How To Set Up An Affiliate Marketing Business For Free

Hey what's going on guys? Drew Taylor here with Digital Nomad University and you're watching this video because you wanted to learn more about affiliate marketing right? What is affiliate marketing? Is affiliate marketing for me? How do I get started in affiliate marketing? So I'm going to cover those questions for you in this video along with the three essentials that you need in order to run a successful affiliate marketing business so stay tuned and we'll see you on the other side All right what's going on guys my name is Drew Taylor with Digital Nomad University, you might be seeing this page or this video through Facebook page or through our group we have on Facebook private Facebook group or just may happen to stumble across it on Facebook if so wherever you're coming from welcome and thank you for checking out this video on how to set up an affiliate marketing business All right, so let's jump into things you know before I do I was going to give you guys a little bit of a background on myself so you kind of know where I came from how I got here and the reason why I chose affiliate marketing as kind of the new stream of income and really you know the most time freedom available you know availability when it comes to building a business online right there's a ton of different businesses out there you know which we'll talk kind of a bit about as we go along here but you know there's a reason why I chose affiliate marketing coming from a traditional business background it just has made the most sense and you know is going to be profitable for many many years to come I mean we're living in the information age and so you know being able to have the ability to sell you know digital products online services online etc just makes so much sense and I'm going to kind of cover that go into that in more depth later on in this video so stick around check it out and we'll get you all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether or not affiliate marketing is for you so first off I'll get you you know kind of introduce you to myself as I mentioned my name is drew Taylor I am a digital nomad aka have the ability to work from anywhere and have had since shoot man coming up on five years lower four years now so it's been a fun four years you know not having to check into a daily job or listen to a manager or you know I got you know previously I was at phone sales you know in a phone sales job making a hundred hundred twenty dials a day you know we called it smiling and dialing back then and it was I mean it was murder you know it's either eat or get eaten and it was extremely cutthroat you know people stealing each other's accounts and just not the optimal place and so being able to have freedom to do what I do now is incredible and you know I'm going to jump into kind of some of the more the background and details and all that here in just a second but first off you know this is me you know just a good old boy from Kansas grew up in Wichita Kansas actually now live in Kansas City however that's only for another few more weeks and then myself and my girlfriend are actually going to be moving to Puerto Rico full-time and be kind of creating a new life down there and just enjoying the fruits of the digital labor that we have seen you know here over this last year I jumping into the affiliate marketing space so that's a little bit about me if you guys want you can follow me you can see it up here Instagram I've got self-made Vitti and digital nomad University feel free to follow me on there and we can connect further otherwise feel free to add me on Facebook always love meeting new people especially other people in the game so feel free to connect with me on there drew Taylor or just search drew T Taylor no spaces and we'll get connected so a little bit about me as I mentioned I'm a digital nomad but kind of going back before that right before all this stuff kind of came to be you know I was you know kind of grew up in a young arson not young but a not necessarily a poor family but we were you know we were pretty low income you know had my you know parents not had as much pride as they did we would have definitely needed to jump on the food stamps and probably would allowed them to keep their home later on in a later years you know end up having to sell that just because of bills and debt and things like that but you know I was raised I'm actually one of five kids four sisters and myself so I'm the only boy in the family so you can only imagine what that was like growing up we lived in a low-income part of town you know and all seven of us squeezed into a little 950 square foot little cube a little little cube of a home down there in Wichita and so we were kind of raised in a rougher area so my parents opted to pull us out of school just because it was a bit dangerous in fact I actually got shot at when I was oh I think 1314 years old by I I guess a friend of the neighbors or something who would come over there and kind of get their drugs and and yeah it's not a good place to grow up so anyway we got pulled out did the whole homeschool thing so all all of us under one roof you know all hours of the day pretty much it was not the most ideal situation but it you know trained me to you know become the person I am today you know we can either let our hardships you know define us or we can also use them to essentially design who we want to be and create our own lives and so never allow your circumstance to determine who you are as a person just because I mean you know somebody's always has hasn't worse off than you so jumping in you know here when I was 19 years old I actually got a job at the phone sales company I had mentioned and you know was smiling down for that company for for years and years and you know I actually was the youngest person that I were hired at 19 years old at that company and the only person they'd ever hired with a college degree so it