How to set up Google Analytics in WordPress

Hi everyone Attan here hope everything is well with you you today i'm gonna walk you through step-by-step how to install Google analytics in to your WordPress blog Google analytics is very very powerful

its free actually and you get a lot of valuable information about your visitors like what countries they're coming from how long they stay to your site there are really a tons of information you get there and as you know tracking is one of the most important factor to improve your site

to improve your campaigns and get more targeted traffic so let's get behind the scenes and install Google analytics okay as you can see i'm inside google analytics and just to give you a quick overview before i install it that was the language as i told you before, the location, you see a map where the visitors come from new versus returning frequency and recency engagement the browsers the visitors flow you can see here for example where they're going to the site so it's been really really awesome stats you get there this is how it looks, you start up you click the sign up button and uh

we want to go for their universal where you type in the name the website name and here you go for um

that u r l here is the category we have to choose one of these just make sure i haven't forgotten anything you choose a category we go for business and industrial market we keep it with the united states data sharing settings read through this so it's time to get the tracking id you click here whoops yes i forgot the account at the top right so we have to name it my account name uh

i'll keep it as easy way web mainget tracking i accept the terms and there you have it well there is a code there so i'm trying to grab it uh i copy it and i go to plugins i've already installed it here the google analytics for wordpress by a guy called Joost de Valk i've saved the settings

in the header just to read through the debug mode here it's nothing to do right now i leave it as it is great! now let's go to verify and there you see a congratulations we are now verified so um i am in the webmaster tools here now so what i'm actually going to do is to submit a sitemap it's like a map for uh the robots so every time google robots come to your site they know exactly what you have in your site so it helps them so i think it's pretty good to insert this one and uh as you can see here we go to the sitemap add sitemap and i'm just going to paste that url where that sitemap is

there you have it i paste in there and it is submitted so all we have to do know to wait its in the pending mode that you have thirteen pages indexed in the sitemap so it's in the pending mode here now Okayy Great, now you know how to ijnstall Google Analytics in to your wordpress blog You should start to see your first results in twenty four to forty eight hours! i also showed you how to use Google Webmaster tools and how to add a sitemap, which is really important to Alright, thank you very much for watching and make sure if you like this this video to subscribe to my youtube channel hit a like button and if you haven't already subscribed to my newsletter make sure you do so thanks again and ttalk to you soon

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