How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing

Welcome welcome welcome How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing Edwin Whitworth here with some awesome Training for you today How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing Really really packed nice out with lots of value So I want you guys to Keep this recording

I want you to take some notes and we take some immediate action I'm going to show you how to get some daily targeted traffic Coming in from all angles and How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing I'm going to show you an awesome place to send this traffic to so you can start get some high ticket earnings coming in and This traffic is going to come in on the daily basis and give you the opportunity to earn money every single day so my awesome search engine optimization skills where I send traffic to traffic comes back to you and Then it goes to this awesome super funnel Which further emails your people every single day three times a day? Upselling for you How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing So I want to be ready for this I want to be pumped up I want to focus I wait to turn on Facebook and it burns off turn the TV off Go to a quiet room get rid of the kids Give the wifey credit card and tell it go shopping I want you to really get involved in this training I like to watch it exactly what I do How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing I'm gonna give you thousands of dollars worth of training and it's going to be for free traffic and I do this every day I'm getting anything start between four and five hundred new subscribers to my super fun or coming in every day now using a simple method It just takes some consistent action Okay, so You kidding me, really? Come on

What's the catch Adrienne? well, there's no catch you follow the training you do that you do the work and You watch the traffic come in How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing Traffic's great, but you have to send it somewhere that it's gonna work for you You need an ecosystem a traffic system Which you know is going to come in and when you send this traffic to my super funnel just How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing Let the super fun I'll do the selling for guys Just let it do its job But if you hit the numbers the numbers will work for you Okay, so all starts with a good attitude and being up in a believing you can do this When I was doing all of this work and really really grinding it out Nothing was really happening and It was the way that I was making the content, really I think the content was kind of like well, you just got to work hard and if you don't work hard You'll never do anything in your life

And I think my negativity came across In my content and the content just wasn't converging Now that all this traffic's coming through I know that because the traffic's going into the funnel That means that they're actually Putting the details into the landing page and I'll get to that later on Don't worry solvent for you The people are out the night How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing They are going to the system and it is working and I saw it my attitude out and I just did the work And I just feel so lucky that I can actually have this opportunity to Do this for myself and help you do it for yourselves as well? Being opens very important you're being opened does it mean that you can have to watch? Everybody is trained in everybody's deal and that you promising to you know, take on loads of businesses It's that's not what being open is all about being open If someone says to you You know, are you open to? How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing Earning extra money are looking at something else to say Well, I'm kind of busy at the moment, but I'm open to having a conversation with you You know this ways of dealing with this type of person Believing you can do it is just getting on with it because if you just get on with something Let's use this example when you've got your first smartphone when you got your first iPhone or your Android on whatever it was You didn't know how to use it Did you? You just didn't none of us did How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing You know, it's not just technophobes kind of just taught themselves into not knowing what to do we were all Tecna forms at one stage And it's funny because when I say this to especially to young people at home Well, yeah, we will we need outfits We need our smart phones

So we just have to do it, right So if you need to add some money online Then you'll just do it right So just imagine what it was like when you got your first smartphone imagine what it was like when you got your first Facebook account or your Instagram account or whatever it is that you used You didn't know how to use it then but you still count it because you knew it was going to be fun So that's what you should do with this How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing So I'm going to show you how to have a consistent flow of traffic every day I'm going to show you that this consistent flow of traffic that goes to a converting landing page that Goes to a converting sales page Which just happens to be a great product will bring you in sales, okay? I'm going to concentrate on the traffic though The other stuff I'm gonna let someone even even better show you that stuff and and he will do that for you My job is to show you how I get a consistent daily flow of traffic To the converting landing page And a steady stream of subscribers that hits the numbers guys That dis gives you sales Okay, you already know this? so by doing something every day or By doing something, you know Whenever you've got time to do it and you must always make sure that you do it you will get subscribes and sales So what is all this about well I use a You Tube method which is free Then I use YouTube SEO How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing Which is much easy to understand them Maybe some people of leger to believe and I'm gonna show you exactly what I do and it's dead easy really easy if you can click your video link and do and Send that link to where I'm going to show you Then you're already there this is really easy I can do this I Tell you the guy who taught me how to do this can barely use his own is a website I mean, it's hilarious So it's SEO is search engine optimization That means that we want your your video to be found and watched and not only that that the link in the How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing But maybe video and I'm going to show you how to do that as well dead easy That is going to be the traffic that goes to your landing page and Michael will show you that as well Very very easy In tandem with the YouTube method I'm going to show you He's out to use that same content Okay, so you're not creating mobile content