was literally just by you know divine intervention you know God wanted me there at that time in place and it allowed it to work out to where you know I I was able to you know get on with this company and great opportunity for you know when I was there but one of the things where you can't stay there forever because obviously you can only grow so much in that position and so if you're currently in a job where you feel stuck just understand that you're only going to be able to grow so much in that position until you go out there and you find something else where you've learned something else or do something else in order to grow further so after being at the top for about three years I made my first hundred thousand dollars at age 23 I actually might have been 22 I put down 23 here because that just made the most sense but I might have been 22 now I think about exercises there for three years started when I was 19 but anyhow it was a great year as you can imagine I had more money than I knew what to do with I blew more money than I you know ever ever thought I would ever have you know the previous year when I was living in a small town in Missouri before I moved up to Kansas City and got this job I had made between two jobs working about 70 hours a week on average I had made about $18,000 that year and that was a job between working at a non-profit for profit about 50 hours a week and then working at Best Buy in home theater for another 20 hours a week so making $100,000 just a few years later was just like mind-blowing for me and that was just through corporate America job so understand like you know your thing you know your life and your situation can change in an instant as long as you're open you know open to the opportunities and open to taking them or at least looking at them and diving into them so that is kind of how I got my start you know you know kind of really what is what changed my life and it was strictly because not because I got lucky like I said God definitely put me in the right place at the right time but also the the work ethic you know out of the five years I was with this company with the president's club three out of those five years and you know they sent us all around all really all around the world on different exotic vacations because I was always within the top five to ten percent of the company and I don't say that to brag because obviously I know you guys don't really care about that but what I do you know the reason I do bring that up is because work ethic is everything if you're not working for what you have or what you want then you're just not going to get there so after doing that didn't built it was with that company for about five years ended up you know leaving that company to start my first real business you know I'd had little kind of little businesses growing up but I wouldn't necessarily call myself an entrepreneur until I left corporate America to you know essentially take my leap of faith and then start my own company which I have now grown to multiple millions of dollars in the last four years you know all online Oh a completely digital based business and if you want to know more about me how I got there and the course I took feel free to find me on Facebook message me always love hearing from you guys and you know I can answer for other questions if you have any in regards to that or if there's anything I can help you do to to leave your jobs so you know now I've been a digital nomad as I mentioned for a little over four years have absolutely loved the journey so far and the freedom has provided has been amazing so that's a little bit about me thank you guys for making it through that part not super exciting but you know I just wanna let you guys know what's possible out there when you really apply yourself in and try something new so next let's jump into what is affiliate marketing right so you may have heard of affiliate marketing you might know about affiliate marketing you might know exactly what it is or some of you guys watching this video this might be one of the first times you've ever heard of affiliate marketing I first looked into affiliate marketing Batman back when I was probably like 18 19 years old about this book called affiliate Millions and this big old thick encyclopedia looking book I made it like a quarter way through and then I just put a bookmark in it never picked it back up because it was just man so complicated you know I was talking about using yeah you know basically selling other people's products companies products in exchange for commissions and you know doing that all online or through you know back then was like marketing mailers and all kinds of crazy stuff like that and so did that you know kind of looked into it but it was just so confusing back then especially you know like I had no idea how to build a website when you literally had to you know Cottam yourself there's so much harder to get started in the industry and so I put it on the shelf never did anything with that and flash forward to here we are now literally a decade later and you know it is now quickly becoming my main main stream of income and so you know obviously I'm not going to act like you know I'm a multi multi-millionaire specifically from affiliate marketing it's something I've jumped into now coming up on a year ago now and it is like I said quickly becoming a large percentage if not a majority percentage of my portfolio when it comes to the money that I make and so that is why I'm sharing with other people because it is the fastest way that I have found to build wealth outside of standard investments where you typically need a lot of money in order to you know make make a lot of money so I kind of give you an example what you get around here give you a couple examples of you know what affiliate marketing is and so I'm going to use kind of my retail sales experience as an example and so back when I was you know 1718 working for Best Buy right I don't know if I