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Every time there is a mass shooting all society talks about is guns, and by the way Paris is one of the places in the world that's toughest on guns No protection whatsoever, there was nothing anybody can do

immigrants and poor people You look at the migration, now they'll start infiltrating with women and children Wow! They're all men! And not only are they men they're young men and they're strong as you can be They're tough-looking cookies But every single time there is an incident of public violence like this, we also quietly lose more of rights to privacy and freedom

Politicians every single time blame encryption and privacy for their failure to protect us from violence And of course, mainstream media just eat their lies presenting them as facts and truth without questioning Only few pointed out that our governments made deals with the corporations which services we use on daily basis, without asking us permission to play god So I decided I will no longer be silent about this I have made steps to protect myself, and I am going to share them with you, because I am surprised by how many people think there is no alternative

But it’s also necessary to spread this message and make pressure on our governments around the globe That’s the state we have reached A state when we have to protect ourselves from our own governments But we can win, because they may have the means but we have the numbers Have you ever thought to yourself that it seems like everything is justified in the fight against terrorism? From killing toddlers and grandmas in the Middle East, to aggressive corporate-government censorship of our activities on the internet and social media

I’ve had this thought for a long time And every time there is a suicide bombing or shooting somewhere in the West, the public reaction always makes this thought more vivid After the Paris attacks, everything was blamed on Edward Snowden and encryption Intelligence officials and politicians claimed that the ISIS used encryption even though there was absolutely zero evidence for it To me it also looked media stopped doing journalism for a while

Everything politicians said was taken as a fact Number of articles appeared repeating the same nonsense about how ISIS may have used PS4 to plot the attack All the mainstream media joined the fuss even though there was no evidence for it It was just a crowd effect that originally started with one Politico article about communication systems through PS4 Yet it’s amazing to see what the power of fear can do

I found this ridiculous article on Forbes explaining how “an ISIS agent could spell out an attack plan in Super Mario Maker’s coins and share it privately with a friend, or two Call of Duty players could write messages to each other on a wall in a disappearing spray of bullets” Now I am trying to imagine this… and I think it would be just so much easier to just meet up in person or use whatever else Before, the spying agencies have been lobbying for more snooping powers So they got them

First they wanted phone records of every citizen around the globe Then they moved to the internet They demanded browsing history, they got it They asked for email conversation, they got those as well Google searches came next, then online orders, bank records, private chats, skype calls, and any other means of electronic communication fell into the dirty hands of perverts, who have fetish on snooping people’s private lives

Then they requested backdoors to encrypted devices and software Hard way or easy way, they eventually got that either And now their asking for what they can do with those data First it was all in the name of terrorism Which proved to be a filthy lie, but that’s not surprising from people who get off to privacy of others

The terms itself has more than 100 official and academic definitions Then they silently moved the goalpost and used their capabilities on “War on drugs” – which basically is just a politicized waste of tax payers money that helps drug cartels stay off the grid, commit organized crimes and sell drugs without regulation and paying taxes And today, we are being stripped off our fundamental amendments in the name of fighting against “extremism” Quite possibly the vaguest term ever created by the pinnacle of human stupidity The question now isn’t whether we are reaching a surveillance state

We are surveillance state already The question now is, what are they going to be doing with US, now that they’ve got us all bear naked trapped inside their test tubes to study how we can be off “danger” to the “national security” We know they don’t do it to protect us from terrorism, because they admitted a) bulk collection doesn’t help, if anything, it only makes it harder b) they have actually prevented ZERO threats of terrorism Yet they still keep pushing and asking for more powers, so they must be doing it for something else It impresses me how much money must go wasted in here

Just the budget of NSA is $70 billion, which is more than the entire defense budget of Russia! FBI now owns a $1 billion facial recognition tool that uses mostly photos from driving licenses Just one tool that cost 1 billion dollars If you didn’t realize all those money comes from tax payers Thinking about this tool there’s a way of how this thing could be abused – for example, if they had the motivation, they could find a match of your criminal “look a like” which has happened in the past by accident, and get rid of you at any point in time Privacy is dead

It’s gone But here’s how we take it back By protecting ourselves, by compelling our rigged governments, and by spreading the message, we can still keep the value of privacy alive, before it’s long forgotten by a new generation who hasn’t even lived in a private world If we prevent that, we will eventually make it happen We could write Internet constitutions of human rights, that would fundamentally protect all of our rights online just like it used to before the era of the Internet

