How To Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Links – 7 Tips

– [Derral] Now I know a lot of you would like to make more money with your YouTube videos Just by putting ads on, a lot of people think, 'cause they're on YouTube, they see these YouTubers making money that just by turning ads on that you can make a bunch of money

Well, that's not necessarily the case Now, in this video I'm going to actually show you how to actually make more money with your YouTube videos Doesn't matter if you're a big creator, or a small creator I'm going to give you some strategies and tactics that's going to help you understand how to leverage affiliate links especially the Amazon Influencer Program Let's do this

– [Narrator] Derralevescom Hello my people of the internet Derral Eves here Now if you're new to me and this channel we talk about everything YouTube We talk about tactics, strategies, and helping grow your audience, getting more views, and ultimately making more money

So, if you haven't subscribed yet make sure you hit that subscribe button and the bell notifications so you don't miss out Now there's a lot of creators here on YouTube that are only looking to make money by monetizing the ads and becoming a YouTube partner Now, don't get me wrong, I think this is a a great way to actually get started here by creating a business from your YouTube content I've seen a lot of creators get really focused in on creating their content and they actually lose sight and lose focus on things that would actually help them make more money Ad revenue is just a sliver of the amount of money they can really make

Now there's a lot of different ways that you can get multiple streams of income coming in, and I found the easiest is actually working with Amazon Now a couple months ago I actually released a video where I was talking about Amazon looking for YouTube creators to be a part of their new Amazon Influencer Program and I know a lot of you actually watched that video and actually filled out the application and haven't really done much with it Well today I'm gonna show you some things, some results that's really gonna change your mind of how to actually look at the Amazon Influencer Program and how to leverage it in the right way, and also in the latter part of this video I'm gonna give you my very best stuff It is my secret tips My seven powerful tips to make you an amazing Amazon Influencer or something like that

Let's go ahead and jump into the strategies and tactics now of how to actually leverage when you become an Amazon Influencer and how to actually make money So how the program actually works is that you actually uploaded video that is either showcasing a product, or in the description, or in the comments, you leave a trackable link that sends people to your custom Amazon landing page Now this is a page where you can put any product that is on Amazon and when someone buys that product on Amazon then you actually get paid a commission You get that referral fee that's coming from the Influencer Program Now the great thing about this is that if they go and buy something else on Amazon then you actually get paid on that as well, so it's not just the things that are on your page, but all on the Amazon sites and I say sites because they have a lot of different sites

It's just basically saying you sent them that traffic and anything they buy you get a percentage on that Now a common question that I know a lot of people are asking is what is the difference between the Amazon Associate Program and the Amazon Influencer Program? Well, the Amazon Influencer Program is actually an extension of the Amazon Associate Program so the commissions are literally the same The only difference is, it's a lot cooler in the Amazon Influencer Program because you have a lot more options to customize what your visitor actually sees and there's a lot more things coming down the pipeline that you want to be a part of this program Now let me give you a strategy that I did for one of my clients Now my client was actually coming out with a music video here on YouTube, and as you know, music videos are very difficult

They were doing a cover song and it was like intertwined with a Star Wars theme So I encourage my client to actually become an Amazon Associate, and they gave me some push back 'cause they're like hey, the songs only going to be for a $199 and if we're only getting a percentage of the $199 it's not worth it, but what I explain to them and this is the real strategy here, it's not that first initial sell, it's what they buy next Now where this video is all about Star Wars you know you're going to get some hardcore geeks, like me (chuckles) that will want to buy other things on that because Amazon is literally notorious and really good at predicting people to buy other things so when they go download the music oh they see a costume for Darth Vader and they buy it even though it's $700 and so you're actually getting a percentage on that $700 'cause you're bringing the traffic into Amazon and it is wonderful

Now that client was super happy and they shifted their strategy because of that and ultimately they were making more money through the Amazon Affiliate Program then they were on, you know, selling music and I know it's crazy but hey, it's all about making money here Now you're ready for your power tips? That's right The seven powerful tips to make you an amazing Amazon Influencer Well here we go Tip number one Now you want to list your best selling products at the top of your custom page and also what you want to do is click on each specific product and see if there's any related products or products that Amazon is actually recommending that you actually add on to the cart

