How To Make Money Online Today With Affiliate Marketing! ($900 COMMISSIONS)

and there's a video I'm going to show exactly how you can make money online with affiliate marketing by recommending products to people and getting a commission so how it works it's very very simple if you don't know how what affiliate marketing is or how it works I could take this book for example and recommend it to friends family or someone else and I would get a commission for this I'll get a percentage put into my PayPal account now I could also recommend these headphones and I'll get a commission from recommending these headphones this microphone this laptop this camera that I'm recording with this camera is like a thousand bucks that I will get a really good Commission for that these lights I would get a commission if I recommend these laces someone someone know that's how affiliate marketing works in a nutshell and what I want to do this video is take you into my computer and show you how you can do a flip marketing properly not like most people teach you how to do it and how to actually maximize conversions and make a lot of money and do it properly and you know actually get high ticket items as well high ticket commissions so it actually makes it worth it for you and you can just keep scaling up and making a lot more money in the process now I've been making money with affiliate marketing online for a super long time and I make thousands of dollars per week with it and that's what I want to teach you is how you can do the same now in this video I haven't done a competition for a while so stay to the end and so in this video somewhere I'm gonna be giving away some money so you can actually put that towards starting your own affiliate business so I'll pick one winner and you can take that money I'll send it to your PayPal and you can use that towards starting your own affiliate business if you if you want to start doing this right so let's jump into my computer real quick and I'll show you exactly what you should be doing alright guys so affiliate marketing right now is probably the one of the easiest ways to make money online and it's only getting easier because with the technology and stuff we have nowadays there's just so many options out there this there's so many products we can promote so many software's so many courses so much stuff we can promote and make a commission from so you'll see on my screen here on the Left we have what we call Bluehost commissions I get $75 I get these daily I get $75 daily into my count because I have a blog post teaching people how to create a blog and what happens is when they sign up to that website hosting that I recommend I get $75 and in fact it's actually going up to $85 soon Bluehost just contacted me and asked me if I could do something put some up images on my site and they're gonna put my commission up so this is one way I create affiliate commissions on line now another way that I'm going to be teaching you as well as through a system called Clickbank and just recently I've started promoting these products amazing products by the way to promote and I've done nine hundred bucks and like just over a week in the but I think so these are two programs that were going to kind of be focusing on in this tutorial but it's more about helping people actually into the affiliate sales so what a lot of people do is I go out there and they'll be like hey go and you know they'll send traffic to the link it's not going to work because if you are promoting a web hosting thing for example you need to teach them how to build a blog or how to use that we're posting to their advantage and you get way more signups so these are two things I recommend you do okay and either teach people how something can benefit them which I'm going to be teaching on this training or teach people how to do something like create a blog create a Shopify store create a funnel teach people to do something and then they will sign up to your link and the chances of them purchasing through your link Oh a lot higher okay crazy like just way higher just takes things to a whole nother level all right um but if you want to make real money from affiliate marketing the trick is you must add value this is what you need to do to start making real money with affiliate marketing and I suppose it really comes back to the whole you can either send traffic straight to a link and probably never really succeed or you can add tons of value and then you will start to get commissions alright now what I mean by that so I'm going to use two examples in this video one of them is my own example that I've been making really good money from recently and one of them is an example of someone that I don't know but I do know of them and I followed their one of their sequences on how they make affiliate commissions okay so this is my one on the Left I'll show you how all of this work and then the one on the right is this lady called Michelle who makes like a hundred grand a month we'll fill it with affiliate marketing I'll show you how she does a lot of that and there's video so what I want to first concentrate on guys is the three things are sorry the three things not for three things that we're gonna kind of cover in this little mini training here on YouTube there's value strategies which was really important okay getting traffic and then maximizing your Commission's okay that's that maximizing commissions is really important and it's it's a bit of a process but it's really worth it in the end okay so we're going to be covering those three things in this training now the first woman I wanna the first kind of value strategy I want to cover as this lady's value strategy this is what I call a value strategy what she's done is she's gone out and she's she's done a blog post on how to create a blog okay and she's actually well what she's done is she's kind of first first of all she's created a free little course so day 1 day 2 day 3 Dave day force not their day fires not they have probably said that a search but she sends out this little course in an email on how to create a blog okay and she sends people to an article she's done on her website where she gets Commission's now how much does she make and this is where people get shocked just in April alone 2018 from Bluehost which is what she's using to promote in this thing she made 46,000 dollars that's what most people make in a year 46,000 dollars in one month by promoting someone else's product and all she had to do was send up some emails and get some traffic crazy money and the work that she does it's all set up now so it's basically fully automatic and I'll show you kind of what she did so first of all she created a value so she created her value strategy which was a free six day training course