How To Make Money With INSTAGRAM In 2018! | Journey to $10k Ep 28

what's up YouTube Sebastian here and I hope you guys are having an amazing day today in today's video we're gonna be talking about how you can make money with Instagram in 2018 but before we go ahead and jump into today's video if you haven't yet please make sure to go ahead and subscribe and turn on the notification bell so you'll be the first to know whenever I release a new video anyways let's go ahead and jump into today's topic okay so how exactly are we gonna be growing our instagrams in 2018 and hopefully you know start making a little bit of money from them so as you guys have probably noticed Instagram is starting to get a little bit more crowded and a little bit more difficult to start actually growing you know a good Instagram profile with engaged followers who you know like what you do and ultimately you know you can build a customer base and a loyal following from them so you know the strategies that used to work which is to be the follow on follow going on and liking a bunch of pictures and you know hoping that people would come back it still works but I don't think it works as good as it used to and the thing is that there's a whole bunch of these software's that do a lot of this for you and it's automated its automated but it's a great way for Instagram to go ahead and shadow bang you and ultimately if they catch you doing it a lot and they catch you using a bot they could just ultimately just ban your account and that's one thing that we want to avoid because you know we're gonna be putting some time and effort into this we're gonna be growing loyal user base and a loyal following with Instagram so the last thing we want to do is go ahead and get banned from them and placed on one of their black lists so I want to start this video off by going over three important things that I think you should know before we continue this is gonna be a long-term strategy and we're gonna focus long-term we're not gonna focus on making money in the short term because if you focus on making money in the short term you won't think about the long term about the long term and you're more prone to giving up and you know not continuing with this if you don't see any money quickly and you know this ties into the next point you might not make money for a month or two months or six months but like I said we're in this for the long run so even if you don't make any money keep on focusing on building you know a loyal audience and a loyal engaged user base so that one there is something to sell you know people don't think that you're scamming and that's all you're trying to do and lastly we will be spending some money on ads and I think that's a crucial thing to do in any business is to go ahead and spend some money on ads to see what works and what doesn't work quickly because you know if you throw some money behind the piece of content you can get the audience's feedback a lot more quicker than if you were just doing organic so we're gonna be testing spending money on ads to grow our user base and see what our audience likes and doesn't like okay so how exactly is this gonna work the best and how exactly are we going to start using this to grow our instagrams so like I said earlier it's getting harder and harder to grow profitably on Instagram some niches are starting to get too competitive and stomachs trying to get scammy and you know you have to start differentiating yourself from the rest a lot of people you know they create these pages like generic pages around something and they expect to be able to make money with shoutouts or sponsored posts or anything and it's a lot harder to do that with Instagram now so the way that this works best is if you build up a brand revolving around you so basically having you know your own personal brand and you being the main face of the business now you can do this in a variety of niches here are a couple that I've listed that could do extremely well on Instagram in 2018 but it's not limited to just these niches here so we have Fitness we have entrepreneurship we have beauty and makeup we have music we have dating and relationships and I think those are the big five niches and you know under each of those niche there is a sub niche so you know under fitness there's a building muscle there's losing fat you know if you're a girl there's the booty plans that a lot of the girls are doing you know you can target just guys just girls vegan lifestyle you know there's a lot of stuff that you could do under fitness on there entrepreneurship it's the same you know there's personal branding affiliate marketing Shopify there's Amazon FBA there's consulting there's so many things that you can do under the Entrepreneurship niche and it's the same for the beauty and beauty and makeup for music for dating and relationships and also the thousands of other niches out there so you know you're not just limited to these and don't think that you can just grow your Instagram and just these niches if you know if you fall under another niche with music let's say you know how to play an instrument extremely well you know how to play guitar or you know how to do peat you play piano very well you know just go ahead and start posting you know just how to play a simple song or how to play some chords and then you know later down the road you can start doing one-on-one music lessons through Skype or you can have your own video course teaching people how to play the guitar or how to play the piano so yeah like I said this works best if you build it around you and you build it around the personal brand because I think personal connections are going to be one of the most important things in 2018 because people are starting to get a little bit more aware of what's going on online and people ultimately like to deal with other people okay so now we need to focus on your profile and making that good because you need to be able to make a good first impression if you're not able to make a good first impression within the first five seconds that somebody lands on your profile they're gonna click on the back arrow and they're never gonna visit your profile again so we want to make sure to make a good first impression so we want to go ahead and optimize our profile have good bio you know just basically say what you do if you've done anything cool you know mention just like a little little 10 10 word sentence in there you know include some emojis make it look nice and in order to do this make sure to go ahead and write everything in your notes section and then copy and paste it over into the bio so that it looks nice next you want to go ahead and post high-quality images once a day make sure that they're pretty good quality quality and that the picture kind of tells a story and it kind ties and with the caption and this brings me into the next point which is make your captions filled with value tell a story or invoke a specific emotion and lastly for this slide make sure that you update your story a couple times a day if you're documenting your journey with making money online or with Fitness just update your story just real quick it only takes a minute I'll go ahead and update it but it just keeps people involved with what you're doing and it lets to know exactly what you're doing