How to Make Money on Pinterest 2018 (3 Easy Ways)

how to make money on Pinterest what's happening everyone this is Greg Kononenko the caffeinated blogger and today's video is dedicated to making money on Pinterest if you like making money on Pinterest if you like traffic generation and so forth then subscribe to my youtube channel I put out regular training videos on those topics and when you do subscribe make sure that you don't forget to hit the little notification icon to get real-time notifications as soon as I upload the new videos also if you like traffic generation then give me a like on this video and let's see if we can get to 100 likes and lastly you can grab my full course about pinterest traffic if you head over to caffeinatedbloggercom/pinterest you can download it and access it there and of course if there are any other topics that you'd like me to cover in my future videos then you can put them into the comments below alright let's get into the detail hey guys welcome again to this video so pinterest is an absolute goldmine for traffic if you want to make money in pretty much any nation with any business model you can use pinterest and it's an amazing traffic source so first just want to show a little teaser i've actually i'm using pinterest on several of my sites and these are stats for just one of my websites that's hustle that you can see here i've generated over two hundred and twenty eight thousand page views since the start of this website and primarily i'm generating traffic to this website from pinterest i've also got a number of other websites another one is travel chrome comm and some of the other sites that i don't publicly disclose because there are initiatives that i want to keep private so as you can see here pinterest is absolutely powerful the traffic converts and it's very very easy to get massive traffic like these from pinterest now what obviously now you know that you can actually generate this massive traffic but how do you actually monetize them so that's what i want to focus a little bit in this video first alright so you only really need two things if you want to make money on pinterest you need and monetization methods something that works well and you need to get this target of traffic like you saw pinterest can give you the traffic there is no problem there you just need to choose your monetization method first alright and the first monetization method that i want to talk about is adsense it's by far the easiest method it's excellent for newbies it Anish literally any kind of a page or any kind of a website that you have you can monetize with Adsense and it's completely passive just in case you're not sure what Adsense actually means there is let me show you so this is another side of mind travel comm and Adsense is these ads I'm sure that you've seen them around they basically Google ad network and if you register with Adsense then you can get a bit of code and insert it into your website and you will be getting ads that are similar to this anyone who comes to your website and clicks on these ads you're going to make money from every single click that's all that needs to happen you don't need to sell anything you don't need to do any SEO nothing like that nothing complicated you simply put up your website put these Google ads into your website and send the traffic and boom you're making money that's as simple as it is so that's the way that I'm monetizing my travel crop website alright and I'm gonna show you step by step how to actually get the traffic as well that's coming a bit later in the video so Adsense is completely passive excellent model the second model is affiliate marketing it is also very very easy it works in some niches that's the downside of it you can't really promote affiliate marketing products in every single niche there are some niches where it just does not work it is also a passive method but their rewards or it could be really big because in some niches for example with digital products and with high-end products the commissions can be very big if someone buys a hundred dollar product through a link and you make a fifty percent commission there you go you've just instantly made 50 bucks so for example on these that's hassle website here is what one of my field pages looks like I've got a review of a product and there is a link for them to buy as soon as my visitors buy and make a 50% Commission on this product that I recommend very simple I don't need my product I don't need to do any customer support customer service I just make a commission and away I go the third monetization method is ecommerce it's or you might have heard about online shops eComm they are all the same terms you can have an e-commerce shop on the Shopify platform or on woocommerce on your own site in WordPress it can be very very profitable it's also a real business sometimes I struggle explaining to my friends what I do by affiliate marketing and list building you know just all sounds a bit complicated and weird apologists sorry about that the third monetization method is ecommerce you might have also heard of it by the names of EComm or online shops it's all the same thing essentially it's a place where people can come and buy your goods usually there are digital goods it can be very profitable it's an excellent business model it also is a real business in the sense that you can explain to your family and to your friends what it is exactly that you do having an online shop is much easier to understand then what a person does when they do affiliate marketing or at least building you know it's you can tell someone I've got an online shop and I sell shoes for dogs something like that it just makes a lot more sense cool so it does require some work to set up and maintain but it can be very very profitable and an example of EComm and how we're making money with Pinterest traffic using e-commerce store is here I'm just gonna show that to you in a second so this is a website doggie desires com it belongs to my business partner Stephan and you can see at the bottom he's selling various dog related things ok so someone can come from Pinterest to this page here doggie lovers porn necklace and if they purchase it Stephan will get 1995 and then they can fulfill this order so they can go to the supplier and they can fulfill it for perhaps $3 or $4 $5 including the delivery there are low-cost Goods and even to have that made and delivered over to the customer directly does not cost very much money at all and Pinterest traffic is excellent for this it's free and a lot of the people who come to this website from Pinterest they end up buying their the goods that they see here alright so hopefully you clear on what ecommerce is as well that's the third really powerful method of how you can make money with Pinterest