How To Password Protect A Specific Content Section In WordPress

If you just want to add password protection to a specific bit of content inside an otherwise public WordPress post or page, you'll need to turn back to third-party plugins for help This time, you can use one called Content Protector

As usual, install and activate the plugin to get started You can configure some style and text options by going to Settings ? Content Protector, but nothing is mandatory Unless you want to change something, you're fine to just jump into protecting content To do that, head to the WordPress Editor for the post you want to add password protected content to Then, click on the new Add Content Protector shortcode button in your Editor

Enter your password and click Insert Now, visitors will be able to see all of your normal content But anything you put inside the shortcode will be password protected like this And that finishes up our video series about how to password protect WordPress in all kinds of ways If you just need to restrict individual WordPress posts, you can use WordPress' built-in password functionality

Otherwise, to password protect other parts of WordPress, you'll need to use one of the third-party plugins mentioned in videos

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