How to Protect Your Website Against Spam

Hi, this is David from Tiny Frog here to talk about captcha spam protection on your website forms Chances are you're building a website that's going to have forms that any anonymous person can visit on the internet and that means that spam bots can also find these forms

We have a lot of under the hood spam protection including a variety of software that tests IP addresses and different verbiage inside the forms but sometimes that's not enough we want to make sure that the front-facing forms don't get attacked by spammers just trying to break your website or send you spam through those forms So CAPTCHA, c-a-p-t-c-h-a, is a great system that has been designed and maybe you've seen it It's those little funny letters that you have to look at and type into a form They actually even have a cool one now where you just click a button to prove that you're a human who has a mouse and not just a software program trying to break the form So make sure that your designer and your developer here at Tiny Frog put those CAPTCHAs on all of your forms that people can see if they're an anonymous visitor

On forms where people are logged in to your site already it's not as important because you know it's them, they already logged in

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