so as you can see there's different ways to monetize it but of course it all comes down to getting their traffic so let's just spend a little bit of time to talk about how you can get the traffic so first thing that you'll need to do is you'll need to open an account and I recommend having a business account because you get very powerful analytics if you open a business account so what you'll need to do is you'll need to head on over to business Pinterest comm like this and you can sign up here at the very top so just give the sign up button and you will be asked for your details an email password business name and website I recommend putting in the website straight away if you already have the website and then basically just create an account and go and fill it out with all of the relevant details for reference you can use my profile on Pinterest the travel crop profile for example Pinterest calm slash travel crop you can see how I've done it I've put a nice picture of myself a little bit of a description so don't leave those things blank you wanted to look nice and personable you want to make a good impression on anyone who comes to check out your profile okay so just go ahead and set that up the next thing that you'll need to do is you will need to set up fifteen boards the reason why we do this is of course when you first open up the Pinterest profile that will look very empty and if it looks empty nobody is going to follow you so what you want to do is you want to make it look similar to this populated nice profile photo your location your website your description and then actually have some pins and some boards because if you don't have anything nobody is going to follow you nobody's gonna click on your links alright so what you need to do what I recommend for you to do is to set up 15 boards and then after create the boards you will need to pin other people's content to your boards just to fill out your profile so this is very simple and easy to do all you would need to do is to go into boards and then create a board and you call it you give it a name now the name will depend on which niche you're in so for example if you're in a dog niche you might want to go with something like awesome Rottweiler photos I don't know if that's correct way to spell Rottweiler or not but you get the idea right that's not Great Dane so it'll be something like awesome Great Dane photos then you might put in dog training you might put in dog food recipes so the different subtopics within your niche ok so you can see here travel croc is a travel related website and I've Europe destinations Kiama south coast USA travel Asia and South East Asia travel and so forth so you getting the idea right you're just creating the different subtopics within your niche so that's the next step now after you've created the board you need to fill it out with some pins and those pins if you notice when I go to Europe travel destinations none of these pins are actually in mind they're just here for me to fill out the profile okay so it's simple to do all you will need to do is just go in Europe travel or type in some keyword related to that particular board that you want to fill out first so let's say we're filling out the Europe travel board first so you're just going here and you hit save and that will bring up dialog and you choose that board that you want to pin a to so I want to save this one to Europe travel destination so I just hit save and boom that's it it's done okay so just go ahead and pin about 15 pins to each of these 15 boards it doesn't take very long literally it takes a few seconds per pins it's super quick and easy to do that will give you some initial boost to your profile so that whenever someone comes to check your profile fair enough you might not have followers initiative but at least you will have a nice looking profile all right step 3 so what you'll need to do after that is you'll need to start growing followers so obviously now you have content and people will be much more likely to follow you so you will want to get some targeted followers and you will want to follow between 100 to 300 people a day because a lot of these people something like 5 10 15 percent of these people will follow you back so how do we do this ok let's say we are in the travel niche okay I will type in holiday travel or holiday destinations ok that's pretty good holiday destinations and I will find here in the top right you will need to select people so you will want to follow people or you will want to find people or are the Pinterest profiles in the holiday niche see so once someone with a good decent number of followers so I think holiday is probably not a good keyword so I'll just go change it to travel okay so we're still in people yeah perfect that's better here we got Cal pack travel travel channel 17 so there you go see there is Travel Channel with 171 thousand followers if I open them up I can go to their followers tab here followers I can see all of their followers and I can follow their followers now why is this important then why should we do this well all of these followers have for example Rebecca Ronda he's following trouble channel it means that she's interested in travel and she is likely to follow either Pinterest profiles in the travel niche so if I follow Rebecca there is a very good chance that she's gonna follow me back because she's already following the Travel Channel she'll get notification that travel croc has just followed her she'll come she'll check out my profile she'll think well this profile looks pretty good and that is why we're filling out that profile with some pins and she will just hit follow back why not you know that's what people do on social media they follow each other so this actually works extremely well even now in 2018 some people are saying well it's a old tactic but this is exactly how myself and a lot of the people who I spoken to about my methods they've been able to do this in the recent months so it still works extremely extremely well so just go ahead and follow 100 to 300 people a day and you will be able to grow your followers so after you've got approximately 100 or so followers which should only take you a few days it's very quick you will need to start creating your own pins and linking them to your own content okay so you will notice that on my profile here if I just go back to my profile show you how I've done it here I've got a board called best of travel croc and in here these are all pins that are linking to my own content so for example if I if someone checks this pin or sees this pin in the Pinterest feed when they click on it they will be taken to my website that's how we want to get the traffic and don't forget that each can be linked to anything you want can be linked to your site where you promote