on how to create a blog simple then on the last day she sent an email out saying did you start a blog to kind of emphasize the fact that they should get in there start a blog then she died was 15 trick on how to get more traffic and then she does a few other things once she has them in her email list guys she could literally send whatever she wants and she just keeps making money for it for as long as they're on her email list right but how does this all work how does she get the traffic how did she cradle this like what it you know this you might be thinking Franklin I don't know what that says well it's simple she she had a blog post that said how to create a blog right she wrote that really easy to write you can just go on Google how to write there you can pay someone to write that on a website or a free wordpress blog and this is the thing here she sent traffic from Pinterest which is free by the way 100% free traffic she sends that to this blog post which is a massive blog post about how to create a blog and then in that blog post she has little boxes where she collects people's email how to start a free email how to start a blog free email course right then what she does guys is she sends out the email course the blog course over six day period and she rescinded the back she doesn't have a video course nothing like that she resends them back to their original blog post where she teaches them how to create a blog and she keeps throwing it in their face and eventually so she teaches people inside the emails how to do it just by writing stuff down you can see here and then she sends them back to their blog post so they go and go through her affiliate links and she gets Commission's as you can see a lot of goddamn commissions right 46,000 dollars if you mention that every month 46,000 dollars just from just some affiliate commissions that's not including the courses and stuff like that so she gets the traffic for free to the opt-in form sends out the emails and then back to that back to that web page and then people create blogs and they go through her affiliate link so that's how her value strategies worked and how she got her traffic and then how she maximizes conversions just by sending out emails later on and keep going to keep going if she makes money for like two three four five five years down the track but we'll talk about that in a second now let's talk about my value strategy that I recently just did and it's making very very good money for me created a five day course teaching people how to build funnels then I promoted click funnels okay and we're going to talk about this a bit more in a second but this is kind of that was my value strategy a completely free costs no cost and then inside that course I get commissions via click funnels which is a great program but don't worry you don't actually have to do that like if you don't want to create a course that's fine just create something that is on value okay something that is of value so a pip free pdf or free blog post just something to get people into your funnel which I'll teach you about in a second to click the email so you can go out there and promote more stuff to them okay this is really important you need to just create something for free it's called the bait to get them in so you can promote stuff to them later on down the track okay so that's that's kind of the value strategy in a nutshell you need value first some sort of free value to give people whether it be a course whether it be a free pdf blog post or something like that alright so now guys what I want to do is talk about the competition before we move on to the good stuff writing I'm jumper to the best affiliate systems and stuff like that what I want you to do is like this video I'm gonna be giving away a hundred dollars down below to a random person within the next seven days okay I want you to first number one give this video a thumbs up subscribe and then I want you to leave a comment and tell me why is it that you want to start an online business what drives you do you want to leave your job do you want to have holidays with your family do you want to be lazy on the couch and play video games all day what do you want to do like what drives you to start a business online then fourth hit the description at the end of this video jump into my Instagram and give me a follow right because I do competitions on this program as well and stuff like that haven't done a competition on our youtube for a while but you do those four things and I'll pick one person in the next seven days randomly in the comments to give $100 to and you can use that $100 to start your own affiliate marketing business or drops of in business or whatever you want to use 100 bucks for you can go buy food I don't I don't know but you get that hundred bucks for free do whatever you so do those four things guys and one lucky winner will get that $100 now who it's getting hot in here these lights are so many lights going on in here what is the best affiliate system right now this is one reason why I really wanted to do this video because there is one affiliate system that is just just changing the game crushing it and there's so many reasons why and I'm going to tell you that right now a program called click funnels now click funnels is kind of you know there's a lot of things that can do click funnels can build basically with landing pages funnels webinars it can do a lot it's an all-in-one business system for online so the angles you can hit people with like you know teach you how to build a business teach people how to build landing pages teach people how to build webinars things like that there's so many angles you can hit to get these affiliate commissions and they have lots of options you can give away a 14-day trial where you earn $38 per month every single month for as long as that on that trial and that's just the basic plan you can do a funnel hacks webinar will you get 398 dollars per sale and this one you can give away a free funnel and you get some money as well I can't into how much you get here but that's not it guys click funnels has lots of other options as well like you can give away this software book they get taken through all of this stuff and you can potentially make $800 per sale ok this one here is another free book that you give away and you can potentially make nine hundred and twenty seven dollars so they go through this sequence where you can give away the free book and you get a dollar you might be thinking but Franklin I only get a dollar what happens is they get put into click funnels email sequence as well and they actually email them emailing them and promoting them so for that one dollar that customer could turn into a lot of money down the road ten days later twenty days later