We're going to use the same piece of content and we're going to pop it into a free Another free resource It's all free guys It's something called a press release and then I'm going to show you what to do with that Press release And again, it's SEO search engine optimization Now I know it sounds a lot

It may seem complicated It really isn't because I'm actually going to show you A video that I've already done I'm How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing Gonna shoot I'm gonna walk you through what I've done with the video And by the way, guys, you're going to be watching this video You can pause this and copy it you can come back to it because you're going to keep this Just just watch it pause it copping watch the next bit watch it Pause it copy teddies and then with a press release SEO It's kind of like the YouTube SEO but we're just going to show you exactly what I did again Alright Really easy? I'm not going to take too long on this There's no need to and again, just watch pause and How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing Take action and copy that's all you have to do and you can always go back into the you know Go back a minute if you have to watch pause and copy So This takes is you know, so what I do with all this traffic, you know Where where am I sending it? Will I send it to a super white? Collar super funnel? This super funnel upsells for me to the email addresses Collecting and I think it's for about nine weeks Your new subscriber your new prospect is going to be emailed three times a day by the super funnel with your affiliate link How cool is that? How cool is that that I'm gonna show you how to get a ton of Free traffic every day that free traffic is going to convert into new subscribers for you every day Especially when you choose to do this and then the super fund will take over will use your email and your prospect your new Prospect on you subscriber It's gonna email them three times a day for nine weeks It's just phenomenal How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing We'll come back to that today

Okay, so Let's get down to the nitty-gritty guys, let's get let's do this so Now again, don't worry I've got all of this here but What we're gonna do is I think let's you did to do This one here and I did this yesterday Actually, I'm just gonna pause that okay, so I Create videos which are just like this just to help people Especially beginners make money online That's it And the niche that I'm in is helping people to make money online usually working from home So Bear with me one second I just need to refresh this

There we are So this video I made was helped to start affiliate marketing for beginners Now I only did this yesterday It's the 13th of June today And as you can see was published yesterday so I do all sorts of different types of videos I I Do like presentation ones like this? I just do like review videos Where I kind of show people over the shoulder, you know in the members area of Programs and I've my ugly little mug in the corner so you can actually see me and I'm a real person blah blah blah Now what I'm gonna do is This is kind of just an overview of what I do if you want to know much more in debt About how I do in these type of videos what software is and this that and the other then? Get in touch and make basically And I'll give you my contact details at the end of this if you're watching this on youtube Send me a comment comment under the video ask What you know, what's the bigger deal and stuff like that and I can help you with that? I just want to prove to you what I'm doing my youtube and my SEO to get a ton of traffic And then where I'm sending it to get me some sales, okay? Alright so I'm just going to click on edit In fact to do that moment What I'm going to do is I'm going to come show more so what I do is I set out my text box in a certain way, so There's the video Title now, I do some keyword research on this this is bringing in around I think seven hundred searches of views a month So that's a lot of traffic and I want to tap into that

So that's why I called my video of that Okay, so there's some value there now this is about using resources and it's about where to find products and stuff So and I just put you know, you can register for these places there, which is free in order to find You know any products that you might want to sell and a row at out a little summary of the video Nothing too major nothing, you know, there's not a lot there There's only about 300 words a sorry three Yeah midget words there and It's all nice and tidy and I just put these spaces in here It's easy to read now This is good for SEO Because when Google and YouTube scan this they'll be picking out keywords, and they'll be you know Making sure that it gets ranked properly which means it getting gets found properly So again a nice little space that those are the fastest term the equals Little sign there I always do this which is you will have found this video by using the following attacks and keywords And I did that there now then Now reason why I put that in again, it's making all of the keywords I want to rank for And I put those in there, okay Then I put some associated videos in These are from my youtube channel, so I've got these Review videos and I put these in again