affiliate products it can even be linked directly to an affiliate link can be linked to your site where you've got some Adsense ads or to your ecommerce store okay it's it can be linked to anything that you possibly want but in this example this pin is linking to my blog to my trauma crop-top blog so if any of my followers see this pin in their feed and they click through on it they'll land on my site and from there they can click my ad that's how I make the Adsense income with this site okay so I'm hoping is starting to see the potential here if you've got followers whenever you post a pin on to your profile your followers will see it so we want to be able to get that traffic and want to be able to send it to our website or somewhere where we're actually monetizing all of this traffic okay so you will need to create some content and you will need to also then create these images and then apply those images and link them to your content so let's just talk about each of these steps so firstly to create your content so to create articles similar to this I didn't write these articles myself I get people on our writer to do this so to create content you just go to a writer com register on eye writer as a customer and then submit your job on eye writer you might get a fairly average quality of articles initially but just keep rejecting the articles until you get something that you are happy with okay so I writer is a very good quality custom written content go for the lowest the cheapest tier and just keep rejecting the articles until you get something that you happy with it might take two or three rejections but you will get in the end you will get some excellent content okay then after that after you've got the content uploaded to your website and that's when you will need to start creating European images so to create the pn images you just go to canva

com and inside canva you can hit and there is already a preset Pinterest graphic it even has templates and canva is 100% free guys so you don't need to pay anything for it just register and away you go now canva has already got some designs that you can use some of them are premium if it's got a dollar against that it means it's a premium design if it's a free design that it means it's free and you can just use it so go and find something that you're happy with so something like this for example is free okay just change it to some holiday destinations or whatever that's one way for you to create your pins another way for you to create pins is to create your own custom pin from scratch you can do that pretty easily as well just delete everything in here okay and make your own pin image just get inspiration from some of these images that you find online and recreate your own version of it here you do need to know a little bit of how to operate canva but there are tutorials another way to do this would be to just go to fiverrcom and order a five hour gig which is usually about five bucks to have five or ten images done for years so if you type in Pinterest images then you'll be able to see a lot of gigs where people do this and will make you for Pinterest images for five that's strallan dollars so for five years they'll do for Pinterest images okay so you can see this guy makes some really nice pretty cool-looking Pinterest images so you have lots of options you can definitely do this you can create content very cheaply as a writer and then you can have your images done very cheaply on Fiverr super simple to do guys all right now I've got so many tabs open which one were looking at we're talking about how to create your own pins and link to your own content yes that's right okay so now you know how to create a pin image now you know how to create your own content now let's talk about how you're gonna upload that content to your profile so here's what you need to do you will need to go to your profile and you will need to create a new board you will notice that I've got a board called best of travel crock and this board is the first board that people see when they land on my you can reap water the order of your boards by just simply dragging and dropping like this so you can take any board and reorder it so go ahead and create best of your website so for example best off my door paradise or whatever the name of your website is and make sure that it's the first one that people see okay why because a lot of times when they come to your profile that will come and they'll check out this board the very first board that you've got so after that we'll need to do is click this little plus button when you do that that's where you can put a link to any way you want this can be a link to your e-commerce tool to your affiliate website to your adsense site whatever it is that you want okay so I'm gonna use this one as an example what to do in Vegas besides gamble then it says drag and drop or click to upload the videos so just click on this and upload that image that you've created by a Fiverr or via canva and lastly make sure that you write a very nice awesome keyword rich description this is super important guys this is a thousand dollar tip right there because a lot of people do not put anything or they just put a few words Pinterest is actually a search engine so this is very important to understand that Pinterest is a search engine people will come into Pinterest and they'll start looking for things for example wedding dress wedding dresses vintage alright and if you've got a pin and you created a really nice description where you mentioned once or twice Pinterest dresses vintage or vintage Pinterest dresses people can discover your content through this Pinterest search button it's very very important to understand that you need to write keyword rich descriptions because you can get a lot of traffic from Pinterest search ok so just do those things and after that you'll be able to hit done and that will create a pin for you so just create maybe five or ten pieces of content and add them to your best of board that will be the next step okay now you will need to start getting the traffic so how do you actually get the traffic there are a few different ways that you're going to get traffic so firstly people will check out your Pinterest profile and then will click your pins like I said when you're doing your daily followers and unfollow is because you are following very targeted people you're following other people who are interested in travel or other people who are interested in dogs people will come and they will check out your profile they'll look at your board and they will start clicking your pins you'll start getting traffic almost instantly as soon as you start following people next as you're following number grows whenever you save in your pins so for example once you upload this pin to your Pinterest