can use their name on here but going to because I mean that's that's where it was and so I got hired on in the home theater department you know the same same thing you know worked my butt off was only part-time there about 20 25 hours a week but the same time I'm putting up some pretty good numbers the only downside was Best Buy was not commission based so it's not like I made anything extra by you know always having the best numbers in the department so kind of a little background on that if you're going to get into sales make sure it is a commissioned sales job so that you are paid what you're worth and then you can work your tail off and make as little or as much as you want and so in this example I'll just act like they did pay us Commission right you know standard standard sales you know kind of goes like this you know customer comes into Best Buy looking for a new home theater system comes up and talks to an associate aka myself you know they you know tell us you know kind of what they're looking for we match them up with what they're looking for easy sale because they already you know they're pre-sold they're coming in they're ready to buy and so for everything that I would sell them I should say I'd make an average of 10 percent commission on that and so you know in order to get those clients in the store obviously Best Buy is running promos and deals and everything else to get the traffic in there and then it's up to me to close those sales so that I make my commission so that is the standard retail sales model right a lot of marketing just kind of like throw mud at the wall and see what see what sticks type of marketing and then on the back end you know it's up to us the salespeople which they're also paying for and employing just to sell a TV and maybe like a little 2

1 home theater system or something so that's the standard retail sales example now affiliate marketing is is much much different affiliate you know it is primarily done online there's other affiliate marketing companies that are not web-based but for the most part they are and you know for myself sorry jump back here for myself I focus on you know digital products or service based products that are all online because that just makes it that much easier when it's all online because then you don't have to worry about anything everything is done for you etc which I'll get into at in a little bit but same difference you find a way to drive traffic or customers or potential prospects to a website where a product opportunity service whatever it may be and just needs not wiggle in the mouse I guess and you know you know not everybody but there's the select few are going to purchase that product because you are the one who introduced them to it you didn't necessary even have to sell them they sold themselves because it was something that they were looking for they just happen to find it through you and that is what we're doing with affiliate marketing is we are finding the right prospects and partnering them with the right products that they need we're already looking for so it's an easy sale there's no hard core you know pushy sales tactics that you know we had to use and they retail days but it's much much easier because like I said people are pre selling themselves they know already know what they're going to buy so what are the benefits of affiliate marketing right well you know this compared to traditional business I also own a drop shipping company where you know we designed all the products ourselves and then the dropship from our supplier so very simple but still took time to create all the products all the designs etc and so you know with affiliate marketing there's no need to create your own product at all right because you're actually selling somebody else's product or service that other people are already in the market looking for great it's not about that is when you're working with digital or you know web-based service products there is no shipping required so that is literally one of the best parts about this is you don't have to worry about creating your product no shipping and you don't have to worry about a payment processor getting approved by a bank or you know some sort of Visa or PayPal or square what are all these other crazy payment processes if you were you know kind of you had your own website up and running and let's just say you had a t-shirt business right you're still gonna have to connect it with some sort of payment processor and there's you know there's other companies that have made that a lot simpler these days but back in the day you know we had a website and we had to find our own payment processor and it was just a mess because you got to get you know they have to look at your tax ID number make sure you're legit and it's just a hassle so none of these you know these are essentially the non negatives or the benefits of affiliate marketing it's essentially done for you and when something's done for you then that means you can just pick up and start running and get some really good speed working for you and it saves you a lot of time the long run so kind of what lets you know jump into how to get started it's extremely simple right it really depends on what your interests are and you know who your niche is right some of you guys might already be building audiences through Facebook pages Instagram YouTube channels etc you might already have an audience who is looking to you for opinion you know your opinion and your expertise in a particular area where it whether that's health and fitness or beauty or network marketing or shoot how to fix your own car right it doesn't doesn't matter you just need to find a product that actually fits that niche so that you know when you are offering it to your audience you're going to have some people who are actually interested and already interested in buying those type of products you know if you had excuse me if you had a you know I what you know instance you mean a YouTube