How To Make Money On Instagram | 3 Ways To Make $10,000 a Month with Instagram In 2018

– Hola amigos, how is it going? Marco Guerrero here And today, I'm gonna show you, how you can start making hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on Instagram without a large following

You know this is a topic that I feel very confident about, just because I have been an Instagram marketer and Instagram guru for a while, for at least two years So, I've been able to help hundreds of people and businesses grow their pages in the last two years One thing that pisses me off is when I see videos of people teaching how to make money on Instagram, how to get followers on Instagram and then I do some research on them and their pages are just very crappy You know? They either don't have enough followers to be calling themselves Instagram experts Or they have a lot of followers and zero interaction

If you go and check out my personal account, this is not my only account, but it is my personal account, you can see I have over 50,000 followers in there And that every single picture has a ton of engagement As you can see, almost 4,000 likes, 68 comments This is a very engaged account All of my clients' accounts are the same

Just be sure that, I know what I'm talking about and these are the ways that I've been making money on Instagram at least $2,000 for the last two years I'm gonna show you how you can do it for yourself Okay guys? Let's go with the first easiest way of making money on Instagram Number one is, using Automation Softwares, or Automation tools What is an Automation Software? Basically, it's a software that will help you get tons of real Instagram, targeted followers into your account every month

These softwares help you get Instagram followers and increase your engagement So you don't really have to do much, you just have to set up the software in the correct way and then you sit back and watch your account grow I do have a video about this Automation Software, Morfix, I'm gonna leave the link in the description below If you wanna check it out, how it actually works, how it helps you get hundreds and thousands of Instagram followers But for the sake of this video, I'm only gonna focus on the making money side of Morfix

So, let's jump in and I'm gonna show you my account with Morfix This is my Morfix account As you can see I've made $510 with this and this is all passive income What do you have to do in order to make money with this automation tools? Basically what you have to do is affiliate marketing If you don't know what affiliate marketing is, it is when you try something and show it to other people, then refer people

When people actually go and buy the program through you, you get a commission Basically, they give you this link What you can do, is take this link, get the software and start getting followers What I did first, I just put the link here and said "Get hundreds of followers every week" Then people will go there, they'll sign up, and they'll actually start getting followers and I get a commission on that

But, how much is a commission? How much money can you make? Let's look at that, okay? So, Morfix has different packages, the first one is premium, which is the basic one where you pay $37 a month Every person that you refer with your link, the link that I just showed you in there at the top, you're gonna get a commission How much? You're gonna get $20 You're gonna get $20 for every person that you refer If you refer 10 people, you're gonna get $200 a month

If you refer 100 people, you're gonna make $2,000 a month And so on, and so on The cool thing about this is that you do get the commission every month Other platforms, not just on Instagram, but any online marketing tool, they only give you commission for the first payment And the cool thing about Morfix is that it gives you commission every month, as long as your referrals are still active

That is very cool guys, it's literally passive income because once they sign up and they're seeing the benefits, then you're just getting $20 from them every month And that is over 50% of the revenue of these guys They do have different packages, like the Pro and the Business & Mastermind The Business & Mastermind is more expensive and you will get bigger commission, but this is for people that have social media agencies, like myself Or people that are trying to grow different pages at the same time

This is very cool, just because you will get $50 a month I don't know if you know many automation tools, they're used to be one very big one called 'Instagress' that everyone used to use, but they shut down about a year and a half ago So right now there's just smaller ones and for me personally I tried four different ones and I can say Morfix is by far the best one I'm not gonna say it's perfect, just because it has a few flaws It's hard to connect you're account at the beginning

You do have to try at least three to four times, they even tell you that If you wanna sign up and check it out and you're having problems with setting up your account at the very beginning, leave a comment in the comment section below, and I'll go and personally help you Don't let that stop you because that's one of the flaws that I have seen, that at the beginning, it's hard to connect it One thing though, one of the best things about Morfix is that they do have a Facebook group and they do have a very amazing customer service Every time you have a question or something you can just go here with this person and you just chat with them

And they'll get back to you very, very fast That's what I like about them Like I said, it's not perfect but out of all the automation tools that I've tried last year this is by far the best one Basically what you do here, is you put your referral link here, you just put on your Instagram here and say something like "Hey, get hundreds of targeted followers every month, or every week" and then just put the little arrows pointing below, people will go sign up, and you will get money and they'll get hundreds of followers I do go into more of that and different ways of promoting this link in my other video

You can go check it out, it's 'How to make money on Instagram', this one I will also leave the link in the description below if you wanna check it out But that's basically it, you're just gonna go take your link either put it on your Instagram, tell your friends, tell your family or tell a business owner that really needs this, and you get $20 from them every month That is basically the easiest way of making money on Instagram Now, let's go back to number two

Number two is the only one of these three strategies that I'm showing you, that you do need to have a big following Just because people will not pay your for a shout out if you do not have a big following What is a shout out? A shout out is pretty much when someone, or a company, a person, or a brand pays you to post about them on your page Let's go back to my personal account here I do post a lot of entrepreneurship, online marketing and online entrepreneurship