profile your followers will get notified about it okay your followers will actually see them in their feed so they will get notifications every time they open Pinterest they'll see the latest pins from everyone who they're following so you're gonna get publicity for your pins by just uploading them then you can every once in a while what you should do is you should open up your pins and you should save them again okay so maybe once a week or once every two weeks just go ahead and resave all of your pins to your own boards to other boards on your profile why you want to do that is because this way you will get exposure for your pins once again to your follower so every time you pin your followers will see it in their feed okay so you don't have to just upload the pin once and that's it it's done you can recycle the pins and you can continue repeating to your own profile to get more and more traffic lastly Pinterest is a search engine right so don't forget that you will get ongoing traffic from Pinterest because people will just type in things into Pinterest as they're searching for it and they will find your pins not only that but also they will find related pins okay every time someone looks at what to do in Vegas besides gamble there are related pins that will come up and that's how you can get more traffic from other people's pins because your PIN will come up just like this for other people's pins okay so very very powerful as well so you will need to create more content like I said you want at least 10 to 15 pins to start with and after that you can progressively as your site grows and your income grows you can create more and more content now lastly guys power very very very important and extremely powerful once you hit your first 100 to 200 followers he can start doing this this is responsible for a lot of my recent success online in the past 12 months with Pinterest and with my niche websites you need to apply to group boards so what is it like to apply to group boards basically it's like going from 0 to 50,000 or even 500 followers instantly it's very very cool and very powerful how does this work let me show you so you'll be able to see that I am part of some group boards I'm just gonna go to board and these are all my own boards however you'll notice that I've got some boards which have this little circle with 3 mm how would you say kind of three pictures three profile pictures there right you see which ones I'm talking about these are group boards so if I open a few of them just some random ones here you will see that each one of them has already got a ton of followers so these group board has got nine thousand three hundred and ninety followers this one has twenty thousand followers and so on so each group board will have tons of followers and these are collaborative boards you need to get invited to them I'm invited to them you can see I can just save a pin to this board got a plus sign here so the way that these board works is they've got twenty thousand followers and they've got 175 contributors so all of these contributors have got the right to post their content to this group board and you can instantly reach all of these twenty thousand followers in this group board if you just upload your pin alright so you go ahead upload your your pin link to any content you want right it can be your site it can be your affiliate link it can be a site where you've got some adsense ads uploaded and so on just upload your pin image and link to your website put in a good description and hit save and that will upload your pin and put your link into this Groupon and instantly your pin will go out to all of these twenty thousand followers I hope you can see how powerful this is because you can be in ten reports if you're in ten group boards where there are twenty thousand followers in each of the group that's like having reach of 200,000 people 200,000 followers virtually instantly okay so very very important how do you join blue boards okay there are generally so first of all you need to find these group wards the way that you do them is you go to pin repeat comma so this is how to spell pin group ecom okay and that will that's a directory of group words you'll see they've got 65,000 group words that are listed in the database so just type in your title a description something like travel or dogs or lose weight and you can open up all of these group boards and genuine on these group words there's going to be a description for how you can join here you go thirty-three thousand followers happy to add anyone who asks please notice the runner adds no pins from non Caribbean countries Berg so there are a few obviously a few rules around it but basically you need to have a look at how you should get added so let's see so the easiest way is to what you can do is just open up this owner okay so the first profile that comes up is the owner of the group board so you can just open them up and send them an interest a Pinterest message I'm just trying to see some because sometimes they actually have God instructions here on how you can do this there you go if you would like to join this group would leave me a comment on my later spin or please send a message to me okay so what you would do is you would open up this profile after you've opened up the profile you will send message and then just send a message okay you will type something out to say hey my name is such-and-such give you a Pinterest profile your Pinterest email and say that you'd like to join this group or that your content is very similar to the content that he's already in this group board you know just write up something nice present yourself in a professional and nice way and send that message and you will get invites to these group boards it's very very very powerful tactic it's basically like having those 50,000 followers virtually instantly almost just like that so guys I hope you starting to see the potential Pinterest is excellent or traffic you can generate a lot of traffic it's targeted traffic and I've also talked to you about a few different ways that you can monetize this traffic in various niches that's it I hope you found this video useful make sure to grab my free Pinterest traffic course on caffeinatedblogger/pinterest also subscribe to my youtube channel to never miss my future training videos I put out regular content about Pinterest traffic generation social media various other ways to make money online so hit that subscribe button and don't forget to hit the little notification icon to actually get notifications every time I put out a new video lastly consider giving me a like on this video I want to see if we can get to 100 likes alright so thank you very very much guys and I will see you in my future videos

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