channel that you know taught people how to kind of fix and repair their own cars and a little how-to page you know providing value that way and then you're like hey by the way you know here is a here's a health product for you your audience gonna be like cool great I don't I don't care about that I'm never going to buy your product get back to fixing cars because that's why I'm watching you right so you need to make sure that it is niche specific so make sure it is targeted and so once you find that specific niche you know we'll just use health and wellness because that's an easy one there's a lot of you know online trainers or fitness you know gurus and models all over Instagram and YouTube so what you that is an example so let's say that's your niche you can join an affiliate network there are tons out there but just some of the bigger names is like Amazon has an affiliate program Amazon affiliates Walmart does bodybuilding comso kind of going back into that Fitness example you could actually if you had a fitness channel on YouTube you could start promoting bodybuilding calm and everything anytime someone used your promotional code or use your link to purchase something your to make like I think it's like an average of 20% through bodybuildingcom so they spent a hundred bucks they send you a check for $20 how easy was that right and obviously in the beginning it takes a little while to build up steam because the purpose of this is providing value and then eventually you know asking them to purchase something that they already need and already looking for or when they're ready to purchase it you're just the first person that they think about so they come and they purchase it through you so that's an easy example for you know going bodybuildingcom but there's so many other affiliate networks out there and there's so many different products other affiliate networks you know you can kind of search some of those online there's some bigger ones that are very very specific type products for whatever niche you're in but just when some of the big ones to show you how legit of an industry this is it's it's amazing and you find the right product and I mean you're you're sitting on a goldmine just got to start digging so you know it's extremely easy to do usually free you know a lot of these companies you actually get started for free some of them the the ones that pay higher Commission's they want to make sure that you're serious right so they they make you pay either a startup fee or a monthly fee in order to become an affiliate and actually move their products because they want you to be a product of the product they want you to actually use the product yourself before you refer it they don't want you to just you know out there jacking and link spam and everywhere they want to make sure that it makes sense for what you're marketing to your audience so that is essentially how to get started you literally find the affiliate program that fits your niche and apply and you know sometimes it's a little bit a little bit more difficult to get approved depending on how strict the network is but other than that I mean just get just get started join us fill a net we're going to see what you can do there's gonna be three things that you need though in order to run a successful affiliate marketing campaign affiliate marketing business and that first thing is going to be a sales funnel software right there's a ton of software's out there um you know I put the one that I use right here for our Nomad comm it basically helps you generate all these different leadpages landing pages sales funnels etc and I'm going to go through each one of these steps here individually so I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time on them right now but sales for the software autoresponder autoresponder is essentially your automatic follow-up message right or follow-up sequence where rather than you having to pick up the phone dial all these people hey I saw you you know we're interested in this product you're going to buy it no thank you now that is not for me I did the whole phone sales thing I'm not gonna do it again so I would much rather have some automated emails doing the work for me the system that I use you can go check out Nomad emails comm and it'll connect you on there it's literally one of the best that I found with the best open rates etc but I like I said once again I'll get into that in just a second then you have traffic right you got to have people that you're sending to your website you are you know pushing them through your funnel you know might you know and as if you know well actually well jump in that shortly but you there's a few different ways to you know grab traffic it can be organic you know coming through different channels or it can be paid you can actually pay for that marketing right so as long as you spend $1 to make $2 then it just makes sense right I gotta make sure that you're in the green when you're you're handling the paid traffic but you know you got to spend money to make money sometimes and that is the fastest way to start growing so we'll jump in all three of these starting with a sale your sales funnel software so the three pages you're going to need in order to run a successful affiliate marketing campaign or run a successful affiliate marketing business is the sales funnel software and there are three specific pages that really help connect you your audience and your audience with the product first thing where you are capturing their email in order to market to them over and over provide value to them over and over is a capture page and if you're unfamiliar with what a capture page is it is essentially a page where people are are giving you their email address and may sometimes name and phone number in exchange for something in return right sometimes it you know it could be you know could be a little PDF download could be an e-book could be a five-day video training series right so for