because any time click funnels themselves promote a product to them in their email marketing or on their website you get a commission because it's stuck in the it's a quarter stick a sticky cookie they are basically your affiliate forever until they click on someone else's link then we also have another book that you can promote with lots of upsells as well so oh actually and another one our university so it's all of this stuff that you can promote with clickfunnels which makes it an insane affiliate platform to use there's just things look at the option like it's just really good high ticket stuff and there's so many angles you can use I'm sure you can think of some angles to use to get people to purchase these products from you and then of course we have this University one will you get $1800 Commission on their on their funnel catcher thing if they get the monthly subscription you need 28 dollars a month per person so if you sign up a thousand people that $28,000 per month and another great thing about clickfunnels as they have tracking so I can track where my sales come from which page which facebook advertising campaign or anything like that I can track everything so it makes it pretty much the ultimate affiliate marketing program right now so what I want to do guys is take you through the sequence that I just used to make over $900 on click funnels where we make it I'm making a few uh quite a bit of money a day now the first thing I did guys was create a free five day training series I can only talk about Haiti your traffic in a minute but what I wanted to do was teach people who already had a business and how funnels can increase their revenue and scale their business to the next level so on day one I created a free training on how funnels work so they can understanding how fun is work day two I talked about how they can get traffic into their funnels day three I talked about how to create a funnel day four I've talked about how they can do ecommerce funnels day five I talked about how they can do email marketing because you know funnels also work in the backend and then I also gave them bonus day of how they can get traffic into their funnels but that's not it I actually did more and what I'll do is I'll show you this right now what I did so well show you what we call now is the sequence of events and then we'll jump into getting traffic so the sequence of events is most people will do this guys they'll be like hey most of these guru clowns teaching here you had to make money with affiliate marketing but hey go and find the product send traffic to that product and you get a commission you're never going to make good money that way and you're never going to get really profitable that way unless it's free traffic but that takes a long time to get so what you need to do is have a good sequence of events and place guys so what I do is I have this crazy email sequence going but it doesn't take me long it took me like a few hours to set this up and they go through day one they go through day two and at these points I'm actually making Commission's via the click funnels monthly membership so I've signed up quite a few people and then day three day four day five and then the bonus day and after that I go out there and send them blog post and I'll show you an example in a minute where I also get affiliate commissions and then I actually go out there after all of that free training is over and I've clicked at a lot of trials I go out and send them the the click funnels webinar which is this okay here the funnel hacks webinar where I get a four hundred dollar commission from that so the the event the sequence of events let me just get rid of this real quick open up the wrong thing the sequence of events is basically a whole lot of events run taking people through a bunch of value warming them up and they're purchasing along the way and then I use the webinars to get Commission's to basically pay for my traffic as well and I can just keep sending the more traffic more traffic and make more money back so I know it does kind of seem like quite a bit of work but it's actually not this is really really easy to set up now what happens then guys is how do you get the traffic this is where a lot of people get stuck they don't understand that you can actually pay for traffic but it essentially ends up being free and I've kind of explained to you what I mean so Michele with her blog thing she used Pinterest right to get her traffic and send it to her forum and it was free traffic and that's how she makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a month whatever from doing that right that's her traffic source that works for you but what if you don't have any traffic you don't want to go and get free traffic you want to start making money now well what you want to do guys is really simple you want to find people who are already who already have an online business or want to start an online business that is the perfect traffic source for these clickfunnels products okay because these clickfunnels products do two things they can either teach people how to start their own business by using funnels building a software company or you can teach people how they can increase their business revenue how they can scale their revenue to the next level by teaching them their funnels is a good thing fit for their business and how they can even like you know dentists can use funnels to click leads and things like that so that's why you want to get traffic that they already have a business or they want to start one so where do you get that from guys what we use is things called solo ads these are solo ads and this is why you want to use solo ads okay solo ads are people from other people's email marketing campaigns so they are already in the internet marketing niche they most likely already have online businesses or they're most likely trying to learn how to make money online and it's very very cheap to get this traffic so I'm on udemy

