling you right now it's not going to the right place here it goes it goes the abstract now you saw me post through Facebook through the social network on a poster right here with this link post to Facebook which means it is grabbing the wrong link and here's our message format title has been published on site name URL auto post URL so something isn't working properly because this URL isn't working now look at the this has happened before happened last week but unable 21st it work properly this is deception tip 16 like we have a nice title we have a nice title down here we got the featured image when you click on it it goes to the right place and see when it loads the deception tip 16 here is so what has happened well I've contacted support several times again no reply they have nothing that can be fixed so this plug-in is one error after another with the social networks auto poster here we have our new entry in error log ok message posted a guide to deception so apparently it works but didn't work basically social networks out of poster has so many problems but unfortunately is still one of the better plugins out there because none of these others work now I paid $MONEY for this you pay fifty dollars for this pro multiple Constitution you're supposed to get support but you don't get support another thing I've tried to do in order to fix this problem of it number one not posting and number two not posting properly and number three unchecking the accounts when there are already checked is I thought well if if it's not going to post them right away I can live with that as long as I post it to the social network a college within a few days so I said okay well I can set up this little are right here which means repost her is activated now that means that after post is published to my blog it can it's in a queue and then once the social network auto poster plug-in reaches that post it will automatically send that update to the blogger account or the Facebook account or whatever you have selected for this are so to do that I just went into show settings again this is a very complicated process however they tell you that it's complicated and say that doesn't work properly but still why don't they come up with an update I paid $MONEY for this so that here is auto reposting they give you some detailed instructions which are kind of stupid in bogus it says this feature is appreciated no longer support and be replaced in the upcoming snap version for well this has been on here for like three months so when are they coming out with snap version for as you can see right now there are three point five point five well at the rate that they release updates its 35 points67 83

6 I mean it'll be three years before they get there so why don't they fix it now why not well because they don't support anything because they never replied any so any support tickets probably because they don't have anybody working for him that's a dead plug-in next thing look at I have this thing set up repost existing posts every three days you can set this to anything you want randomized posting time plus minus 12 minutes you post them all the time or you can post only between certain hours I had all this checked plus minus 12 minutes I have a check only between eight hours however another problem with this plug-in is that any time it goes through and post to post this is all reset so only between eight hours goes back to the default of all the time your plus/minus goes back 20 it it's really a hassle so then you know you can change the date one by one all too new or you can select randomly or new to old I had it all to do because I wanted them to repulse from the beginning all the way to the end and then you have to go here and set all your existing post to enable/disable or whatever you like so I have total posts included are 31 and it's just going through one by one from old to new and posting them however it isn't keeping up so it's not working see I thought well maybe I could get all my old post posted and then when a new post gets posted I have this thing check right here wait for new posts which means that okay maybe it won't get posted immediately but then as soon as a new post is posted this auto repost ER will go in every three days or everyone ever and see if there was a new post and then it'll automatically share that new post to my social network account however again unfortunately this isn't working either so basically somebody needs to come out with a plug-in that can do a few simple things number one it needs to be able to have different social media accounts Facebook twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn tumbler blogger us read it to stumble upon all those accounts YouTube would be great as well YouTube feet if you can someone could come up with a plug-in that has the ability to log into all those accounts and to automatically post it as an app that would be great just like this one with the Facebook they can post it as a nap then it needs to be able to work properly needs to be able to post when it says it's going to post and schedule and if you set the settings the settings need to stay so when you're in your post and you check on the box that says it's supposed to post and it says it posted it needs to post the proper post there for social networks on a poster needs a lot of work so if they can reply to any support tickets or figure anything out that would also be great until then someone needs to come up with a better plug in and they have would have very high demand because there are so many people that want their posts automatically shared that don't have time to go through a manually do it one last thing is when you go on to help and support you open a support ticket there is no way to check on your existing support tickets unless you have your ticket number they don't have any any way to monitor accounts or anything like that you can get contact us I’ll just show you very briefly before we end this unfortunate little session so you can open a support ticket ok check existing ticket status now I’m logged in right here and it has my website data right here so this should automatically pull to my social network auto poster next scripts account however it says email address and ticket number well if you just put in your email address and have you taken nothing comes up and and if you put in you need a ticket number so I don't understand we can put in the email address hit enter and it says please wait it takes a second access is denied there isn't anything so it's it wants to take a number well that's bogus because you're already logged in to your social network on a poster it should keep all of your tickets all of your history right in here they should just have another tab it should be right there this plugin again is very poorly made poorly designed poorly maintained we have all these things that are going wrong in summary once again it doesn't post the right account so if you have multiple accounts on there you're going to have posts from one account going to another account so like I did you just have to take it down even if you paid you'll just have to go back to one account per each one number two once your post schedule and they post it they don't share to the social medias through the plug-in to try to fix that if you go through in and set categories that they are supposed to be posted to I and only have them select post from certain categories that doesn't work either number three you can try to go through and have them automatically repost after the they're published unfortunately that's no longer supported and doesn't work either so if you're having any problems with any of these things and you can contact support and maybe try to get it fixed but unfortunately that doesn't work either they don't reply basically this plugin works in theory and it gets a lot of people excited but in the end it's not doesn't work so I would very much recommend not to buy this plug-in and I recommend that somebody please come out with a plug-in that will work and it will automatically post to any different account now snap plug-in will work if you go ahead and post within the plug-in but most people are going to manually go through and post every single post they're going to schedule them through the WordPress database so make sure that when you create a plug-in you'll have that feature that it's hot matter the integrated with scheduling to WordPress and that is the review of the social networks auto poster plug-in by next scripts

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