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and what's up everybody my name is Maxwell pepper on the owner and founder elegant marketing LLC com and today i wanted to cover affiliate marketing I've been in the industry for about eight nine years and let me tell you it's a very cutthroat tough industry to learn but once you master it you can make some very good money individually without working for a company basically like a contractor and you can make great money online with the freedom of you know being at home which is nice you know which is pretty much what everybody wants and it's not as easy as everybody thinks you definitely put some work into this but today I'm going to cover offer rotation ok I'm explain a little bit about that right now and what it is and how you can implement in your marketing strategies ok make this far little bigger ok let's say you've got fit offer one alright then you got three offers okay I'm just doing this as a visual way you guys can see ok so we have no idea if any of these offers are converting if you can actually if you push a bunch of traffic to this you might not get any sales right and that the reason is because you never ran before so you don't want to just run one offer at once is my point here when you're let's say you're in the make money online industry ok you want to take three different make money online offers ok and you want to spend them individually using a PHP script ok now i'm going to explain how to do that right now let's use our dishes clickbank I don't really work with clickbank too much their offers are kind of on the lower quality and I don't really care for him but I have made some good money with clickbank i'm not going to knock them but I just branched out and got with some other industries and i'm having to the capture here then used to have this I guess they got spammed or something anyway ok so clickbank pretty common market place for an affiliate I mean it's awesome because the Commission's are really high because these are all digital products and they don't have any shipping and handling so the product owners are willing to pay you a sixty to seventy percent commission every time you make a sale because really you're doing all the work they own the product and they're sitting back collecting their thirty percent so I mean it goes both ways you can make a lot of money on clickbank as an affiliate or as a vendor but for today's video we're just going to do affiliate ok so let's go to the marketplace and we'll go to somewhere like health and fitness one of my favorite bitches to work in ok you can sort these by gravity and are explained gravity is ok gravity is saying this metric is saying that there is 213 affiliates on average who have made of sale on this offer in the past month or so okay that's that's my understanding of it so there's 213 affiliates out there pushing traffic to this offer and making yourself with it so that's that's pretty cool that's a good thing you know another thing you can do with these offers is you can grab the URL up here and you can go to similar web and put that in there and some of its just a cool site to give you some metrics and explain a little bit about to sign a little bit more but you can see how many visitors are getting you know so let's just low-ball this right so if we let's say the okay they're getting 550 1,000 hits a month on average ok so let's do some basic math okay so 550 1000 right and there's let's say it's converting it one percent which is a super low ball right so one percent of these visitors give them a sale right so we'll say x 1 percent alright so he's getting 5510 sales on average a month ok so 5510 and let's say is get about 30 bucks to sell right so about 30 books for sale alright so about a hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars a month he's making off off that offer that he is then this is the product or right but then he's paying on his affiliates sixty percent so you would say what sixty percent of that you know let's go ahead and put the notepad file actually what to say 165 right over okay so we'll say clear this 265,000 people or thousand dollars and he's having to pay out actually at six percent sorry guys issues in my calculator okay so six so he's having a payout 99,000 right so what we would do is we would say 165 and take away the 99 problem ok so he's getting about 66,000 dollars profit for him a month okay that's not too bad after he pays out its affiliates you know i just did some basic math there you know you can also see which countries is pushing a lot of traffic to obviously us an english-speaking country but it even shows you the top referring sites so these are some other affiliates that are you know making some money here so you can actually check out these affiliate sites and maybe get an idea of how what angle they're using you know which is pretty cool but anyway I don't get too far off topic here so we're gonna go back to is the offer rotation so let's just say for testing or just testing 123 and i'll go ahead and get my affiliate link here and whoops anything like that sorry yes and he said in the creek bank says they'll pay you seventy-five percent every time you sell the product that's a pretty high commission 75% I mean that's crazy so close that out and we'll go back into my PHP script here and i'll briefly walk you through what this is doing up here i have just some variables and in these variables i'm going to store my family links ok so there's offer number one back here and we'll get off for number two best thing and we'll put that in there and then we'll go to offer number three okay you guys are home I going too fast to stay on topic here sometimes i ramble bear with me alright so we've got our offers here now guys don't go out and just run these offers you know do some research you know you can pick you know all the offers that ever all the other affiliates are going about what i like to do is I like to get in those micro niches you know what i mean and real quick i'll just explain what i mean so if you are let's say you were doing acne treatment right obviously you don't want to just target acne treatment because I mean if you do you have an enemy look we've got amazon clinique I mean you've got some companies spending millions and millions of dollars on advertising ok they're making millions of dollars back good luck competing with them what I would want to do is I look and maybe like back acne treatment for men no I mean men you know something like this and you can see that I mean only one and I mean a lot less competitive alright guys and then you got some shopping adds up here so i just wanted to give you some insight on that you know micro niches or we're gonna make all your money and get cheaper cost per click if you're doing pay debts many will go back here to my script we've got our URL saved now what you want to do is a you need hosting or a server for your sights I pay about 50 bucks a month for mine and i'm using beyond our awesome guys they have some really cheap hosting and it's good you know i have a dedicated server i think i pay fifty bucks a month for and it's perfect all i need i have like 10 sites running on there and they're all super quick so spend the money you can go somewhere like hostgator and you'll see they're promoting something that's like what does it say like 345 a month ok guys if it's that cheap there's a reason that it's that cheap is because it's garbage and it's shared hosting and it's just not good your server is going to crash if you're pushing any kind of decent amount of visitors you know so don't go here go here guys get the premium it's worth it trust me alright anyway moving on so close out of this we've got our affiliate links let's go ahead and upload them to the server ok so so I manager connect all right and I've got a ton of sites in here i'm just going to go to my test folder that i had open already and let's get rid of what's in here delete yes ok so we're going to do is we're gonna upload our file that we had say that was test

php that's the one we had here right yes okay so what I'm going to do is i could leave this as test dot PHP but then I don't have to type it all the way out alright let me explain what I mean by that I don't have to go to wealthy life choices or / test and then type out test dot PHP now I could do all that but what I'd rather do is just rename this to index that PHP right and what that's going to tell the browser is is that this file is the source file for that particular directory that that that's right here ok so if we go back here now and get rid of the test dot PHP and just keep test the browser will automatically know well it hasn't ok it updated there we go so let's go here you can see the now the browser has detected that file and you're about to learn the its rotating the URLs so let's do it again you can see that space about spending these around this is awesome so now we're dividing our trip hi Polly and we'll be able to ok we'll be able to tell which one of these offers is actually converting the best ok guys that makes sense i hope you enjoyed the video you can contact me on my side I'll leave some links below I do run a digital-marketing agency if you guys ever needed some work done you can contact me but today's video is mainly focused on affiliate that's what I've done mod my 19-year career online has been mainly affiliate stuff i've just recently branched out into my own business but guys I hope you enjoyed the video and I'm gonna go watch some football alright thanks

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