We can make the spies to work on warrant basis again It’s necessary to make clear we aren’t against spying and don’t want an unbreakable encryption But we are against bulk collection and spying on law abiding citizen without a warrant, with spying agencies treating us all guilty until proven innocent With the only problem, that in one way or another, they can make us all guilty If you think you can’t do anything to protect yourself, don’t believe it

I’ll give you alternatives on everything on the Internet For email, you shouldn’t use anything from google, yahoo, Microsoft and giants like this If you use gmail, not only does Google, or Alphabet (oh god what a terrible name), sell your private conversation to the NSA, they also trade it to marketers There is a way you can use any service to asymmetrically encrypt all your messages, but you’d have to do it for every email and every recipient individually Services like protonmail have used this same technique but made it invisible for you

So all your emails are encrypted, but you don’t have to do anything There is even a great android and iOS app It’s not perfect But it’s certainly hundred times better than gmail, there is no advertising, none of your information are being sold, and you a have a protection against bulk collection For instant messaging and calling, USE SIGNAL from Open Whisper Systems

These guys are absolutely amazing All messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted, it costs you nothing and the whole program is open source, which means for you there are no backdoors in it, like there could be in Whatsapp, because the code of the app is public and if it was changed, other developers would have noticed This tool is literally the best! You should convert all your contacts who are using WhatsApp to this WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption too, but it’s closed source and owned by Facebook which means two things – you have no idea about the backdoors, and since WhatsApp is tied to your phone number, Facebook has all that too You also have to pay for WhatsApp while Signal is completely free, functioning thanks to grants and donations

So tell all your friends they don’t need to pay one dollar a year anymore I don’t recommend using Chrome for browsing, because Google knows every site you visit and ties that information to yout profile they make on you You should use Firefox and take advantage of its privacy addons and configuration First, get Privacy Badger Facebook, Twitter and Google have been using Like and Share buttons to track your activity, match it with the identifying cookies on your device, and track you even after you log out from their sites

Privacy Badger blocks and deletes all those and other trackers Then use uBlock, and not Adblock for blocking ads, because Adblock has been paid by companies not to block their ads Install Disconnect, which stops trackers from more than 2000 third party sites and loads your pages 27% faster It’s always nice to overkill so you can also install decentraleyes which kills any other attempts of tracking you through the web You should also delete your cookies at every instance, because websites use cookies to also track your traffic outside their pages

Self-destructing cookies add-on deletes all of them Then I also have “BetterPrivacy” installed, because some cookies are not deleted even after you manually delete all cookies on your browser This deletes all those zombie cookies and gives you more privacy on the web Websites can use your browser fingerprint to track you, which is all your browser configuration, add-ons, device you are running,specific version of those, etc… which can be very unique Use Random Agent Spoofer to get one step ahead of these sneaky bastards

Lastly install HTTPS Everywhere that will encrypt your connection with every major website making it more secure This will give you a lot of protection against web tracking, because your browsing habits can reveal a lot about your identity You should know that Google can’t be trusted with its search engine anymore Not only it uses all your searches to make a profile on you that’s easy to sell to marketers, they also censor your search results based on that profile, your geographic location and other identifiers Some personalisation might be ok if you want see content of your interest, but if you are searching for news and facts, you should be given as neutral position as possible

Therefore I use DuckDuckGo as my primary search engine Which gives me results based on the search terms and not on my profile It doesn’t track anything I do, like Google, which sends the information of your search to the sites you visit during your search So if you search for porn poged eggs recipe all day, the sites you click on will now have all that information in their hands because Google sold it to them DuckDuckGo doesn’t do that, so your search remains yours only

These tech giants are selling your privacy for peanuts Facebook sells your entire life on its social media, that is your profile, likes, pics and chats, for about 5 dollars That’s it That’s how much you are worth to them You could sell a piece of shit for more than this

If you are in the USA you can turn to the EFF for appeals to your congressmen, but EU is little more complicated It would be great to open a European branch of the EFF because EU is also equally crucial in modern times of privacy and freedom So go to EFForg, hit the take action page, and fill any petitions and appeals that you deem are worth your signature In the EU there’s an individual procedure for every state so I can’t show it to you

But take some action, or at least talk about this Like sharing this video would also help the case… and me

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