com right and I'll leave a link below if you want to check this out but you can go buy traffic from these people for really really cheap 35 cents per lead 57 cents per lead way cheaper than Facebook and the best part is they're already in the business niche so what you do guys is you go to these people and you basically purchase from them you go down here there's a slider and you can purchase as many visitors as you want and they send the traffic to your page and you get the email and you try and make money so you just put you to let your email in here okay udemycom but this is how it works so for example I'm gonna go and purchase let's say I purchase 100 clicks off this person for $49 let's say I get a conversion rate of 30% that means I get 30 emails that means that if I send a hundred people to that opt-in page I get 30 people that put the email in and I get the email and what happens is that they then go on to my email list but once they opt-in I can send them to one of clickfunnels programs and what I've been doing is sending them to a book they get so they get this actually this book right here called the expert secrets they get this book for free they just have to pay for shipping and I get one dollar now one dollar might not mean a lot but they are now and click funnels email sequence so they might buy the more click funnels products later on down the track I want to get them into click funnels email sequence because they're good at converting customers but list of some mathematics real quick some equations let's say I get one person out of that 30 emails that buys that book and I get $1 and then I get one person who also buys another book who buys the book and then I get an upsell of $1480 where I make a commission of $1480 that's $1680 so out of that $49 I've already made back 16 dollars not bad then you're probably thinking but I'm not profitable Franklin that's the thing the gurus would tell you that you need to be profitable at this point no you do not doesn't matter if you don't make any money at this point because well you want to be doing as email marketing so once they're on the list I'm going to go out there and send him value so my deluge emails going to be how to build a funnel how this find out how funnels can help your business and I send another value email and then another value email exactly like what I've done in my sequence here value value value then I'm gonna start promoting the click funnels webinar well I get a three hundred and ninety eight dollar commission then I can actually do what create a free website if I want so I can go to blogspot I think it's blogspot calm Whibley calm I can create a free website and I can write up a quick article how funnels can help your business how funnels can do this best conversion tips for your business and earn that blog post I have links to my affiliate products where I can promote the book the webinar other things that clickfunnels offers and things like that and then I can go down again and just promote the other book I can promote the next book they have because they have three or four or five or something and I can keep promoting these products for the next five ten weeks or whatever or days or whatever months if I want and I can keep making money consistently do you ever wonder why people send you emails all the time because they're always making money email list is where the money is now also on top of that I'm making money here but I'm actually making money in the value emails as well because I'm signing people up to the 14-day trial and if I get say a hundred people on the trial and they stick that's four grand a month that I get recurring for three thousand eight hundred that I get recurring from clickfunnels every single month so it's absolutely crazy the money you can make now the blog posts that I've because actually send a blog post so inside this email sequence down here I send what I call ideas and I have a blog post where I send out ideas on how people can start a business using funnels then inside that blog post I have a link so people can claim their 14-day free clickfunnels trial so I'm basically just subtly putting the link out there sorry guys my camera froze so I'm subtly putting the link out there so I can actually get Commission's coming in all the time now maximizing commissions is the last thing I want to talk about really quickly we're nearly at the end maximizing commissions simple you just keep promoting affiliate products you can go online and you can go top paying affiliate commissions and these hundreds and thousands of affiliate programs you can go and promote so what basically what happens guys is you will essentially make your advertising money back from solo ads within a specific amount of time so let's just say you may back your forty nine dollars and twelve days which is plausible it can be done I know people doing this exact method who the money back in 30 days 40 days 90 days less it really depends on how you structure if you think but let's say you made your money back your $49 back in 12 days anything after that is 100% profit to you you can keep promoting via email marketing and all you need to do is get a simple email marketing platform there's heaps of them online and you will get commissions and in fact you can actually promote those email marketing platforms inside your email marketing that you're doing it's a crazy so like for example this lady here that sends out this blog post she can get affiliate commissions from the hosting she can get affiliate commissions by recommending an email marketing software she can get affiliate commissions by recommending a landing page creator she can get affiliate commissions from literally anything same with this click funnels one that I'm doing I can keep promoting and I can keep getting commissions and then like here they've got this funnel University they've got the perfect webinar script where you give away a webinar script for free and then you get commissions on the upsells and stuff like that so there's lots of ways that you can maximize commissions from your affiliate marketing campaign it's just all the magic happens in the backend but no one tells you that huh alright guys so that was um it's really hot in here but what I'm gonna be doing now is down below there's a basically because I can't tell you everything this video will be here for days but there is a free click funnels affiliate training center where it's completely free you go in there right now it's free for you to join and they send you like 10 days worth of content or something and they show you how you can promote their click funnels platform to the world I think it's like we're tight they try and get you to retire in a hundred days I think they try to get you like to get you to like 4 grand recurring monthly within a hundred days so you can retire you can't really retire on that but that's kind of the angle and their pitch so click the link below alright and I will give you access to that for free it's completely free remember if you like subscribe comment why you want to start my own business and follow me on instagram you you could win a hundred bucks ok a free one hundred dollars for you to do what if you wanted to start your own affiliate marketing business and check that link below for that free affiliate marketing course River to check out my other videos on drop shipping in affiliate marketing whatever when I put up remember to head that subscribe button on the screen somewhere and I'll see on the next video

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