It's good for SEO and it tells you to That I've got I've got videos in there The the key is a congruent thing You know, I'm talking about the same thing and YouTube likes that Now some more backlinks How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing This is called on-page SEO by the way, which is why I put some links in here Fred me at Facebook And that's my link to Facebook That's my Twitter link and that's my LinkedIn like and you can go on mad with it You could put loads in because it's good on page SEO YouTube likes this and then I put a nice little affiliate disclaimer in here that kind of it really does protect, you know and Especially with the way that privacy laws are being and the FTC operate stuff like that now having a disclaimer in there It's there to protect the consumer and it's there to protect the content creator as well And actually this can stop YouTube Suspending your on your channel as well I Need to change that I don't know why that sounds in technology

I'll changer and and Then what I do is at the bottom in the comment box I'll just put you know, get your product here and that's just the link which is to do with the Which is to do with the video the content of the video then a lot I always like IR and I always click the heart because YouTube wants to see some Interaction, they don't know that I did it doesn't matter and I do the same Okay, so I hope that makes sense it's all nice and clean nice little description nothing too much Put the keywords and tags in there Then I'll choose some other videos that I've got If you haven't done any yet, then don't do it Obviously put that in does it matter but put all your social media links in there, you know put something in there That's all good Put your disclaimer in Again, if you want to copy this just pause the video just write it out and just pop it in yourself That'll need to change That should be how to Pop a comment in there like and love it And then you will you'll save that and Then what we want to do is Okay, so here Is what we call the watch link For YouTube, okay, and it should look something like that This this bit here is Random code so yours won't be like mine there So you want to actually? We're going to we're going to copy that and I'm gonna come somewhere called onlywire Now I'm not an affiliate for this lot and to be honest with you It's a real pain in the bum become an affiliate for them

I don't know why it is but Excuse me so you can go to only whycom And I think there's a free version mine's a paid version But you can use a free version to start with and what it mean What it does is it will post your content for you I mean, I've got Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn and I've got all of these here as well It will help you – I'd love Dinsey else up now And he will help you set up all of these accounts and it will ping to them it's like a social bookmarking Websites absolutely superb so I'm gonna go out here Now I did this yesterday I don't want to do it again because I don't want to get blacklisted For like spamming my links out too much So I'm going to Paste that in there And then and I'm gonna click in there and it kind of fills everything out for me because it just it can do that's very clever and There we go, and then what you would do he pulls up your image it It pulls up the text it's gonna send I mean it's not showing it all but it will it will put it all in and then you click on share and It will do it all for you will send it all out it Loads itself up in about five minutes and it just bangs the lot out and it's absolutely brilliant So that's a social bookmarking tool Okay now So that's only wire so what I do is I do that and send it out So that went out to you know, I think about forty four networks

So that's 44 backlinks Straightaway – it's a really good strong Website so you can you can do that for free I think the free one does Good and the all goes out It's about five minutes, but Yeah, the free version I think you could do 30 and then paid you can do it to about 100 And it's it's just better for your SEO Now then my girl here it's something called googlecom It's webmasters Submit that's it

Go to Google I think it's Google submit So if I pop that in here, let's have a look Google so Commit It's this one it says Google search console, but if you look at the URL, it says webmasters tool submit URL That's the one you want Okay And that's that so you would left click right click paste That's not what we want And that's what we want and that was that that Was that okay? So you pop that in there you would click I'm not a robot and you would click on submit request So what that does is Google bed knows that you've got a new piece of content to scan to look at them to rank And that will do that fairly quickly it will it will actually put it into its search engine straight away But it will scan it probably over 12 to 24 hours