Now the reason why is because Amazon already has a ton of data, and they're able to see what people are buying, and what they're more apt to buy, so those are the products that you actually want to put together on your Amazon page, and now tip number two Select products that are actually using Prime shipping Now this is a big deal for me because I have spent a ton of money, don't tell my wife, on Amazon I mean way too much money, and one of the deal breakers for me, when I'm like selecting a product is does it come with prime shipping, or not I don't want to pay for shipping

That's why I have Amazon Prime, and so, you wanna make sure that when you're actually selecting products on your page, you are selecting products with Amazon prime Now tip number three You wanna list the products that you're actually using to produce your videos in the description and you also wanna, at times, in a couple of videos, here or there, just let people know that, hey, in the description below you can find all my gear You know, can see literally everything I'm doing so if you're a gamer and you're doing live streaming somebody might say oh, man, he's an amazing gamer, I want to know he's what chair he's sitting on, what type of camera is he using, or what type of microphone, or headphones, whatever it may be That's where you want to put it in the description below

Now a great power tip from I guess it's 31, is that you don't have to go through all your library and add them If you have TubeBuddy, you can literally add it to your description by just putting it in there really quickly and TubeBuddy does the rest Now tip number four Don't always send them to your vanity URL or your shopping page

Now if you're giving a product review, or you're getting very specific in a video that you're using one specific product that they need to get and they can find it on Amazon, don't send them to your page where it has a million different options Send them directly to the product Now I know this is common sense and I think a lot of you were doing this but one thing I like to do is really think is how can I get that viewer to actually buy You know, is it something I need to say in the video or is it taking away some options so it's only one option and it's the best option for them to actually to purchase Now tip number five

Niche channels on YouTube, and also DIY, and beauty literally crush it on Amazon I'm telling you, you don't need a lot of subscribers or lot of views because these are hyper localized people that are really interested in a specific thing especially if it's DIY they want to do it their self and they want to be able to learn how to build things Let me give you a perfect example of this Now in doing research for this specific YouTube video, I was reading reaching out to some of my subscribers that actually signed up with the Amazon Influencer Program and I came across Michael Lopez which I really liked his content He was teaching people how to build their own tiny boats

Now it's not the little teeny boats It's like fishing boats, it's like really, really cool Now he doesn't have a ton of subscribers, and he doesn't have a ton of views, however, his fans are literally engaged, and so when he teaches them how to mod their boat or how to build a boat and gives them specific supplies where do you think they go to? Of course, they're going to go to his custom landing page and they're actually going to buy a product, and more product, and more product, because they're learning how to build something Now in talking with Micheal, this is really cool, he always says, hey you know what, my ad rates on YouTube literally fluctuate it's always up and down and you never know what you're going to get but with Amazon he is growing month after month, month after month it's getting better, where it's even half of his income You got to check out Micheal's channel

I put it in the description down below He's doing some pretty cool things You need to get some ideas from him Now tip six, that's right, six The best type of converting videos are product review videos, that's right

Product review video videos really crush it, because people are ready to buy, and what they want is a little bit more information about a specific product, and what do they do, they either Google it or go on YouTube to get someone's review of a particular product or service Now in this case, what I would do is, do 61, it's like that, something like that, 61 Make sure the title of your video is as follows either the product name review, or best product name, or what kind of product name should I get, or product name under $100 I mean the list goes on

Super, super power tip, because if you can get into the head of what people are searching for and how they're searching and you have a review, they're going to watch it, and then most likely go to your Amazon page to actually check out, and tip number seven, and no this is not a gang sign, you do not want to use a URL shortening service like Bitly, because it doesn't work with Amazon You want to make sure that all those clicks are trackable by Amazon Now is there a tip that I missed? Go ahead and put that tip in the comments below There's a lot of things that we can learn as a community, 'cause I know there's certain things that you do that might help other people, so go ahead and put those tips in there and if you want to sign up for the Amazon Influencer Program which you really do, there is a link in the description below You definitely want to apply and be a part of it and if you're not a part of the Amazon Influencer Program, definitely join the Amazon Associate Program

It's a very, very big deal This is something that all creators need to do Guys, thank you so much for watching this video If you have not subscribed yet, hit that subscribe button, because we're here to help you really make this a business and make money here on YouTube

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