How to set up and use your Affiliate Links

– Here's a quick video on how you can use your affiliate links in your Driven Affiliate Area to drive traffic to our website, not only to capture their click throughs, towards someone with a purchase But also to use the assets and the tools that we have available to you in our blog post and any of the articles or other videos that we have listed on our website

So your gonna want to make sure that you're logged into the Driven website, and you go to your affiliate area Click on Driven affiliate area First your gonna see, this your (mumble) URL This number here and this link are things that if you share up on your website, go on Facebook – what's going to happen is if someone clicks on that link they're going to go directly to our homepage Now if they ever order anything off of our site, you're going to get a 30% credit as long as their still using the device that they used when they clicked on your link

Now there are ways to make this more attractive and I'm going to show you how to do that now If you go to settings, you can see here I've entered cronga As an example, then I'm gonna save their profile setting Now if I go back and look at my affiliate URL's I'm goin to find that the referral URL is a little bit more attractive Affiliates and slash cronga

So I used cronga as an example because they also took advantage of what's called direct links And I'm gonna show you how that works Going to go here, copy their domain name, and then save direct links What this does is any click through that comes from crongacrossfit is now attributed and credited to their affiliate account How do you use that? Well you can link directly to our homepage, or you can use any of our product links, any of our article links, talking about the blogs any of the videos, any of the recipes

So if you wanted to create a blog post talking about why you enjoy taking Driven Whey™, or post blog you can link directly to those products And also include a recipe for Driven Whey™ Whether it's a pudding or anything else that we have out there or one of the baked goods You can direct link directly to those products, those blog articles, those recipes, and it's all attributed back to your account And what does that mean in terms of sales there within your gym? They go through the roof normally when I see a gyms start doing this

You're able to take the content that we have, that we've provided you as well as your coaches and start providing it to your members knowing that you're protected in map and retail pricing, because what are they gonna find when the click on two pound Driven Whey™ for example? They're gonna see that the retail on it's $4600 Most of you guys are selling it below our retail, so that reinforces the value that you're bringing them as members So I hope to see a lot more affiliates taking advantage of this, the direct links as well as this log, which you can put in part or all of your crossfit name, and link directly to it from there I'm gonna show you an example of how cronga uses it in two different ways

The first way is how they utilize their direct links So again crongacrossfitcom they save their direct links, now they're able to create a blog post, Top Five Supplements for the Crossfit Open So now they're talking about the benefits of taking supplements and everything else And then they're linking directly to the products that they're telling their members about

There's so much value in this So now you're able to create a blog post on your own website, share it into your Facebook group or on your Facebook wall, the traffic goes to your website and then goes to Driven through your website and that traffic is tracked The other way that you'll see that they took advantage of the affiliate links is they added this badge Got it out there as Driven Affiliate They're able to find that by going, you can find us anywhere in the Driven Affiliate area

It's below all of these options, under authorized affiliate website banners Here's just a white background, and all you have to do is copy and paste this html and in their case they put it in their footer You can put it in your sidebar Wherever you think your members will see it and click on it and read about the products, that's where you should put it But we have lots of different resources here, whether it's different colors, different color backgrounds or transparent background

So I hope that you'll check that out under authorized affiliate website banners Now the last thing I want to talk to you about is updating your affiliate information I'm not gonna get into this too much yet, but we do have some special features rolling out here in the next couple months So I would love everyone to go to this page, update their name, user email address, now please make sure that you're using the email that you used to login to our website Update your gym name, your website, your affiliate ID

Again your affiliate ID is going to be found right up here And in this case 218, you're going to paste that in there, Facebook URL, Instagram handle And then click submit This is going to help us moving forward, like I said we have some very cool tools rolling out in the next couple months that I truly feel is gonna benefit everybody immensely So please go update that, add a custom slug under settings, make your affiliate URL look a little bit better

But pleas use this direct link and you or your coaches start writing blog posts and linking up to these products and sharing them into your members groups Your members will eat this content up and it will bring a great benefit to them as well as your business As always if you have any questions feel free to hit me up Comment on this video and we'll be glad to help We appreciate everybody's support

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