It will look at you you look at you Look at your keywords, it will check each title It will check your tags and it will rank it appropriately and What we've just done to you know with only wire it will see where it's it's being bookmarked next we are going to a website called mediumcom This is really this is a brilliant website when you put content in media It gets ranked really highly google loves medium Ok, so sell your account and prove it in your Confirm it in your email box log back in Set up your profile I'm not going to teach how to do things like that I mean, you know, that's just you know exactly what you're doing Click on the on that all our icon a photo click on new story Your title will be whatever your videos cold Ok, and I put all of that in because that's what I want to rank for So you fill in your title then You click on where it says

Tell your story click on them on that term That circle with the what looks like a crucifix in there it spins around to an X You click on add a video You grab your Watch URL again go back to medium You left-click you right-click click on paste Press on Enter and then just watch what happens It loads up your your video just pops it into there And by the way, I tell you what I should show you I do I should show you how I make one of these and how you load it up It's really easy So that's up done And then you would click on publish when you click on publish It will ask you for some tags now don't put loads in because You can put plenty in in YouTube and that's fine but for things like this just do two or three so I will put affiliate marketing for beginners Affiliate marketing how to start affiliate marketing and I would make sort of three or four there's a combination out with your title there So you can fill it marketing affiliate marketing for beginners How to start affiliate marketing you see what I mean? Just do with that use your imagination Not to import in a moment because all we actually really want is to rank our video and to get it the reason why we're doing this and putting the video in so many places is is that at the heart of all of this is your YouTube watch URL at the center of all of this you're gonna have all of these different web sites adding to your Videos Authority and this is how we get it found much much easier Now as a bit of a weird one, I I use this it is a friend of mine who's an absolute genius at ranking videos John Armstrong You go – I think it's let's have a look at enna blogcom That's it that hot Anna in fact you could go to Let's go tonight

It's a Japanese blogging Site but the backlinks are insane because the Japanese love to blog So you can go to hatena blogcom Let's just Let's just double check because I don't want you to Get this wrong, so it's a Tina dot any dot JP What'll happen is if you are using a Google Chrome or something like that it will ask you it will give you the option to translate all of this and mine's already done that so don't worry about all this Japanese so you can actually It will give you the option here to set up your own to register and it will do it in English for you but if you do come back to this page click on my antenna Click on new blog Click on new entry you'll get really good backlinks off this and then where it says title You put in whatever you What your title is can with mine wasn't know how to start philip mountain sir click in the box Click on link Then you're gonna put your watch URL in there Yeah, so left click right click paste Just that click on preview it's gonna start populating some stuff again, don't worry about the Japanese This is what you want Don't worry about this stuff It's the video that you want to pop in So just click on that then down here This is blue box here with all this Japanese in just click on that Your videos there, okay And then just here Go, can you see that? This is publish click on publish Boom that's it, then if you want to send it to your Facebook or Twitter you can do So that's a tena, okay, so do that one I'm going to pull that out of there now then next place Just move There yeah, so this website is called scoop it so just pop in Www

skypecom Dot it and hit enter set up an account Go to your email activate come back and you see this box here left click right quick first Click on the red add the green button there And it pops it populates here with your video Put about three or four tags in there and click on publish and that one's done I'm not gonna do that again So we've I Don't need to do that cuz I sent it yesterday so you've submitted your piece of content to Google If you're gonna use something like onlywire if you've got your own bookmarking system fine do it That's absolutely fine I'm just showing you what I do to get rankings Excuse me So That's what I do so, you know you click on create a new post left click right click first Click in that box and it'll populate Click share and you'll send it out to all of the places that you registered in this networks box there Alright great stuff So you've only wide it out 2/3, er 50 places You've created a medium post Now then if you're using Google Click on these little boxes here and you'll find Drive click on Drive This is a nice Google backlink that not a lot of people know about click on new to Google Docs click on new doodle Google Docs cut and talk properly So here which says untitled document What what to do is I wanted to put your video title in how to start affiliate marketing for beginners That are going there put it there as well just here tell you what I'll do it let's do it together Copy Okay, then you would paste that in there you Can change the size and do whatever you want now underneath there? what I want you to do is I want you to go back to your Your YouTube video watch URL right click copy This isn't new Google Docs, let me just pop Some things tidy this up for you and then left click right click paste There's your URL

