How To MAKE MONEY Reviewing Products With WordPress Product Review Plugin

Today I invite you to see how more leads can be generated with a performing reviews plugin, so, keep watching! Hi, my name is Robert from ThemeIslecom and I welcome you to our channel

If you are new here please subscribe then click the bell to receive notifications every time we publish a new video Returning to the subject, WP Product Review plugin will turn your posts into Smart Reviews with Ratings, Pros and Cons, Affiliate Links, Shortcodes, User Reviews and Rich Snippets that will increase the click-through rate of your search results in Google You can use this plugin within any self-hosted WordPress website powered by a free or premium theme of your choice I show you how it works with our free Hestia WordPress theme So, after you install and activate the plugin, head to Product Review

Here, in the General Settings tab, you'll find options to set the review position after, before the content or you can choose to insert it manually Further down, you can activate reviews in comments, select how much visitor ratings will affect the main one from no influence to 100%, select the default number of actions, content width, disable lightbox effect on a product page, and finally, disable font awesome for websites that already includeit Next step is to choose matching colors with your website design If you have no idea about how to do that don't worry, I will show you how to find specific information about any color element within your site Right click on that specific color and then inspect at the bottom of the pop-up menu

Copy the color code and paste it in the custom color field That's it If something goes wrong click the Clear button to start over Save all changes after you finish choosing the colors then move to Typography This is the place where you can set font colors for your WordPress Product Review Plugin

Scrolling down you'll notice more fields you can use to specify text for pros and cons headings and the last field is to select the width in pixels for the top border of the review box If anything goes wrong, again, don't worry! You can click Options Reset below anytime but keep in mind that all of your settings will be modified The Buy Button options come last and here is the switch you can use to turn on "show icon" on the cart button Choose yes to turn it on and, of course, no to turn it off Continue with the colors for button border, button border on hover, button background

and all the way down to button text color on hover We're done with all the settings, so let's see how a product review integrates into a blog post

Click to Add a new post, enter a compelling title then write a detailed description of your product Right below the text editor, click Yes to enable Product Review extra settings Type in a Product Name, choose or upload an image If no image is provided here, featured image will be used Choose what happens if you click on the product image, like opening the entire image or an affiliate link instead

I stick with the affiliate link because it's an easy way to monetize my work fast By the way, if you are new here, please subscribe then click on the bell to receive notifications every time we upload a new video I will create more and more tutorials about how to manage, grow and monetize your WordPress website Now, paste your affiliate link here then set the button text and the product price You can either leave price field blank and set the affiliate button text to "check price and details here" for example

This way you will avoid pricing differences between what you show here and the destination page where your product provider can change the prices without warning In Product Options Settings, fill out every field with options and grades from 0 to 100 where 50 will display just 50% of your product grade Final things here, Pro and Cons features will be inserted in fields below and you can insert just one, two or three options as well Everything is finished so let's take a preview of our work right now It looks amazing and it's good to know that you can use this plugin to create useful content on your blog and make money every time somebody buys a product through your affiliate link

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