How To Protect Your Data From Ex-Employees

Hey everybody, Mike Linville from Black Dog Education with this week's installment of Office Hours where we answered your questions about web design, web development and online marketing Now this week AJ writes, Mike I just fired a marketing company and now I'm worried they might so something sketchy to my site they were blogging for me and have administrative access to my site

How can I keep my site safe without having to create new users or profiles for my posts? AJ that's actually a really good question because like it or not people are ultimately leave or step away from your company right whether it's an employee or contractor whether it's on good terms or bad terms The one thing we've learned in the 14+ years we've been doing this one thing I've learned is that under duress people can sometimes do some weird things We don't know stresses are going on in their lives so what I've done is I've come up with a four step method or process that I use any time somebody leaves whether it's good or bad, whatever cases just to make sure that I have that peace of mind Now the first thing that I'm going to do is if they had an e-mail account set up for them I'm going to go ahead and change the password on the e-mail account and then redirect that e-mail to another person in my company That way from the end user's perspective it's going to be a seamless transition from one customer service rep to another customer service rep

Their problems are taken care of and that's all we're really concerned about The second thing I'm going to is I'm going to go ahead delete that user account and them I'm going to reassign those previous posts to another user So again in WordPress, when you delete a user it's going to optionally to reassociate the posts and the links to another already registered on your site so go ahead and take care of that alright You don't need that person's name floating around anymore The third thing that I'm going to do is change my administrative usernames and passwords so hopefully you don't still use an admin user in WordPress

Whoever it is that has administrative privileges make sure that you change those passwords Even if that person didn't necessarily have admin access or you don't remember giving them admin access, it could have been that you had them do a plugin for you at some point in time It's better to be safe, go ahead and change that password And the forth thing that I'm going to go ahead and do is change what are called authentication keys and salts Now you're going to find those in your WP config file and basically what it is some encrypted information that helps strengthen the cookies on your user's machines so by changing those, what that does is it requires everybody to login the next time they visit your site okay

So there's 4 steps AJ I hope that's served you and given you some ideas in terms of how you can make sure that you keep your site safe So now I want to hear from the rest of you When somebody leaves your company, again whether it's a contractor whether it's an employee whatever the case may be What do you do, what kind of security processes do you have to make sure everything stays safe and business is done as usual? So use the comment section below let us know Again this is Mike Linville from Black Dog Education I want to say thank you for stopping by and we'll see you next time

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