this example we'll just say that someone's given you a 7-day ab ripper course and you know if you're in the fitness community 7-day ab ripper course for free as long as you put your email here and we'll email it to you right so that is what they call a lead mouth magnet right you have the lead magnet something free something that's valuable something that people would you know would actually you know be worth them giving you their email address in exchange for this lead magnet that is you know essentially the first way a first connection that you're getting with these new potential prospects new people that are on your email list right and treat them as new friends right these aren't just dollar signs here these are people real people who are out there looking for answers to their problems and you can actually be the one that provides it to them right you know the the biggest money makers in the world milli multi millionaires billionaires etc they all understand one thing that in order to make a lot of money you just need to fill a big a big need right and so what you're doing is you are finding these needs filling them and providing them valuable information you know to all these new people that are on that email list so basically the person who provides the most value wins and I talk about that even more in my ebook if you haven't downloaded it yet I've got a whole you know whole section on that and you can download that at my Nomad blueprint calm but we'll jump into that later right now you know next you're going to jump into a thank you or what some people call a bridge page right this allows you to connect with them and you know kind of add some personality behind the landing page sometimes they don't know who's behind the landing page or anything like that so this really allows you to kind of share your story with them thank them for you know throwing their email in and then let them know that their you know their seven-day AB Reaper program is on their way to their inbox and then they have something to look forward to after that it goes on to a third page this is going to be more of a sales page actually they already downloaded your ab ripper course and now takes it to a sales page or a vesl a video sales later and typically this is a video that does the selling for you or it'll take them over to a sales page where they can order a particular product right you you they join your list for a seven-day ab ripper course but the same time you you offer them a $27 you know 30-day full body full body makeover workout plan and so you know they can purchase that on the spot otherwise you know they might get an offer later it's for to buy it for ninety seven so if they buy it right then and there they can get it for twenty seven dollars it allows you to put that on your sales page so it's a one two three step process pretty easy pretty cake if you guys have questions about that like set reach out to me happen to answer those questions for you you want to make sure everybody's getting the best knowledge that they can get out there so step number two right is you need an autoresponder as I mentioned earlier the purpose of an autoresponder is so that people can actually get remarketed to after they've joined your email list and you don't have to do it over and over and over and over you don't have to send out individual emails that you're typing to all the you know five ten hundred two hundred two thousand people that are joining your email list you know that would just I mean it would not be an automated job and you know it would not be a fun thing to do if you had to literally speak to that many people on a daily weekly yearly whatever basis so it's an automated follow-up sequence that sends out valuable information to that audience you know after they download that seven-day AB Reaper course you continue to provide them you know let's just say a couple clean and healthy recipes to go along with their workout plan things like that right you got to provide value you got to have a reason for people to buy into you it's called a lot reciprocity and a lot of reciprocity goes like this you know if you know if I give you this then by default the other person is going to feel indebted to give you something in return right not to mention it also locks you in their minds so that when they are ready to purchase a full body workout plan you are the first person that comes to mind because they know you they trust you you've provided them so much value already that you know they want to they want to do business with you they already feel like they know you and the other reason you need an autoresponder and follow-up sequence is because it helps people make a decision right red pill blue pill helps them decide whether or not your program is right for them if not great if so great doesn't really matter to you because your job is providing value plain and simple step 3 traffic right traffic is huge right because if you have this amazing product or incredible course that you've created but you have no one to share it with then you really have nothing so you know there's different free traffic channels you know such as social media people blast outs up through faced with pages Facebook wall and I'm not talking to spam people right this is providing value through these social media channels you know YouTube is huge people have different blogs that they talk about specific things you know this you know if I was a fitness professional I would start a blog you know that was all related to fitness nutrition everything that fit within my niche providing so much value that it was a no-brainer when someone was ready buy a workout plan I would be the first person that they came to mind and thought of at that point in time so you know free traffic you know paid traffic obviously it's going to cost money it's different than free traffic but you know different ways you can run ads are Google Ads you know target people who are already searching