How To Protect Photos From Image Theft – SBI! Tortoise Tip #10

Are you a victim of image theft? Are other websites using YOUR images or photos and passing them off as their own? This video shows you how to identify image thieves Images are content too

You can find out if anyone is copying your website's photos by using Google Image Search I recommend that you test images from your home page and your other most visited and best monetization pages Those are the ones most likely to be "image-jacked" Ready to start? Step 1 Download one of your website's photos to your desktop Step 2 Rename the image For example, "5jpg" Changing the file name forces Google to recognize it visually Step 3

Go to Google Image Search at http://imagesgooglecom/ Step 4

Click on the camera icon, upload the image and do the search Did Google find the image on your site? More importantly, did the search find it on anyone else's site? If you find an image that is being copied, check the rest of that site to see if other photos are being stolen by that site Or repeat the search with another image and see if the same site(s) show up

If you do find some sort of repeated copying of your photo(s), report it to Google DMCA at http://wwwgooglecom/dmcahtml Click on the Image Search radio button and continue from there

You work hard to provide quality original content for your visitors and for the search engines Don't let image thieves take advantage of your time and efforts

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