How To Remove The WordPress Social Media Widget Plugin

Hi, it's Jan Kearney from My Local Business Online I was catching up with some reading over coffee earlier

I noticed that the Sucuri blog had a new post up about the Social Media Widget that I know I use on my site and I've also installed it on several client sites as well Apparently the plugin is now injecting spam into sites linking to pay day loans and it is recommended that you remove it It is fairly simple to do Here's the plugin on my blog, the Social Media Widget in the sidebar so you can connect with me In the plugins, if I scroll all the way down here, its the Social Media Widget by Blink Web Effects

This is the plugin that needs to be removed Before we deactivate it, if you are doing this yourself then I recommend that you pop over to widgets, find where you have the widget installed in your sidebar – here it is, Social Media Widget Then go through each of these settings and copy all the social URLs you have listed so you don't need to rummage around and dig them out again Once you have all your data and saved it in a notepad or a spreadsheet, then go over and delete the plugin from your WordPress site First of all you want to deactivate the plugin

Once it is deactivated then delete it Click yes, delete these files

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