for something that you're you're selling or promoting Facebook Ads where people can happen to come across your ads based on you know their likes and interests etc and then there's different ad networks where you can post banner ads and things like that in order to get the word out about your product or email list or whatever it is that you're promoting to your niche audience right make sure it is extremely aligned with what you're doing selling etc I can't emphasize that enough enough because you know if you're not not you know selling something within your niche or probability sitting within your niche then people are going to join because they're going to realize you don't know what you're talking about so um you know you have to kind of experiment with both of these right I am you know suggest that everybody gets started with free because it gets you in a great routine of creating free content as example this video right here is free content because I'm teaching people about this industry so they understand how liberating and and freeing it can be in order to really make money online and to be doing it through affiliate marketing but you just have to choose what's right for you you can become an expert you know with Google ads and Facebook ads etc really profitable way so as long as you're spending $1 you're making $2 in return that is profitable and that's what you're looking for all right so next you know now what you really have to decide if after seeing this information if Filat marketing is for you is it something that you would you know be able to market to your niche do you not even have a niche are you starting from scratch and if so there are you know different companies and programs out there literally that teach you how to do that along the way and so if it is right if you if it happens to be something that really kind of made sense tickled your fancy so to say you just literally have to go join find and join an affiliate company or an affiliate network right find something that suits you your audience and it just makes sense drives with you drives your personality it's something you're passionate about right and this is how you can really turn your passion into profits by really marketing something that you believe in and then next you have to get to work okay this is while it might sound all you know sunshine and rainbows you have to put a ton of work in before you start seeing results so understand that if you're someone who you know gives up after a week of trying something new because you know you're not an expert golfer after golfing for a week and you give up because you're you know upset that you're not amazing or the next Tiger Woods already it's not for you I'm sorry this is not this is a skill that you will have to craft you have to learn how to become a you know help develop yourself into someone who can you know speak to people so when the people give to people right you have to be a very giving person so that you are always giving ten times more than you're ever receiving that's just how it goes especially in the beginning so understand that this takes a lot of work I'm not going to make it sound easy whatsoever but it is so so worth it you know when you get the ball rolling in and get some of it rock and roll in so jumping into the next slide you know this is really about it y'all I I do want to thank you so much for checking it out learning a little bit more about affiliate marketing if you're not already be sure to join our Facebook group where we talk about affiliate marketing and affiliate products and really just making money online as a whole gotta as some incredible experts in there and thousands of dollars of free training so I really encourage you to go check that out now I'll actually put a link below this video so you can go do you know go check that out or there'll be a button you can click but for now I just want to leave you guys with that here are the resources that I mentioned if you want to kind of see what my e-book looks like and see some what my follow-up emails look like you can join my email list and download my ebook by going to my Nomad blueprint calm would love to see you guys jump in there and then if you have any questions you'll have my direct email literally comes right to me so we can start a conversation that way and we can help get you off to the right foot next is my my preferred affiliate product this is the one main product there are a few products that I I do you know make make an income with but this one at live young wealthy free calm is my preferred one it just made the most sense when I got started they have a step-by-step process in order to help you becoming digital and affiliate marketer and the affiliate program is incredible and if you guys need a sales funnel if you're not using something already you can go to for our Nomad calm and jump on there to see a demo of the program that I use extremely simple and honestly it's one of the cheapest that I've found it actually is the cheapest that I've found and so I build pages on that all the time because it's so simple you can pop up stuff literally overnight for our no men calm for that one and then if you need an autoresponder I kind of steps one two three four their autoresponders that you can send automated emails and follow up with people automatically and blast it emails out to your list full of value and and you know content that's going to really make them remember you go to Nomad emails calm and you can kind of see what autoresponder email I use as well so that's really about it guys I'm gonna leave you with that I really appreciate you guys tuning in you know let's definitely connect would love to hear from you and you know chat with you further can I hear some of your dreams and ambitions and how you can turn your passion into profits through affiliate marketing so take care god bless and we will see you guys on the next video

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