I do have people with marketing tools that they want me to promote on my channel and they say they'll pay you this much for every post you make about this tool Me personally, I don't like to use my personal account for shout outs, just because I use it for my personal use I like motivating people, I like inspiring people, and showing them my strategies I don't wanna be selling stuff on my personal account But I do have different accounts that I do this with

I have travel accounts that people pay me all the way from $20 to $100 for shout outs, depending on product and depending on the account They are different ways that you can charge, you can charge people, $50 for an Instagram story with a swipe up feature, so all the people that look at your story are gonna swipe up and go to the offer Another thing you can charge, is by making a post about them and either leaving it there for 24 hours, or leaving it there forever For that you charge different You can also charge them to just put their link in your description for 24 hours or whatever period they require

Again you can make anything from $20 to $100 for each shout out and this is just very easy because, you are not really doing anything, all you have to do is just post something, it doesn't cost you anything It doesn't cost you, even time because they're gonna tell you exactly what to post This is a great way to make money on Instagram, but you do need to have a big account and it does need to be engaged You can not be one of those accounts that have hundreds and thousand followers and just have 100 likes People will not pay for that, people are paying for the engagement

That is it for shout outs Now we're gonna with the third way and my personal favorite I do have a surprise for you guys in this third way Let's jump in So the third way is Instagram Marketing

And why am I so excited by Instagram Marketing? It's because this is the way that I actually started making some real money online It was by my going and personally taking care of Instagram accounts of my clients and they pay me hundreds and even thousands of dollars every month I started by charging close friends who were models, fitness coaches, consultants That's how I started, I started charging like $200 a month Then the more experience I had I charged $300, $400 and now I charge all the way up to a thousand dollars a month

I'm actively managing at least ten Instagram accounts every month This is, for me, the best way that you can make money on Instagram just because you're actually building an actual business You're portraying yourself as an Instagram guru People will pay a lot of money for that now because, Instagram is one of the top social media platforms at the moment People see the need of getting more followers and getting more engagement in their accounts

For you to do this, there's one thing you do need to know a lot of strategies You do need to know how to grow Instagram accounts, how to grow online engagement How to adapt to the new algorithms that they change every time, just last year they change it at least three times They just change it the past two days again The cool thing is that I am always adapting

Once you learn one strategy you can go do more research and learn new strategies If you are interested in going and getting people to pay you hundreds and even thousands of dollars every month to manage their accounts then you're in the right place Just because I have decided I'm gonna open a mentorship program where I will be helping you one-to-one So personally you and me, I'm gonna be teaching you every single strategy that I know, that I've used to grow my account to over 50 thousand followers And that I'm currently using to grow every single one of my clients' accounts

Again, why am I doing this? I'm gonna be honest with you I'm thinking about launching a course on Instagram Marketing and how to make money on Instagram and I wanna create a test group At the moment, I feel very confident about this, just because I have helped at least five people, close friends and family get a full time income offering Instagram Marketing services I got my brother, my cousin, a couple of friends They're actually making a full time income just managing other people's Instagram pages

Again, I do feel very confident about this, and I do laugh about all the other people that say that they are "gurus", but they are not You can clearly see they're not Go to my profiles, check out my videos and see how I actually know what I'm talking about Now, going back to the mentorship program, I'm gonna leave the link in the description below It's gonna take you to a survey and I'm gonna be asking you a couple of questions about this, about your Instagram, about costs and stuff

I'm gonna be selecting only ten people I cannot select more people because I don't have time to take on more than ten people I'm gonna be super, super full with ten people, but I really wanna help as many people as I can You're gonna be my test group, so for this mentorship program, you're gonna have full access to me via email, every single time you have a question about something You can email me

I'm gonna be making special videos just for you with the strategies that I use Also we're gonna have one-on-one conversations, one-on-one Skype calls, online calls, it doesn't need to be Skype You're gonna have full access to me, this is just amazing It does have a cost because my time is precious I do have other online business I have to take care about, but I do wanna help you and I do wanna start with this test group that is gonna have literally VIP treatment from me

You're gonna learn every single strategy that I've used to grow the accounts and to monetize accounts If you are serious about making money on Instagram, go and click the link, finish the survey and if you are one of the ten lucky ones, I'm gonna be personally contacting you and telling you the next steps in order to actually go into this mentorship program That is pretty much it I hope you really liked this video I'm very, very excited about these ten people that are gonna be working together with me and learning everything from me and I am really excited about seeing your results and helping you get thousands and thousands of dollars every month

Another thing, when you have access to my mentorship program I'm also going to be adding you to a private Mastermind group that I have, a private community Like I say, I have close friends and people that I know that wanna grow their Instagram accounts at this moment, and you have access to them They do know some of my strategies already I share my strategies in that group and it's an amazing group Those are the benefits you're gonna be getting from this mentorship program

You're gonna have one-on-one consultation from an Instagram guru that has been making over $2,000 every month for the last two years on Instagram That is pretty much it, I hope you liked my video If you did, please click the thumbs up It would really help me and subscribe to my channel I guess that's it and I'll see you in my next video


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