throughout the day and people love checking the stories and seeing you know what their favorite people are up to next you want to go ahead and keep your audience engaged every couple of pictures make sure to go ahead and throw in a call to action whether it be you know click on the link because I have a new video that I uploaded on YouTube or you know go ahead and comment down below to make sure you know because I'm doing a giveaway and you know you're giving away 10 bucks or 25 bucks or you giving away a free ebook just make sure to keep the audience engaged and give them a lot of value and in turn they'll give value back to you next up get to know your audience you know run tests do polls test pictures against different pictures like caption against another caption see what works and see what doesn't work and you know use more of what works in the future for your page now in order to grow an Instagram you should run Instagram story ads because I've seen with other people that they work extremely extremely well and I am about to start testing this within the next day or two to see if it works for me and I'll let you guys keep you guys posted on the results but as regarding this video I only have about 790 followers on my account but by the end of the next product 3 to 4 months I want to have at least 20,000 engaged followers so in order to do that I'm gonna be running Instagram story ads and you know you don't need to spend a lot of money on these ads in order to see a really good return on your spend so you know if you spend anywhere from five to ten dollars day that's perfect that only ends up being 150 to 300 dollars a month and it is honestly not that much money for the amount of traction and results you're getting for yourself and your personal brand and when you're running these ads you want to make sure to test a variety of ads you know split tests to see what works and what doesn't work you know something might get you a hundred followers that cost you five bucks but if you split test it against another audience and another ad set and in a different video or different image that same five dollars might get you 200 followers instead of 100 so it's always good to split test now if you guys want to see exactly how I'm gonna be running the ads I'm gonna be using a method that I used a Neiman's personal branding course that he recently just released but out of respect for him I don't want to go too much in detail with how to run the ads and what type of ads to run but just know that they are Instagram story ads you know I just just out of respect for him and the people who bought his course I don't think it's fair to you know show you guys exactly the targeting exactly what type of images to run and what to say and the posts but yeah and finally how will you be making money once you start growing you can make money a variety of different ways online but some of the best ways that I found are affiliate offers and you guys know that I'm big into affiliate marketing so you know this could be anywhere from ebook this could be a course this could be any type of item on Amazon that relates to your niche so say you're in the fitness niche and you're I don't know say the muscle building and there's a specific protein that you like you know you guys can recommend the protein and have your link in there and if people you know if they want to have the same way protein that you're doing or the same creatine or any of that type of stuff you can go ahead and put it as you can put an affiliate link and if they click on that you go ahead and you get you know anywhere from ten to thirty percent commission next up we have digital products so you know if you're building a brand around you you can create your own physical product line sell that to your audience or you can go ahead and do physical products which is basically the same way as digital products except that you know you create your own line of physical products okay so now that we've been posting high quality images every single day you know we're keeping our audience up to date with our Instagram stories you know we've got 10,000 20,000 followers how exactly can you start making money so one of the easiest ways that you guys can do and you know that I'm big into because my channel revolves around a lot around it is affiliate offers so you can promote any type of product to your audience you know since now that you've built the trust and you built rapport with your audience they know that whatever you're gonna be releasing is not gonna be BS and you're not releasing it just to make money you're you're letting them know that it's a product that you use on a daily basis and a lot of people like that and they like using exactly what you use so say you're into fitness and use a certain type of protein most likely people will go ahead and end up buying the same protein and you know they were gonna buy it anyways so why not get it from your link instead and it's always good to let people know that you're using an affiliate link and that you have an affiliate link and you know let them know that hey you guys can go ahead and use my link and if you do use it I do end up making you know a little bit of money off of it but if you guys don't want to you know you can go ahead and google it and find it no harm done just let them know and 99% of the time they're gonna go ahead and end up buying it from your link anyways the next way that you can start making money with you following it through digital products now digital products are some of the best things that you can sell because they have almost zero overhead there's no cost it gets delivered instantly so immediate gratification for the person on the other side and it is pure profit so you know if you're able to release some sort of eBook or a mini course or you know a full-blown course worth thousand two thousand dollars that's ultimately what you want to go ahead and start planning for but yeah digital products are a great way to you can make money with your audience and lastly you can sell physical products now you can go ahead and you know build up a brand you can build up a brand around fitness and then release your own fitness line or say you're doing beauty and makeup you know you built up 20 30 50 thousand a hundred thousand followers you can go ahead and release your own beauty and makeup line and it's not that hard to do yes it's gonna take a little bit more money to go ahead and get set up but you know you can be a lot worth it a lot more worth it in the long run especially if people really like you they really like your brand and they end up purchasing almost anything that your release physical products are an amazing way to build to build that connection with your audience so anyways that is it for today's video I hope that this could give you like a little bit of a mindset shift of what you guys were thinking about doing on Instagram to make money and I hope some light bulbs went off while I was talking and you guys were watching the video anyways if this helped you out or you think it's gonna help you out please go ahead and click on the like button don't forget to leave a comment and if you haven't yet please make sure to go ahead and subscribe anyways guys I'll see you in the next video

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