Hello friends, Welcome to TechFun Infinity Now we gonna see how to block any website which is you feel that should not to be visible to my childred or in some time even you also don't want to enter some websites because thay may be hijacking, or time consuming or spread virus, whatever Now let get into the video to know how to do that I'm gonna do this for windows OS Let take an example that you want to block facebookcom twitter

com and bloggercom First let check wheather it open or not in browser First open the browser and type facebookcom & press enter Yes It opens Now type twittercom & press enter Yes, It also loaded Now type bloggercom and press enter Yes, it also opens These all are working

now lets consider We have to block these websites Just go to the MyComputer and type the path as C:Windowssystem32driversetc There you can see a Host file, open that file in notepad And in last line just type the website names One by one with the following numbers as 127001 I'm going to block the websites wwwfacebook

com & wwwtwittercom and also wwwbloggercom I'm typing this websites following the numbers 127

001 and tab Now save the file and go to the browser and check whether the websites are opens or not I'm opening my browser and typing facebookcom & pressing Enter Yes, it is not working & shows the site can't be reached I gonna open new tab and typing bloggercom & pressing Enter This also shows that "This site can't be reached" So these websites are blocked Now I'm going to type YouTube

com which is not entered in the host file, so it should open in browser Now I'm gonna type Youtubecom Yes , It opens and working properly So this is the way you can block any website which not to be visible in browser If you type the website name in host file Any of the browser cannot reach that websites

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