Just press enter of color x and Then I'm not gonna do this because I've already created this and I need to get rid of it actually is that just go down to your Body of text and then from here What I would do is I would grab all of that all of it and then copy and paste it into here and what will happen is it will automatically Save it and I'm just just need to see if I can bend this What I'll do is I'm just gonna come out of this so you've actually created a document and it's gonna save That document in here, okay And then it'll be in here, alright, so once it's in there you've actually created a a nice Google backlink and We haven't done there See where this button here to share with left click on there right, so let's So if you've got a LinkedIn account now I know if you've got only wire and it's probably said stuff out but I would still do this anyway, so you can Center LinkedIn Pinterest Tumblr reddit You're gonna need to set up Accounts for these if you haven't already got it If you've got a Google account you will already have blogger Google+ it'll also go to Twitter Facebook now with the Facebook What I've done is let me show you This is my facebook if you want to connect with me Then How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing pop that in your browser That'll bring you to my page send me a friend request, but send me a message or If you've got a messenger app on your smartphone Open up Facebook Messenger Pop in my name Adrian dot Whitworth and Then when you can see my face here and this here and click on add to messenger and Send me a message It will come straight to my phone if sometimes if you do that on desktops and PCs, it'll just go to my My other box and I'll show you I mean buying that well showing up See message requests That's like a spam box And if you use PC to PC or laptop to laptop things all go in there for not friends if you're not me So open your messenger app In messenger look for me and then when you've got me tap on the blue it's a blue set of Letters near the top You'll say app to messenger just touch that And then we're already connected smartphone to smartphone

There is no spam box with that and just send a message saying I saw your your YouTube SEO training Hello I've got a question for you, or just hello be nice And then send me a friend message So that's a nice little trick okay, so what I do in terms of posting content And I'm going to show you I Did one yesterday actually that's my little girl West There see that and I'm just put it in and I didn't really make a big deal out of it and There's not really and is the thing is Facebook won't probably show this so many people That's how Facebook works now So don't like people leaving their website, but I just did this for the back link I don't give my monkeys if anyone watches it or not This is for ranking purposes only because In about two minutes, I'm going to show you where a lot of your track is gonna come from Okay, so that's now if you don't want to put it on your profile if you've got any groups or Fun pages that you've got put it in there or go to an affiliate marketing group and put it in about five groups and you'll get your Backlinks from there

All right, but that makes sense Let's get rid of Facebook Okay, so Google Twitter Facebook I know that stumble upon squid good So yeah, there you go if you've got any friends that you're kind of connected to on YouTube share your video with them But make sure that you don't spamming to say I've made this new video can you have a look at it and see and tell me what you think and you might get a Nice another extra youtube backlink from them So that's it really we've shared it out Kind of shared the love really haven't we and that's how you get some really powerful backlinks I've showed you only wire and What I've also shown you scoop it medium what to do with my drive as well That's all good That's what we do with you and if I just showed you Less to see when I'm actually now this only went out yesterday So how to start affiliate marketing for the beginners now That's just a quick look at the searches here There we are, can you see that That's not that that's only been 24 hours not even that about 20 hours and I'm happy with that That's out of 750,000 results for the combination of these keywords here When I know that the volume is about 390 sir people actually Looking for this keyword every month but really When people search for filling marketing how to start affiliate marketing affiliate marketing for beginners how to start affiliate marketing for beginners all of these combinations of these words That's how many results is being For a competition those words, so that's pretty that's pretty amazing

