How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – The 3 Best Places

hey there Daz Hartley here in today's video I'm gonna go over how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners money with affiliate marketing and I'm gonna show you the three best places to find affiliate offers to make money with so let's go ahead and go to my office let me fire up my computer take you over to them areas and show you exactly what I'm talking about hey guys okay so the first site we're going to talk about is Clickbank now again these are great affiliate marketing sites with Clickbank you your your niches are unlimited there's it doesn't matter what your niche is whether it be golf whether it be make money online home based business biz op ur tunity cooking health niche you name it Clickbank has it all it's very simple to sign up you just go ahead to clickbank com go ahead and sign up fill out a quick affiliate paper and sorry to affiliate form click Submit and more than likely you'll be approved now it's it's really easy to find offers on Clickbank so let's just say for example I'm gonna look in the biz op so here I am only in the marketplace I'm gonna go to a biz and emarketing now automatically it's gonna show you by popularity the number one product that's kind of moving right now and you can tell by the gravity the gravity here at 991 3 tells you that it's popular everybody's moving it you can see that me myself I've done a few sales with this thing it looks like I've had initial sales hundred and thirty nine upsells I've made three hundred and twenty three dollars marketing and testing this product and this is an easy one to get the good thing about Clickbank is also you can go ahead and most of the reputable vendors have affiliates paid so you can click on their affiliate page you can find out information for example email swipes banners you can use for advertising or driving traffic there's all sorts of stuff here you can see Clickbank University in Chrome 9 / you can see the sales I made look at this one rebill sales 212 this is what I've actually made with this product 1290 1025 and you can tell when I'm testing them this one just started the test this one one sale 1546 but this is just again one platform this is mrs

Clickbank now understand how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners is whether it be email marketing whether it be YouTube marketing whether it be Facebook marketing you are driving traffic to an offer once people make a purchase and buy that product you receive Commission instantly it's a great way to make money you don't have to keep any products all you got to do is drive traffic and driving traffic is a whole other animal I'm going to cover on other videos I just wanted to give you the basics here of how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners so these three sites I'm showing your mind will go to sites that I really get to stuff from so the other side I'm gonna we're gonna talk about is warrior Plus now warrior Plus has got products that are a lot cheaper than Clickbank some of these products are seven dollar product eight dollar products and these vendors have put together very interesting funnels that you know on a front end if they purchase for seven or they're put an upsell and as they go down the funnel and buy more your commission increases now were your Plus is mainly for busy work at home people who are marketing online or trying to make a business online so I mean obviously if you're in the golf niche you're not gonna find any golf products here now and again you do get weight loss and a couple of the hot tickets as you can see here by today's top sellers we've got weight loss niche domination you can see some of the products here these are today's like if I click here to go yesterday I can see what the hot products are these are what were the bestsellers yesterday and then you can go further with warrior plus you could say the last seven days it looks like loop it is the number one traffic flood fergal downs he's a good guy he's up there and again all these products normally range anywhere from $7 to $11 so it's it's an easy sell and an easy way to move so you know again this is a great go-to site for the biz op work-at-home market okay you can easily come in here and for example here let's just say I wanted to go with Lupin so you click on the loop it link it's gonna take you to the page here's a sales page you can check it all out stop the video you know but you can see he's goal is landing page here and all these screenshots and here you go see this one is 1294 sometimes they start these off on a dime sale which every sale goes up 10 cents to a certain amount so it may have set off at $7 now it's at twelve dollars and ninety four cents so that's what you get on warrior plus so if I wanted to go to let's say a product this guy here he is and we want to go to loop it you can see he's got a thousand plus sales so this is this is obviously a moving product and he's doing well promoting it so that's how I go in here and this is a great way to go you just go to marketplace and then you can look in here before you go I mean you can it's easier to see the hot sellers from this screen and again I'm not trying to fill this video with fluff I'm just getting right to the point and showing you the shortcuts to find things to market as an affiliate and again you don't really need a website you can do this with free traffic there's multiple ways to get there this stuff over here and I just want to show you obviously the three main site site number three is called JV zoo JB zoo is kind of a scale above border your plus you'll find more expensive products on here you'll find products in the 20s not so much of the $7 there is some seven dollar products on here but you'll find that Jamie zoo most of the time are a little higher on price but it's a great platform again great sellers great vendors and you can some of these kind of sales and stats and again today when I go here I always look at today let's look at today's bestsellers so we've got resale Titan and you just kind of look there's so many products guys being being launched you know every day there's there's enough products for everybody to promote so it's actually mind blowing what's at your fingertips here and again as soon as somebody makes a purchase you're paid your affiliate Commission now sometimes on warrior forum and on warrior plus and jvzoo a vendor will approve you to market their product but they may put you on you know delayed commission which means they're gonna hold the Commission for 30 days before they release but once you repre once your reputation increases in your sales and they can see your track record like for me example they just okay me all the time for instant Commission so I mean I've been doing this a long time that's what I do so all I wanted to do today was get you guys explain a little bit about philia marketing to you and show you the three best sites the three best sites to use that are at your fingertips and again for a warrior plus and jvzoo you simply fill out a quick affiliate application submitted and you know 999% of the time you'll be approved there they're pretty easy to get in that's what's nice about them I mean there's other affiliate marketing networks out there that are pretty tough you've got to have a good track record to get in or know somebody but these three are good go to probably my number three number one two and three though the best they are out there and that's exactly what I wanted to show you today how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners getting back to Noah first of all before I even forget make sure that you click the subscribe button on my channel and the notification bill that way every time I upload a new video you'll be notified and you're not going to miss out on any great gems I'm going to come with also there's a product that I found that covers affiliate marketing phenomenal I think it's actually I'm gonna say seven dollars seven or eight dollars I put the link under this video to in the description so make sure you check that out go grab that it's a really straightforward thing especially for newbies and beginners it's gonna take you down the exact correct path to do everything and how to make money in affiliate marketing in this video today I just wanted to show you the number the three best sites to go to to get your affiliate links so you can start making money so again subscribe to my channel make sure you take the notification bell so you're notified when I put new videos up here and check out that offer I have in the description underneath because it's a deal and it's great I've been through it myself and I think it's very very good alright see you in the next video guys see you

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