Really So let a little me is there and If you know someone wants to watch that they'll click on it now again, I will get some traffic from this But I'm going to show you where a lot of my traffic is coming from That is from putting out press releases And that is something called How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing IBO toolbox So if you pop this into your URL Adrian wit with official dot-com /ib oh, you'll be able to register Your own IBO toolbox account Alright, so I'm just gonna go up the dashboard So What IBO toolbox is it's somewhere where you can go and release something called what we call a press release press releases get Ranked on Google and search engines But this is gonna work really powerfully with YouTube now you you would to stand what we've been doing with medium with bloggers and With the things that I've shown you where I've been put in the YouTube video Into a different website Which then generates a really strong backlink This is the same sort of thing but the power of this is is that you can Make friends on IBO toolbox and every time that you release a press release which is basically a piece of content you're going to get a lot of people watching it and clicking through I get a lot of traffic through this and this is really going to help YouTube rankings But it's really gonna help you get those that that traffic to Your landing page to get your new subscribers so then get the super funnel Working for you in the background Okay

So this is a very important part of the the method that I've put together All right So what they do is I'm just going to click what I'm not going to do now is Actually a great thing about this is that when you register, there's a really lovely training Series it just guides you through setting up your profile He's on here And this cook on my name It'll be near email Anyway, you'll get an email and it'll be A link that goes to the the training center and it's good It will help you to set up your profile put your image in At associates because the more associates that you add they're going to all want to watch your content and it's these people are going through so What I want to do is is just come down here These are some of the press releases I've done So if I click on this So that's the main keyword I stuck to I didn't put for beginners in because I just really need to be careful I Put a special bonus in there for people at watch it and I Just felt that it would be beneficial to get more click through this It's almost like an incentive to come through

So This is basically the the content from the YouTube Body here this this go back in I'm still of pausing remember this So what I did was I created some mod content This is my press release Okay What I didn't do I was very careful about the links that are put in and I didn't put all that You know those keywords here I Didn't put any of that in How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing This is about Sharing some important content for people, okay? So I just filled in again all the training for this is actually in the Ibo training center so don't want to kind of I Don't want to teach a like I don't want to treat like children, you know You can you can watch train You can follow train it you can fill out a simple box and you can copy and paste your content in and what I would do is just change your words make it a little bit different because sometimes Google will notice that if you're replicating Content there Will there will mark you down for that So you just want to change I mean keep keep the essence of it keep the look of it, but just change a few words What I like to do is I like to add in a little bit at the end and it really does change it makes this piece of content different from the YouTube piece of content, but Look who's here? You put in your video and all you do is Again you Put in your watch URL When your URL is in IBO toolbox IBO social it's gonna give you a really powerful Backlink Okay now not only do I do that I'm just going to click on dashboard Is that the dashboard oh It's sorry edit profile so let me just yeah, I'm gonna click on edit profile And this is what you would do to actually fill out your own stuff here So I'm gonna go down to step AIDS I think is yeah And what you should do here is put YouTube videos in this guess what guys Yes, people are gonna watch it You're gonna get more backlinks

You're gonna get more juice You're gonna get bigger rankings So here we go video title and you know what? That is No Yeah, boom Video, url your watch link it goes in there now for your more info link if you're selling if you're using your video to promote something a Product or if you're sending them to your blog post or whatever, whatever is it? You're talking about put the link in there Not your youtube link, but the link for the thing that you're selling the thing that you're making, you know Building awareness Well, put the link in there and in here Put I think two or three keywords and you're not supposed to put too many in here

Click save and there we are so if I was to click on There we up I Can boom so that works Very very very very important tool I do one of these nearly every day I've got the time to do it I know you may not even if you do like one ik one every two or three days Just get into the habit of doing this guys I can't stress enough how Important this is let me show you the example of traffic from the test thing that I sent Wow How to make quick money in one day with high ticket affiliate marketing Okay, I wasn't expecting that this is my let me just this is my Jamie zoo account let me just prove that it is I Know that I shouldn't have to do this and I've got nothing to hide but some people are so skeptical It's unbelievable That's quite incredible already know

Yeah good old me Good old lovely me By the way guys if if you don't have a jvzoo account you want to Promote some affiliate stuff JB's is really good Yeah, so that's me right, so I'm going to go into an overview now bear in mind that this was yesterday so 224 clicks that means That means that my landing page Was looked at 224 times that they went on to that page Visitors means that 177 people yesterday opted in Alright, and that was by probably midnight Eastern Time in in the US as I think Jamie's who work on Central Time, so it was probably midnight Central Time That's 177 opt-ins guys Now, it's 1122 in the morning in the UK and I've already brought in 117 new subscribers, this is just for the test yesterday This is doing what I'm showing you So I'm doing more and more of these press releases and videos and stuff to the same funnel Now that's already hundred and seventeen and it's not even lunchtime midday in the UK That's kind of in the morning Central Time Imagine now

That's probably going to be nearly double this So that's kind of cool, right? And what I'll do is let's click on detail steps I'm going to prove to you as well, but it's good that this is going to Let's do yesterday Again, this is a test This isn't for sales This is just going to a funnel Here we go So that's the landing page 176 That needs to be and Let's do that from there I Just want to get the the two days number they does better there we are so in two days in fact Let's go back to Saturday Because I started this test on Sunday, here we are Alright good So from this set this method that I'm showing you now There's generated me two hundred and twenty new subscribers for free traffic from three videos three press releases and That's what we've got Okay, now that particular landing page I disconnected it from the actual product because I just wanted to look at the subscribers coming in and What's happened is is that because it's gone into a Superfund or which is emailing all of these people Follow me it's started dribbling into these are the ones here, so These visitors are actually going through and looking at other stuff that will really pick up in the next week He tends to take a week, but I'm happy with that So I'm quite excited about that's what assure you something else that I ranked for I Think it's Commission machine review there

There we are Hundred seventy thousand results And I'm at the top this guy's is why Rankings important Because I'm getting a lot of traffic you've seen that it's free traffic It's getting bigger and bigger every day as well Let's see if that comes in for Commission machine without review Number two, I'll take that What else was this seven bigger franchise Not that one, it must be for the review are there's that one there there I am Another one somewhere know is Yeah, so anyway that is there's my mare there is right, so Again, this isn't the show off or anything Well, I've got to show up and out buffet I mean, there are a lot of people doing better than me, but I have this really great method now for getting things ranked but gain traffic You know traffic's everything so let's have a quick talk about The super funnel this is literally kind of it from me now guys I'm going to wrap this up because you've been very patient You've watched this I hope you've got a lot from this I've basically showed you Very quickly how to what I do with my on page SEO on my youtube videos What I do with the press releases But what I'm doing for backlinking as well and a lot of free methods you must I mean, this is completely free But I'm getting a ton of traffic coming through now, but you want to send it Somewhere it's going to convert So this super funnel what I want you to do is this is up for about another week But we do keep re releasing this so it kind of Michael will release it

It'll make it available It'll go away for about a month or two Then it comes back out So go to Adrian wit with official comm /super funnel Michael's going to What we do is when you go to that super funnel address, let it load up it'll take about 20-30 seconds be patient that video is gonna load up watch the video scroll down and have a look at what he's saying because this super funnel will take all of the traffic that I've shown you how to get and It's going to email those email addresses for you Over the space of about eight or nine weeks three times a day seven days a week So I'm gonna leave you with that now guys go to Adrian with official comm /su funnel you have you've got my My facebook get in touch real facebook if you need to have a chat about anything If you're watching this on youtube Which you should be doing if you watching this on IBO if you watching this on any of those other? Platforms actually click on to watch us on YouTube Hit the subscribe button The next to the subscriber and click on the notification bell when you click on the notification bell You'll get all my new videos More free training guys It's been an Absolute pleasure I've really enjoyed showing you this really great method that's working really well for me

I Wish it all the best god check out super funnel if it's something that you're not interested in Don't worry but use this method to Get yourself a lot of traffic What you got to lose? Thanks very much guys look after yourselves, and I will be back really soon

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